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    So, simple enough, what do you think is the best toy released per series? i think toys that were shifted to another line (ie, Primal in the RiD line should be counted as a BM toy) My list is incomplete since I don't own some toys from a line or am not familiar enough to put one down. Feel free to post your own, and maybe a quip as to why


    G1: Sixshot - Nicely proportioned robot mode, 6 modes, good size, and he's awesome.
    G2: Cyberjets, awesome poseability for their time, and good jet mode.
    Beast Wars: Optimal Optimus- HUGE, mostly show-accurate and fun to play with
    Beast Machines: Black Arachnia- colours were all wrong, but brilliant engineering
    Robots in Disguise: Rail Racer- great combiner that didn't suffer in combined mode.
    Armada: Unicron- HE'S UNICRON
    Energon: ---
    Cybertron: Primus - HE's CYBERTRON
    Classics: Jetfire - nice beefy look, great update, and has the option of a G1 cartoon look and the original toy inspired look.
    Titanium: The Fallen, unique character that we havn't seen before, and he's decent
    Alternators: Skids
    Movie: Stockade good vehicle mode, satisfying transformation, good articulation.
    Animated: Swindle - looks 99% accurate, bunch of awesome optional weapons
    Universe: Cyclonus- best update of a G1 character, and just a damn fun toy.
    ROTF: Ransack- great engineering, great concept, and he's a BIPLANE! All at a scout price.
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    Beast Wars: Rampage, Tigerhawk, Dragon Megatron, and Depthcharge
    Cybertron: Primus
    Classics: Jetfire
    Movie: Leader Prime
    ROTF: Leader Prime
    Universe: Nemesis Prime (Big Convoy Re-paint Target Exclusive)
    Beast Wars Neo: Big Convoy
  3. bcm77

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    Jan 17, 2009
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    Derbyshire, UK
    '07 Movie:Leader Class Brawl
    Henkei:Sunstreaker or Cyclonus
    ROTF:Human Alliance Bumblebee
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    pre movie: i am going to go out on a the line here, and pick, Skids, tracks, red alert, and all the other pre movie toys, that did NOT require add on body parts to complete the transformation. *like prime and his fists, or starscream and his well, everything* :lol 

    but i am going to say Skids, he has 3 guns was it? or something like that, but the toy it self does not suffer if you "lose" all the parts, or buy it now, in a junk lot at some garage sale. pre movie toys, the best ones are the ones that did not require ALL the parts to be a functional toy. :)  *though there are a very SMALL amount of those... :lol 
    post movie: Point Blank, great figure, with an awesome targetmaster, and the spoiler becomes a shield, plus, looks nice with hot rod/rodimus too.
    *i consider pre and post movie g1 two different "series" :) 
    g2: Darkwing and Smokescream; i just LOVE that bomber and jet combo. the g2 version the bw2 version, the RID version, all of them are amazing toys!
    Beast Wars: Optimus Primal, Monkey version, great toy, lots of weapons, and is just fun to play with.
    Beast Machines: I only have a few so i do not really know but i will say from the ones i have, the Big "butt behind head" primal. great representation, great looking toy, but the electronics are annoying has hell... lol
    Beast wars 2: Lio Convoy, or Galvatron, i just LOVE both of those toys.
    Beast wars Neo: Heinlad, the little raccoon dog clock guy. he just has a fantastic look to him, especially with the visor. plus, he has balls... literally... :lol  and alcohol!
    Transmetals: Megatron 2, dragon, big dragon, red or blue, this toy rocks.
    RID: Omega Prime, the two transformers combined, look amazing. plus it's huge... :lol 
    Armada: Shockwave *aka japanese tidal wave* giant air/space carrier, just looks so awesome, especially in purple. :) 
    Universe: That RID Build team Devastator, that thing rocks.
    Energon: Sixshot, repaint of shockblast, just as a much DARKER purple, plus the yellow/gray, and the red, it all just looks so much eviler then the shockblast version.
    Cybertron: Jetfire, HUGE massive looking jet. any of his incarnations, even the white one, looks amazing.
    Classics: Mirage, super possible, looks awesome, and is loaded with g1 goodies... :) 
    Titanium: Rodimus Prime, the only one of them i was ever really interested in buying.
    Movie 07: Rescue Ratchet, white version of Movie Ratchet, just looks SO much cooler then the green version.
    Universe 2: Storm Cloud, the repaint of Powerglide, just an amazing figure. and it's like, skywarp colors... :lol 
    Animated: Bliztwing. mainly for the robot mode, just an amazing looking toy.
    Movie 2: Optimus Prime, while the original movie prime was amazing, this one is just so much cooler, with so many more moving parts. though it does lack hand movement, but that's ok, lol
    Alternators: KISS players Convoy, i don't know why, but i just love the whole toy; even the girl driver is pretty awesome. just wished it was easier to transform... :lol 
  5. IronicHide

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    Feb 26, 2008
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    I'm afraid I've not covered all the toy lines but...

    Pre-TF / Diaclone / Microman: Browning - awesome transformation
    G1: Megatron - with the accessories and the crotch trigger and all
    Robot Masters: Starscream - small but, wow, actually Starscream as I remember him from the show, and he transforms, etc.
    RiD: Nemesis Prime / Scourge - only one I own. I need no others.
    Classics: Mirage - absolutely no question, a beautiful concept and execution of
    Universe: Galvatron - only one I own. Think I may have done this wrong.
    Animated: Lockdown - just a badass toy car robot
    Movie 07: He's waaaaay too small but I do love Blackout
    Alts / Binaltech: Hound

    My years in the wilderness
    A/E/C: Errr, Tidal Wave looks fun
    Beasties: Waspinator, why not?
  6. thenatureboywoo

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    Dec 15, 2008
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    Beast Wars........Optimus Primal
    Classics.............Optimus Prime (voyager)
    07 Movie...........Concept Bumblebee (deluxe)
    Animated...........Megatron (leader)
    Universe 2.0.......Inferno
    ROTF.................Rampage (so far)
  7. MidnightBliss

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    Nov 24, 2008
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    Beast Wars- Optimal Optimus, TM2 Megs
    Meast Machines- Blast Punch Optimus Prime
    Beast Wars II- Lio Convoy
    Beast Wars Neo- Longrack
    Armada- Unicron
    RID- JRX
    Energon- Starscream
    Cybertron- CD Red Alert/Primus
    Classics- Mirage
    Classics 2.0- Hound
    Animated- Oil Slick/ Ultra Magnus
    Movie 1- Ironhide
    Star Wars- Vader
  8. Cheebs

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    Jan 8, 2004
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    YouTube (Legacy):
    G1: Jetfire
    Unheard of articulation for that era. Fantastic looks in both modes. Fun accessories out the wazoo.

    G2: Laser Prime
    Reigned supreme as the best Prime mold for a long, long time.

    Beast Wars: TM2 Megs
    I don't usually describe toys as "majestic", but that dragon is majestic. Awesome show accuracy. Awesome engineering. Really engaging transformation.

    Beast Machines: (My pick that nobody will agree with) Mega-class Cheetor
    I love the chrome. I love the bizarre 'bot mode proportions. I love the shape.

    Robots in Disguise: Omega Prime
    It was really, really hard to not give the honor to Rail Racer. But Omega Prime has better component 'bots. And he's a towering badass.

    Armada: Unicron
    And let us never speak of Armada again

    Energon: Mirage
    Not only is he a boat-former, and we always need more boat-formers, but he throws all Transformer aesthetics out the window and ends up looking like a gundam. In an era where Transformer aesthetics were lacking (to say the least) this guy stood out as an island of Awesome rising out of the sea of Suck left by Armada.

    Cybertron: Downshift
    A classic muscle car with a textured vinyl roof? And it's really Wheeljack? Yes, please.

    Alternators: Grimlock
    Beefy car. Beefy 'bot.

    Classics: Prime
    That is how you do a flat-nosed Prime!

    Movie: Barricade
    Other molds like Ratchet take this spot if you allow for custom painting, but this dude was awesome right out of the gate. And don't forget Frenzy!

    Animated: Ratchet
    So hard to choose. All of the toys were consistently great. But the age-worn face and the pot belly seal the deal.

    Universe: Cyclonus
    Yup. That's Cyclonus.

    ROTF: Leader Prime
    Souls were sold. Chickens were sacrificed. I'm positive.
  9. PikaManiac

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    Jun 5, 2009
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    Generation 1 - Fortress Maximus(Proportionate looking, transforms into a big base, includes 1 extra Transformer in the package, go with the Takara version for the extra Master Sword. I would have choose Grand Maximus but I prefer Fortress Maximus's colours.)

    Generation 2 - Laser Optimus Prime(A definite improvement over the Generation 1 Optimus Prime, lots of cool gimmicks and a badass robot mode with a light up sword, what more can you ask for? Go with the Takara Reissue for chrome goodness.)

    Beast Wars - TakaraTOMY TeleMocha TM-01 Convoy(I always felt that the original Optimus Primal mould was too bulky and that the chest hitting gimmick was unnecessary, it only hindered the elbow joints.)

    Beast Machines - Meh... can't think of anything, just go with the Blast Punch Optimus Primal, Takara Toy R' US exclusive version for anime accurate colours.

    Car Robots/Robots in Disguise - Takara Toy R' US exclusive God Fire Convoy giftset.

    Micron Legends/Armada - Unicron, Takara version for anime accurate colours.

    SuperLink/Energon - Maximus Superion

    Galaxy Force/Cybertron - Takara Toy R' US exclusive Sonic Convoy giftset.

    Classics/Henkei - JetFire, TakaraTOMY version for anime accurate colours.

    2007 Movie - TakaraTOMY MA21 Battle Mode Optimus Prime
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    Oct 14, 2007
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    Generation 1- Soundwave. Had great articulation for the time, looked great in both modes, and the cassettes are total win.

    Generation 2- Laser Prime. Epic.

    Beast Wars- Scavenger. Maybe not everyone's favorite, but I absolutely love him.

    Beast Machines- This is a hard one. I'll choose the small Jetstorm. Nice jet mode, and you can choose if you want him to have legs.

    Car Robots- Buildking. Loved his design.

    Armada- Megatron. Total brick, but he had a lot of nice features.

    Energon- Galvatron. One of the best Galvatron toys ever.

    Cybertron- Prime (Galaxy Convoy). Amazing toy.

    Classics- Voyager Prime. It's still new and great with every repaint.

    Movie- Voyager Ratchet. Nice mold, with a unique transformation.
  11. kwickstrike

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    Sep 19, 2008
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    beast wars - ironhide
    tm's - terrorsaur
    tm2 - scarab
    BM- silverbolt
    RID - spychanger hot shot
    armada - scavenger
    energon-voyager prime
    cybertron - backstop
    animated - cybertron megs
    movei 1 - jazz or scorps
    movie 2 - wheelie
  12. teruo kaiba

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    Jul 24, 2002
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    G1 - Liokaiser or Devastator for their ability to combine in a different way from all the others. Also Predaking just because he's so damn big.

    G2 - Megatron, he's a brick but looks pretty cool.

    Beast Wars - Big Convoy

    Car Robots - God Fire Convoy giftset

    Micron Legends - Unicron

    Super Link/Energon - Divebomb

    Galaxy Force - Megatron

    Classics/Henkei - Convoy and Megatron
  13. Autobot Burnout

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    G1-Sixshot, the original Sixchanger (and the WingedWolf mode if you count it as a legit alt mode)

    G2-Laser Rod Prime, got repainted into RID Scourge later on

    BW-Waspinator, had lots of ball joints so you could pull him apart and re-assemble him!

    BM-Megahead Megatron, he turns into a head! (and if you Shane Anderson from the funnies section, you know why his claim to fame involves this toy)

    RID-Scourge, the original Nemesis Prime.

    Armada-Unicron got a good toy, 'nuff said.

    Energon-Galvatron, he does double duty as Classics Galvy for those who dislike Universe Galvy.

    Cybertron- Primus, he's both the good guy TF god AND is Cybertron itself!

    Classics 1.0- Jetfire, good toy overall, and he'd got both toy AND cartoon accurate heads!

    Movie 1- Landmine, he's got near limitless poseability!

    Animated- Wreck-Gar, he turns into a garbage truck! He's also possibly the funniest character ever!

    Movie 2- so far, I'd say Leader Jetfire. The fact he's got such a streamlined alt mode (and a BIG alt mode at that! Twice the size of Leader Prime's alt mode) is just pure win. He also combines with Leader Prime, although that isn't so great really.
  14. heshanj

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    Jul 5, 2008
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    hmm, interesting topic.. out of the lines i own:
    Classics - Jetfire
    Universe - Cyclonus
    Animated - Shockwave
    Movie '07 - Optimus Prime (Leader)
    ROTF - Optimus Prime (Leader) out of the few i own so far
    Masterpiece - MP-04 Prime

    i dont own any G1s except Encore reissues.. but out of those, i really love the G1 optimus prime figure, so thats my pick for G1
  15. Jordo02

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    May 31, 2008
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    G1: Jazz
    G2: Sideswipe
    Beast Wars: Snapper
    Beast Machines: Black Arachnia
    Robots in Disguise: Mirage
    Armada: Unicron
    Energon: I dislike
    Cybertron: Starscream
    Classics: Staaaaarscreeeaaam
    Movie: Jazz
    Animated: Prowl
    Universe: Sideswipe
    ROTF: Sideswipe
  16. microclone

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    May 22, 2007
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    not exhaustive but a few of my preferences would be:

    BW: original cheetor.
    energon: prowl (weird but i just like him)
    cybertron: optimus stands out alone as a good toy (cannot stand any others from that line, most despised line for some reason)
    animated: blurr
    movie1: target repaint jazz (or leader prime)
    movie2: sideways (or leader prime)
    diaclone origin G1: prowl
    microman origin G1: megatron
    later G1 : need to think about that one!
    universe '1': ramjet
    universe '2': hound
    armada: err........
    alternators: sideswipe
    RID: ruination camo (ex g1)
  17. trystendaycey

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    Jul 9, 2007
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    I echo your love and appreciation of Skids. He's on my desk right now! (No guns, and he's still awesome!)

    Cybertron: Optimus Prime. A great fig on it's own merit, looks cool and has lots of extras (now I feel hypocritical for having so recently declared my love of Skids for the opposite reasons....) and has lots of neat combining features built in (Wingsaber and Leo Breaker, althought LB is lame as a toy) that don't detract from the goodness of the toy.
  18. Cerberus

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    Dec 17, 2007
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    Brittany (France)
    G1 us: Shockwave/Whirl

    G1 jap: Snapdragon/Highbrow

    G2: Laser rod Sizzle/Laser rod Optimus prime

    Beast Wars us: Inferno/Silverbolt

    Beast Machines: .......i dont know

    Beast Wars jap: Galvatron/Sharpedge

    RID: Megatron ldr/Prime ldr

    Armada: Micron legend scourge (nemesis prime in us)/Blurr

    Energon: Shockblast/Bulkhead

    Cybertron: Dark fangwolf/Evac vyg

    Binaltech-Alternators: Shockwave/Wheeljack

    Masterpiece: Skywarp/Grimlock

    Universe-classics: Nemesis prime/sideswipe

    TFTM: Barricade dlx/black Arcee

    Animated: Shockwave/Blurr

    ROTF (for now): Starscream vyg/Blaze master
  19. Red Alert

    Red Alert Security

    Feb 5, 2008
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    g1 wheelie
    g2 megatron
    beast Rhinox
    Energon Ironhide
    Armada Sideswipe
    Cybertron Backstop
    classics Galvatron
    Animated Supreme Prime
    Movie Chromia
  20. Rodr-Evil

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    Nov 23, 2004
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    Old Khem
    G1: Kup
    G2: nah
    BW: Depthcharge
    Armada: Jetfire
    Energon: Galvatron
    Cybertron: Downshift
    Classics: Jetfire
    Movie '07: Ratchet
    Animated: Ratchet
    Alts/BT's: Hound