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    I need to figure out how to post pics here... oh well.

    The figure came with shoulders reversed anyway, so while I was fixing that, I thought to myself, surely there's a way to fix it so Zarak can ride in the cockpit! After some fiddling, I made it happen. It's pretty easy, so I figured I'd share my findings here.

    1) Pull apart the body to get the neck swivel piece out of there.

    2) Put the body back together, but omit the screw that ran through the axel for the neck swivel piece.

    3) Get rid of that axel.

    4) Unscrew the top of the neck piece and remove it from the swivel thing.

    5) The tricky part... cut down the top of the neck piece. You'll want it to be only about 4mm thick. The screw posts on the underside provide a handy guide, since they're about the right height, and using a dremel or similar implement, just cut straight through to make it low enough to give the headmaster room to sit. After cutting, you may need to clean out the junction thing where Zarak plugs into the neck, but even at just 4mm those slots have enough friction to hold the Scorponok head securely.

    6) Glue the slot to the back of the cockpit, at neck level. You'll need to make sure it's flush with the shoulders, so the vehicle mode bits can still close over it. I found it helpful to trim the back side of it flat, which made it easier to glue into place. I also stuck mine in upside down, since then the detail pieces on the front of the neck look something like controls for the cockpit... they're not visible in robot mode anymore, so it's nice to get some use out of it.

    7) Unscrew the two screws from the orange bit in the canopy, and pull the orange bit out.

    8) Remove the post in the center of the orange bit (Dremel helps here too), then screw it back in with the rear screw post that still works. One is enough to hold it in place, and though the orange post gets in the way of Zarak's head in the cockpit, the post beneath that doesn't.

    9) Ta-da! Just wait for the glue to dry, I guess. Zarak, still folded up into head mode basically, now fits inside the cockpit. I'd prefer he be able to sit, but there's not enough room for it on the mold. It's less than ideal, but in my opinion far better than having him standing around like a goon with the canopy open. Plus, his giraffe-neck is gone, and he's more G1-y.
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    When are we going to get pics of this mod? Thanks for sharing.