Boo still needs cash... More stuff to get rid of.

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    Can't seem to find my old sale thread [didn't look super hard...] but here's a few more things I'd like to get rid of. As i clean out my room over the next week or so there will probably be more.

    I prefer Paypal or Money Orders, but I'd be willing to make trades as well. Prices listed include shipping and are negotiable. Just PM me.

    -BT-13 LASERWAVE - $45 (MISB, great condition)
    -Takara Re-issue C-78 Hot Rod - $30 (MIB, complete, stickers applied)
    -Hasbro Re-issue Jazz - $25 (MIB, complete, Stickers applied)
    -BWNeo Bump vs. Bazooka - $18 (MIB, complete)
    -RID Megatron - $18 (MIB, complete, paint chipped on "ears")
    -RID Galvatron - $18 (MIB, complete, some minor loose joints)
    -RID Cryotek - $25 (MIB, complete, small crack on wing assembly)

    -BWNeo Longrack - $15 (loose, complete, not sure if I have the instructions)
    -Energon Megatron - $20 (loose, complete, not sure about instructions or bio card)
    -RID Air Attack Optimus Primal - $25 (loose, complete, may even have the box)

    If you'd like to make a trade, I'm interested in the following:

    -Japanese BW C-1 Convoy box and insert. I actually need two of each.
    -Japanese BW D-1 Megatron box and insert.
    -Japanese BW Tigatron. (Prefer MISB or MIB complete)
    -Japanese BW D-2 Scorponok. (Prefer MISB)