Botcon Toxitron

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    looks like i forgot to post this :p 

    Botcon Animated Toxitron - YouTube

    I've also done Autotrooper and Sideswipe so they're up there :D 

    Up next I got the 5 stunticons. I figure I may just do them all in one video or maybe pair 'em off and do a couple per video. not sure yet

    And since these vids I've managed to pick myself up a Fisitron so i'll probably be doin him too! [I think he's my favorite! but i'm a little biased :p ]

    After these who knows what i'll do. Maybe somebody can give me a suggestion on which toy [or even which line! and i can just randomly pick one]

    Though, actually. Since all of these have been Botcon toys I DO have a couple others I could do from other years. Maybe i'll do that :D