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    Well, just finished up my first BotCon event in 9 years and 5th in all. I'd have to say they really did alright with really everything this year.

    Despite not having my preregistration number or what not, they still got me and my girlfriend our stuff quite quickly. The lines weren't too bad for getting places other than the exhibit room (or dealer's room) which is to be expected on the first day which was maybe the biggest line. The guests I got autographs from seemed really nice and happy to talk with fellow convention goers. The panels weren't only informative but fun to participate in. I especially enjoyed the Universal Studios tour even if the prices were out there. That trip was the whole highlight of the experience to me in getting to go on The Simpsons and The Transformers 3D rides. I have to give a lot of praise to Brian Savage and company for what they did this past weekend. I give Savage a lot of praise because every time I saw him, he was helpful to his staff doing the small things like they did. He was also in frequent conversations with guests answering anything that came up the best he could and not passing the buck to a lesser ranked staffer and making time to aide his guests. I bought significantly less than in prior conventions, but came away with a bonus at the end of it even I didn't expect to have.

    In all, I would call the 2014 BotCon my favorite one and however unlikely it might be, hoping the 2015 edition can topple this experience.
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    'm glad they did the Universal Event for badge holders but I wish they didn't limit the Saturday night buffet to Golden ticket holders