Big Idea Kreo Kart racing!

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by phoenixliger, Jul 9, 2014.

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    while working on something else I came up with this idea for a Kreon styled Kart racer. while the ides is simple its the transformers franchise that adds complexity to the idea.

    all power ups will be based on actual events that have happened in the transformers mythos, such as the swarm, immobilizer ray. and other such power ups.

    of coarse there will be some transformation gimmics thrown in just for fun how these would be implemented could be stage specific or bot specific.

    stages would be out standing. Kart races would take place all over the universe. Most would take place on cybertron while others would take place on other planets including Junkion, Nebula, and the final stage might take place on unicron

    Now what fun would a kreon game be with out some characters from other franchise such GiJoe, DnD, and maybe a level done in the cityville style with rampaging zombies

    different skins and customizable vehicles would add depth and replayability to the game maybe even build your own vehicle

    Finding a good developer and also having enough time to finish a good game would be the hard part. I would like to see Travelers tails get another chance to do something good with the franchise. Not sure who else could handle a good Kart racer. but I do believe that this could be an amazing game if ever produced.

    This might be one of the few occasions where it might be better on handheld, tablet and mobile.

    Well just wanted to share my thought hope you guys like the idea
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    I'd pay top price for a cute, Kre-O game like that. If it was anything like Lego Racers or even Mario Kart, I think that would be an awesome game. :D 
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    While I don't mind the idea of a kreon kart racer, I do wonder what such a game could offer over games such as Mario Kart 8 or Sonic All Star Racing Transformed outside of Transformers fanservice.

    Maybe incorporating transformations or a brick building aspect into gameplay would be a good way to differentiate it, but even then, Sonic already has its transforming karts which all handle differently.