BM Primal Prime for sale.....paypal only please!

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    Hey gang,
    I , like alot of you are always in need of a few paypal dollars to pay for other stuff. So saying that i am parting with my Beast Machines Primal Prime MISB for 55.00 shipped priority mail w/DC anywhere in the USA. Only catch is, it has to be paid for by PAYPAL. You can PM me or email me at [email protected]

    Since i am posting , i will include my Trade/Want list. Trades prefered in US and CANADA.


    Botcon Deathsaurus(WANTED badly)
    LOC Ramjet (botcon)
    Cybertron Buzzsaw mosc
    Cybertron Dirt Boss MOSC
    Cybertron Brushguard mosc
    Cybertron Wreckloose Mosc
    Cybertron Street speed mini-cons mosc
    Universe Snowcat (KB exclusive) mosc
    Armada RED Thrust (can be loose but complete)

    GI Joe stuff Wanted (Looking for multiples on these army builders)

    DTC Crimson Gaurds (can be loose)
    DTC BAT S3 (V14) New Bat Attack 6pk version
    Neo Viper (V2 white)
    Neo Viper (v5 Gray Ringneck driver)
    Sand Viper (v1 Tan/Brown)
    Sand Viper (V3 Black/Maroon)
    Sand Viper (v5 Blue)
    Desert Claws (V2 White O-ring ver)
    Cobra Claws (V4 Blue)
    Cobra Claws (V5 Red/silver)
    Cobra Claws (V6 Urban)
    Cobra Claws (V7 Red/Gold single card O-ring version)
    Cobra Vipers (v11) Red
    Cobra Vipers (v12) Python
    Cobra Vipers (v13) Blue/Red
    Night Creeper (V5 Blue)
    Night Creeper (V7 Gray)
    Night Creeper (V8 Green)
    Night Creeper (V10 RED)
    Dr Mindbender (v5 white jacket)

    Ninja Bikes (White & Black)(dont need riders)
    Night Attack Chopper(can be opened)
    Night Adder Blue (Dont need the pilot)
    Night Force Grizzly Tank(can be opened)
    DTC RHINO (can be loose)(WANTED badly)
    DTC ROCC (can be loose)(WANTED badly)
    Blue Hydrofoil Deck
    Night Raven (not the BTR)(complete)

    Star Wars Unleashed Sidious VS YODA MOSC
    Star Wars Unleashed General Grievious MOSC


    Star Wars Evolutions Clone Trooper to Stormstrooper MISB (GREY version)
    Star Wars Titanium Series Die Cast - Republic Gunship MISB (this is the NEW larger 20.00 version)


    Cybertron Optimus Prime MISB
    Cybertron Megatron MISB
    Cybertron Scourge MISB

    Energon Wing Saber MISB
    Energon Starscream MOSC (1st version)
    Energon Demolisher MOSC
    Energon Snowcat MOSC

    Armada PL Cyclonus (green) MOSC
    Armada PL Thrust (brown) MOSC
    Armada PL Demolisher MOSC
    Armada Unicron MISB

    RID Stormjet MOSC
    RID Galvatron MISB
    RID Obsidian MOSC

    BM Scavenger Mosc
    BM Blackarachnia MOSC
    BM Blastcharge mosc
    BM Tankor MISB
    BM Megatron MISB
    BM Thrust Mosc
    BM Obsidian Mosc
    BM Strika MOSC
    BM Jetstorm MOSC
    BM Ultra Jetstorm MISB

    Alternators Sideswipe MISB
    Alternators Smokescreen MISB

    Loose TFs
    Energon Ultra Magnus(complete)(I will only trade this as part of a trade for Botcon Deathsarus)

    Energon Landmine (complete)
    Energon Perceptor (complete)

    Armada Starscream (Complete)
    Armmada Perceptor (complete)

    BW TM2 Blackarachnia (no instructions)

    BM Sonic Jet Drone (no instructions)

    Universe Prowl (wal-mart exclusive)(complete)

    RID Spychanger Scourge (complete)
    Takara PVC loose LioKeiser(sp?)
    HOC Megatron (version 1) Loose
    LOC Megatron - Loose(has card back, joints seem a little loose but he came that way.)
    WST Optimus prime vs Megatron (w/box)
    1 Pack Of Trasformers Playing Cards (unopened) (Megatron on front)

    GI JOEs items for trade (these are just the figures only, unless noted)
    All figures are in excellent condition.

    Gi Joe Playing Cards Unopened X2 (Cobra Commander on front & Duke on the other)


    BAT V3
    BAT V10 Brown (Complete)
    Cobra CLAWS V1 x2
    Cobra CLaws V2 x2
    Crimson Guard (CG 6pk)
    Firefly(urban 6pk)
    Firefly (V11)(CG 6pk)
    Lampreys (python 6pk)(V4)
    Major Bludd (python 6pk)
    Neo Viper gray/offwhite (v4)
    Nullifier(urban 6pk)
    Razorclaw(v1) x2
    Razor Troopers X2
    Sand Scorpion (red) x2
    Sand Viper (V4)(single card)x2 MOSC
    Shadow viper (w/helmet) 2001 arah
    Slice (v4)
    Slice (V5)
    Snow Wolf (V1)
    Storm Shadow (v11)
    Tele-viper (V4) (python) x2
    Tomax & Xamot set (CG 6pk)
    Venomous Maximus (has cape)
    Wild Weasel (Blue version)
    Wild Weasel (02 Rattler pilot)

    Cobra Blue Assault Gliders X4 (no sand viper)
    Cobra CAT II (no driver)
    Pulverizer w/Ghost Bear
    Dojo playset from Ninja Battles set

    12" Joe Vs Cobra - Cobra Commander MOSC (Blue Deluxe version)

    M.A.C (Moore Action Collectibles) Toys

    Lady Death - Chrome Edition MOSC
    Lady Death - Glow in the Dark MOSC
    Lady Demon - Glow in the Dark MOSC
    Purgatori - Metallic (American Entertainment Exclusive) MOSC
    Evil Ernie - Glow in the Dark (Wizard exclusive) MOSC
    Witchblade - Obsidian MOSC

    TF Comics (Dreamwave) all in great condition

    G-1 vol 3 # 3
    Armada #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11
    Energon #20,22,23,24

    Transformers Offical Convention Souvenir Guide 2004

    Cybertronian volume 1 First printing
    G-1 Recognition guide (excellent condition)

    GI Joe comics (DD)

    # 1 variant (snake eyes cover)(second printing)
    #1,#2, #3 Volume 1 (DD)
    GI Joe : RELOADED #1-6
    Cobra Reborn #1
    Frontline #1
    GI joe vs Transformers #1 (cc cover)
    GI Joe #1 marvel (reprint that was in comic pack)
    Vemom Vs Valor: Dawn of the V-troops
    ( comic was a pack in on the wild bill/recondo/sand viper 3 pack)
    Venom vs Valor (Comic that was packed in Ninja Battle set)

    SPAWN Comics

    Spawn : Fan Editions #1,2,3
    Regular series #1-77, 110-115
    Curse Of the Spawn #1-20
    Spawn :The Undead #1,2
    Spawn :Blood Fued #1-4
    Spawn : Dark Ages #1
    Spawn : The Impaler #1-3
    Angela #1-3
    Violator #1-3
    Spawn/Batman one shot
    Spawn/Wildcats #1-4
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    Nov 26, 2002
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    I'd be tempted to pick him up, but not at that price. I should've snagged him when he was in stores back in late '00, early '01... I didn't want him cause he was a stupid repaint.

    Why is he so darn sought after?
  3. Draven

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    Jun 27, 2002
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    He wasn't very widely distributed, if I remember correctly. I got lucky; I picked mine up for £5 when he first came out. However, I did get $30 for one on eBay shortly afterwards. He's one of very few repaints I actually think is as good (if not better) than the original.