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    Bodycount: AVOID!!!

    Bodycount may be known on many boards as a great kitbasher, but that's all he's got going for him. AVOID THIS GUY LIKE THE PLAGUE!
    Long story short, I traded him several RID figures and a few others for a kitbashed Super Mode Armada Nemesis Prime (I donated the Prime Cab too) way back in September 2003. He Finished it in November and even posted at another site about how he made me this figure ( ).
    Since then, he's made up all sorts of excuses about why he hasn't been able to ship it. At the end of February I sent him a money order to only be used for shipping and he still would not ship me my figure. All in all, i'm out over $100 because of this (intial figures for trade, prime cab, money order). Now he will not respond to me whatsoever. If anyone has questions about this guy or more of what happened, shoot me an email or PM (I have conversations from AIM saved detailing the trade and his excuses).
    The bottom line, Do not trade with Bodycount (contact me if you need to check his AIM Screen name or address).

    I will remove or edit this post IF he ever decides to ship me my stuff.