Biker Mice from Mars returns

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    That was gonna be my first comment too. I don't trust studios nowadays to make good reboots. The good ones have been few and far between (TF Cyberverse, MOTU 2021 Netflix) opposed to the many, many terrible ones.
    Btw the article forgets to mention the show already had a continuation (new designs but same characters and keeps most of the continuity) in 2006.
    Honestly, of all the TMNT ripoffs I probably cared for this show the least (well, this and Street Sharks and Extreeeeemeeee Dinosaurs, two shows that might as well have been the same show they looked so similar). The main characters were not super interesting and the villains had more gross than cool designs. (Ironically, the second show had much cooler designs for the villains, especially the Catatonians, like the general voiced by the ever-awesome Clancy Brown). So I do not have a huge emotional investment in the reboot really.

    Brian Volk-Weiss - Wikipedia
    Looking up Nacelle Company, they do not even have a wiki entry... And the head of the studio has only ever produced toy and TV show documentaries, not real cartoons. They are apparently making a Robo-Force cartoon (based on some obscure toyline I never heard of) so they must have some experience in animation, but we will see.

    Cough..."Kevin Smith"...cough...
    Yeah, there is a bigger chance they are in it for the sweet, sweet nostalgia money more than for them being fans of the show. Likely the license has been up for grabs and was cheap.

    Generally speaking, many early 2000-2010 reboots or spinoffs were great. Don't forget Batman Beyond or JLU either. Or 2011 Thundercats. Some shows I rate as actually being better than the originals (MOTU 2002 and Thundercats 2011 made me interested in shows I watched as a kid but never cared for really).
    However these days, many reboots are often really not hitting the mark.

    There IS one. In Brazilia or somewhere. They literally even call them that, despite it being unofficial. Unfortunately this leads to many ebay sellers selling them for thousands of $ pretending they are some lost holy grail toy.
    Nowadays I don't see that many, but ebay used to be full of them.

    I'd give good money if that show got a DVD release. All we have of most episodes is crappy TV rips.

    Y'know, I never understood that. The original MOTU 1983 toyline was also full of Battle Armor and Spin blade Skeletors and He-Mans and Hordaks... And well, Hasbro did the same after the movies during Prime and Cyberverse, just check how many toys Optimus and Bumblebee had in the movie lines.
    It's a darn shame the show died, just when they would have brought in the Evil Horde. I am lucky that I managed to collect all the Staction mini-statues of them (just bought Mosquitor and Leech from a german seller) and they have amazing designs. I'd have given good money to see them as articulated toys.
    I even have a fan-made 3D printed model of a Horde Trooper and Spikor, based on design sketches from MacFarlane's.
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    "A man can dream though. A man can dream."

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    Well, I can say that from a purely visual standpoint I much preferred Modo's original look. But Vinnie and Throttle still looked cool. I recall not liking Ronaldo Rump (and Jesus Christ would that cause some fucking grief today) as much as I did Lawrence Limburger but otherwise I think the 2001 was a reasonably more refined version of the original. And I'll be honest, as TMNT knock offs go, Biker Mice was probably one of the better ones. Each of the three Biker Mice are reasonably distinct from one another both in personality and in design, their backstory is quite tragic and dark, yet there's also an underlying feeling of tongue in cheek to stop the whole affair from being too self-serious.

    Compare Street Sharks and Extreme Dinosaurs, both of which really fucking leaned into that whole XTREME! 90's shit and played it all dead straight to the point where if you showed me an episode of Extreme Dinosaurs and then an episode of Terrible Thunderlizards, I'd assume the latter was taking the piss out of the former despite preceding it by four years.
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