Beware AOE Galvatron possible design defect.

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by jessiedart, May 22, 2014.

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    Just a heads up...
    I received my Galvatron from Hasbro toy shop today.
    Right out if the box I saw what looked like 3 stress marks on the part of his grille that folds down to his neck in robot mode. Since the grille is painted black, the white marks were very visible.
    After only one time handing this folding section, it fell off broken.
    The reason I'm posting a warning is because I can see clearly why this happened.
    The piece in question is hinged so it can be folded down against his back neck, however if this hinge is tight or stuck in any way, all the force applied to fold it down is put on 3 tiny and thin sections of plastic that is attached to the grille.
    Obviously my hinge was too tight and from the factory it was broken during transformation.
    Be very careful when folding this piece down.
    I can't imagine this section lasting in the long run now that I see how it's designed.
    I can definitely see these breaking in great numbers..

    You can see in the picture the hinge has a part number on it, and you can see clearly the 3 sections this is attached to the rest of the grille.To have a folding part attached in only 3 thin areas is a very very bad idea. Just a little tight hinge and snap.



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    I feel sorry for you buddy, but:

    This is not a design defect, this is caused using to much force on this part, you defiantly tried to fold down the the hole bumper part (it's only interned to fold down SLIGHTLY)

    And you broke the grill, not the hinge

    And the hinge next to it can't be "too tight" cause it has a "pop off mechanism" to prevent those issues, I tested this 3 times in a row now, no stress marks

    My guess is you tried to remove or mod the vehicle part some kind and broke it while doing that, don't blame hasbro for that

    Galvatron has the easiest transformation of all movie toys ever released from the major lines

    And I really tried to find your issue somewhere else on the web, but nobody beside you wrote something like your issue on the other boards.

    So if there's a design defect, why does no one else have this issue?
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    I could see it easily happening if you tried to fold that piece BEFORE folding the front wheels back. But again, that can be prevented by transforming in the correct order. I have transformed Galvy dozens of times with no issue or stress marks whatsoever. The only time that piece seemed tight or that I had to force it, I stopped, and realized I needed to fold the front wheels back first.