Better than a flea market score!

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    My youngest brother broke out six boxes of old toys to let me look through.
    He said I could have my pick of the litter and I got:

    Complete Monsterbot Repugnus

    Near Complete Pretender Skullgin missing one gun

    Near Complete Pretender Double Header missing 2 guns

    Near Complete Action Masters Bumble Bee & copterpack missing gun

    Grimlock & mini cannon missing gun

    Prowl has small gun from the cycle

    Soundwave & bat missing wings and no gun

    Devastator & scorpion missing gun

    Complete Jazz

    Complete Shockwave

    Cool thing is I gave him the Action Masters when I was in high school, I'm 8 years older and even though I always gave cool toys to my younger cousins and brothers I never gave transformers away. I was pissed about the non transforming thing at the time. lol

    He also gave me the Micromaster Decepticon race car patrol

    Micromaster Deceptcon Transport Roughstuff complete

    And a freaking near complete Micromaster Countdown missing one small door at the base of the rocket and the long black ramp. Even the small Countdown micromaster has the radar dish on his back and the stickers on the wheels. OMG! He hooked me up, this is huge and I let him know it.