Botcon sets: What would you have done?

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    This is something I’ve been thinking about since all the complaints about this years set, given the same toys but being able to change the paint jobs which toys get the remoulds and in to who (but not the number of remoulds) what would you have done in stead of any botcon set and con exclusives.

    So this is instead of your dream botcon set this is make a set with as close to same limitations FunPub have, or at the limitations that we know about/can work out.

    So I’m going to go with 2009’s set cos it seems to bother so many people and well it’s the only I can remember all of right now.

    In the box set:

    Cyb Red Alert: Trailbreaker no remould, just fits this mould so much better than Kup to me and everything looks good in black and red.

    E Rodimus: Remould the head and make him Optimus Minor a younger Optimus Prime. Could work with the story of it being Op’s first command or something.

    Cyb Sideways: Remoulded head as G2 con leader Jhiaxus, I know it fudges the time line a little but he could have been old enough to have been around at the start of the great war.

    Cyb Scattershot: As Flak I think FP got that one spot on, they clearly couldn’t do the right colours cos of U Overlord.

    E Landquake: G1 Sentinel Prime could be Op’s mentor or possible even beat him to the role of prime and give it an animated twist.

    Attendee free toy: Cyb Red Alert in transparent orange plastic as Trailbreaker with his shield up. This is just my personal thing but I hate when the attendee free toy is something major like a character that’s a big part of the story it bothers me cos it means very very few people will ever have it. To me 2007 “invisible” Mirage was the perfect free toy, damn cool and very much wanted but its not a must have.

    Attendee exclusives

    RazorClaw and Elita One leave as is

    Banzi-tron again leave as is

    E Starscream: As Sunstorm and explain the clear parts as his power burning through him and have been some kind of con super weapon in the story.

    3 Repaints of Jhiaxus in light green and silver as his troops call back to the common colours of his G2 troops.

    There you have it, should be prety easy to wrap a story around this lot and its got enough fan favorets to ensure good sales.

    This is not about slagging off FP or anything like that just things you would have done instead.
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    My dream is all botcon sets would burn so we'd never have another seekers fiasco ever again.
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    Old skool forever!!!!

    Since Botcon exclusives are always going to be re-paints anyways,why not make alternate universe versions of Gn.1 Transformers and I dont mean the later all-plastic versions,I want die-cast on every one of them!The way I see it,they charge a small fortune for them anyway so why not make it worth the money?Just some examples;Decepticon Kup(black,silver,purple)-Autobot Constructicons(red,white,blue,)-Decepticon Roadbuster(black,dark blue)-Autobot Soundwave(red,blue,yellow).