By Generation: Botcon Machine Wars Hoist's Shoulders Fix

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    Jul 8, 2013
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    Hello there, guys. Here are two videos demonstrating removal and re-installation of capped metal pins. As I understand it, the Botcon Machine Wars Hoist toy has a common issue of reversed shoulder parts, which are secured by capped pins. These videos should show an easy method for removing the pins provided you have access to a soldering iron and a strong magnet(neodymium, aka rare earth magnet).

    I hope these videos help the folks who have the shoulder parts problem as well as anyone who wants to remove capped pins without excessive stress on the plastic around the pins.

    (If you're looking for the official Botcon Machine Wars Hoist chest fix, go here:

    (The fix did not cover the shoulders, but Convotron has provided that fix here! Thanks again! ~Superquad7)

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