Bonzai! for Work-Study!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Omega Supreme-1, Mar 25, 2008.

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    That's right, i'm at work-study here at my school's animation building equipment cage. This is my first day on the job, but I don't have a working log-in name to check out equipment ^_^; So, my use is a bit limited at the moment. I've already learned some of the basic ropes, and my boss is out at the moment. The assistant manager has headphones on, and is occupied with his own computer screen. This is the first time i've gotten up so early in long time, but i'll learn to adjust ^_^ 6:30a is a helluva hour to be up, but it takes me an hour to get ready/arrive for a 7:30 shift. I only have to get up this early twice a week, and I have this shift until my 2p class which is in this building. Thankfully weekend hours are a bit better with me having to get up at 8:30a instead, and my Sunday shift starts @ 7p. I'll be able to do my school work to keep busy, but at the moment i'm watching some Youtube. I'm getting about 19.5 hours a week, so i'm happy that's good moneys =3 The only thing i'm going to miss is getting up for Transformers Animated with my classmates, but money is more important.