Bloody GLORIOUS (still had flaws though)

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    So got back from AOE and dam.....where to start, well number 1, that new autobots theme feels like a sequel to arrival to earth and i really dug it. I dont hate bumblebee as much anymore granted that probably because he isnt the spot light as much since the other autobots......and its about time get some real character development. And wayyyyy more action this time around

    Hound, hound is likely gonna be the fan favourite. I think John goodman improved a lot of those battle crys. A certain im a fat ballerina with guns gonna drop you comes to Crosshairs, well, hes the character you love to hate, ruthless but always gets the job done. I didnt really like drift, idk he felt like a character that didnt really need to be there, and was far to steriotypical. Bee was......well his comedy scenes have gotten better. Btw

    Dance Scene wasnt in my showing, niether was the end credits scene and i live in Canada

    Optimus is likely the best optimus we've ever gotten, the emotion in his voice when he sees ratchets head being you can tell he's pissed the heck off. Was not expecting that raid of the KSI base to be the way it was. Like the Autobots full on break in and start shooting up the place. I was expecting something more covert.

    Also the human characters i really enjoyed....i think it was because they were given stuff to do that wasn't just running away like sam in the previous trilogy

    As for the fallen autobots from before. It was cool to see leadfoot getting killed.....but like would have been nice to atleast know the fates of the others....though i spotted on one of the cards in the beginig that sideswipe was on it and crossed things dont look good for him.

    Now the bad....Not happy with how the dinobots get set up on the bridge for a big scene then do nothing.....i feel like there could have easily been a scene to continue there. Much like when in revenge of the fallen the autobots are all rolling togethor and then they split into two groups and just bumblebee and optimus go to rescue sam....oh well

    Galavatron needed to do more.....he did like nothing, still i really liked him but he needed to pull a movie one jazz killing. Like either drift or crosshairs he shoulda got.

    I still hate and every movie has done this except the first one, how they introduce autobots and act like they've been on earth for a long time and its like.....they were'nt there in dark of the moon, so when did they arrive?

    Also anyone notice they were totally had sentinel primes head hooked up and were operating on it....ya that was cool

    Anyway loved the movie, everyone int he theatre did too. Better then revenge and dark.....actually it felt like how dark of the moons third act should have been....with the robots actually doing stuff. Still i think I liked the first one more for pacing.

    anyway what did you all think, sorry for the long post but i wanted to get my first impressions out as fast as i could, so when i see it again, i can compare how i felt to see if the feelings change

    ps. that scene with ratchet.....the feels, the feels (and optimus actually cared this time)
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    I read the title in a Robbaz Voice.

    Am I alone?