BotCon 2005 Ironhide and more

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    [EBAYLINK="270623116827"]BotCon 2005 Ironhide[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="270623116463"]PVC Metroplex Left Leg[/EBAYLINK]
    [EBAYLINK="270623116671"]Target Exclusive White Leo Prime[/EBAYLINK]

    These auctions end a little after 4:00 pm, PDT, today, August 17th.

    Opening prices are lower than at online shops selling these figures, and I'll happily ship multiple items together for lower combined shipping costs.

    As always, I encourage folks to sign up for a Big Crumbs account first. If you win, and clicked through your Big Crumbs link to get to eBay before bidding, you get cash back in the amount of 36% of the seller fees I pay to eBay (translation, 3.24% of the auction total). Unlike other systems, you don't have to accumulate a certain "minimum amount" before you can get your cash. It is deposited automatically into your PayPal account after the requisite amount of time has passed.

    Give it a try!