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    Lately I've been thinking, as much as I love the old G1 characters, Transformers has been in a rut lately as far as storylines go. Armada-Cybertron tried to break that rut and yet stay within it at the same time, hense the less than thrilling outcome.

    After a while, it becomes hard (and tiring) to write for the same characters over and over again. I had been wanting to do my own TF fiction and ran into that problem, thinking...this has all been done, we are familiar with these characters and hense nothing seems new or thrilling to me. So, what better than to go the Beast Wars route, break the mold, try something new and different, keep old characters and stories in continuity, but make new ones as a central focus.

    I think it's time to break some boundaries...for example, have a prime that isn't so peaceful or fun loving (ala DW's inspired and drastic portrayal of Nova), have a villain that ISN'T Megatron or someone trying to be Megatron or someone that was Megatron but reformated, new factions, new interactions with humans...maybe not so friendly, new characters the whole shebang!

    I've already come up with some neat ideas, but what I really need is some feedback as well as get going an exchange of ideas to help develop as story and continuity from experienced Transfans (I grew up after TF and first started collecting during Beast Wars so my knowledge of pre Beast wars and most IDW/DW fiction is very limited.) Feel free to comment on my ideas as well as propose your own, I hope to get some interesting ideas out of this and start writing (maybe even sketching as well) soon. ^^

    1. Post Great War, selective, non Beast continuity or at the very least non BM where at one point the two separate factions were finally brought together into one race of Cybertronians yet still having underlying remenence of such factions (very much like USA and the civil war. We are all one nation now but still have those who still think in the ways of the confederacy.)

    2. The New Prime is very much like Stalin politically, not quite as violent. The Prime is very much of a state of mind that he will keep peace by any means necessary, even if it means showing extreme force to those who cause minor turbulence. Many under his command do not agree with his tactics, and some are even looking to the past for a better way to run things.

    3. Earth is very much out of the picture for the most part. There are few Transformers living there at Cybertron City as an outpost as well as to aid the humans occasionally, but as a whole the planet is ignored on Cybertron as a useless alliance from older times (for obvious reasons.)

    4. Starscream's spark (being immortal) exists, trapped by elder transformers and hidden away for safe keeping beneath Cybertron and few still know of its existance.

    I know more ideas, so let me know what you think and I'll post some laters. Sorry for the long post btw :redface2: