Big Sale Come See Many Spawn, Sf, Ml ,tfs Etc!!!

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    Jan 27, 2004
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    Hey guys I am giving up the following figs. I have decided to sell them:

    Prices do not include shipping

    Spawn:: (all moc unless stated)

    malebolgia series 2 sealed, package shows shelf wear $16
    samurai spawn $11
    dojo $12
    alien spawn 2 $12
    overtkill box set (box shows some shelf ware $18
    samurai boxset dragon $15 shelfware alot of it!
    pirate spawn long gun $14
    spawn vi $12.50
    medieval spawn 3 $14
    Domina $13
    clown iv $10
    medieval spawn 2 bloody version $14

    street fighter sota~~~:

    brown guile $15
    white ryu (make offer)

    marvel legends:

    variant logan $19
    variant angel $18.50
    savage hulk $13
    smart hulk $13
    1st release of venom in spiderman classics, the one in clamshell $14
    loose rhino no base, just figure ,clamshell one $6
    bussing beetle $12.50

    transformers alternators and other:

    alternator tracks X2 $25
    alternator wheeljack $23 with rip on top where it says the alternator sign
    alternator deceptichrge $25
    omega sentinel $30
    loose energon galvatron mint complete $30
    energon starscream $14
    energon downshift $13.50
    armada skywarp $28
    armada title wave $28

    motu: (new mattel)

    kobra kahn $13
    king hssss $14
    claw attack stratos $11

    As time passes, maybe more will be added...Pm me if interested