Best Line for Each Size Class

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    So I've kinda been thinking over my collection, and starting to think about what line gave us the best toys in each size class. These are my thoughts.

    Scouts: Cybertron With the likes of Clocker, Scattorshot, Ransack, Hardtop, Armorhide, and Undermine to its name, this was one of the easier choices. The only lackluster figures in Cybertron's scout patrol are probabyl Lugnutz and Backstop, both of whom still manage to be enjoyable toys. Energon comes in a very close second, on the heavy strength of the Omnicons and Terrorcons. Revenge of the Fallen also produced some very respectable scouts, including Hubcap who is one of my faves.

    Deluxe: Lacking a singular, cohesive Generations/Classics line to pin this one upon (and being too much of a sucker for G1-inspired toys anyway), I'm going to give this one again to Cybertron. Really strong entries like Landmine and Red Alert, fun ones like Thundercracker and Thunderblast, and just some personal favorites like Override and Sideways make for fun toys. Cybertron on the whole was an extremely solid line, with an overall unobtrusive gimmick. Energon makes for a complicated possible contender, but while the Decepticon entries were suberb, the Autobot entries were all over the map.

    Mega A late, and to my mind, lamented size class that we haven't seen since RiD. This one goes to Beast Wars. The likes of Inferno, Scorponok, and Transmetal II Cybershark more than make up for a shelfwarmer like Transquito. While the RiD Bullet Trains are extremely awesome, they're the only true and original voyagers in their line.

    Voyager This one's tricky. Some really incredible entries in Animated, with Blitzwing, Starscream, and Bulkhead. And the most recent Generations toys like Springer, Sandstorm, and Blaster make for some pretty good toys too. The movie line has produced some seriously great ones, like Ratchet and Shockwave. But I'm gonna give this one to Cybertron one more time. Evac? Crumplezone? Cybertron Defense Scattorshot? Vector Prime? Even Leobreaker is an all right toy, with Mudflap being the only weak link.

    Ultra/Gigagon Another long gone size-class. This one goes to Armada. While only having a couple entries, Jetfire, and, more importantly, Tidal Wave, remain excellent toys.

    Leader I'm going to give this one to Animated. Bulkhead and Ultra Magnus are pretty damn awesome and appropriate to the size class, and Megatron's pretty cool too. Cybertron and RiD are both solid contenders for this title, but both also have a weak link (Metroplex and Ultra Magnus, respectively) tying them down. RiD also loses a couple points for Scourge, who, while awesome, was a repurposed older toy rather than a new innovation. I'm also going to toss out a shout out to Beast Wars, for it's proto-leader class Optimal Optimus.

    Supreme This one goes to Energon. Even with a funky Unicron recolor, Omega Supreme rocks.

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    The only size class I'll be super solid on is Leader, and Cyberton/Galaxy Force wins that for me no contest. That Optimus Prime is just an amazing figure.
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    wow. i have to completely disagree with you on cybertron having the best deluxe figures. i think animated was much better.. you had..
    waspinator looked awesome
    hot rod waspractically perfect
    arcee wasn't bad
    blurr was incredible
    ratchet.. while i didn't like the character model, the deluxe represented it well
    cybertronion mode ratchet
    cybertronion mode ironhide
    sentinel prime.. i don't agree with him being a deluxe, but he was definitely a good deluxe figure
    lockdown was bad ass looking
    jazz was really cool
    samurai prowl was awesome.. i love add on armor and stuff, especially with prowl where it turned into his sidecar
    swoop was definitely awesome
    swindle was fun

    i think most of the animated deluxe toys were awesome. much better, in my opinion than cybertron. and there wasn't as much kibble.

    for voyager.. again i'm going to have to disagree. whenever i think of cybertron toys (for the most part) i think of kibble, and limbs that were just out of place.

    i'd have to go with prime/beast hunters.
    first edition prime and bulkhead were GREAT
    voyager shockwave is awesome
    both voyager magnus molds were great. i really like the show accurate one. especially displayed with first edition prime. it's different enough to be a different character, yet it's similar enough to make sense. i really enjoy it. especially since i don't own the regular voyager prime.
    grimwing is just a solid awesome looking toy. both modes look awesome
    even beast hunters prime is a good toy. it could use a little more paint, but it's decent toy
    starscream is great, pretty accurate to the show, the jet is sleek, and his head sculpt really captures his personality on the show.
    i love skyquake, the jet mode is really cool, same with the robot mode, the only negative is his weapon, and his inability to hold the weapon accurately
    thundertron was pretty cool

    i DEFINITELY agree with you when it comes to the leader class figures. animated was definitely the best.
    megatron, which was the first leader megatron that had an earth like vehicle mode that we had gotten in a while. i loved that his copter blades turned into his swords, not only that, but they looked bad ass.
    magnus was great, it was nice to have a magnus that wasn't just a repaint. he was accurate, and i loved his transformation.
    bulkhead was sweet, WAY better than the voyager version. and its size fit in very well with the rest of the toys.

    i do however have to give an honorable mention to the movie lines leaders. if i could lump them all into one, i think i'd have chosen that. besides DMK prime, buster prime was the most accurate optimus we got. MPM starscream was almost perfect. besides the blue, ironhide was cool.. a very solid figure, and while his arm cannons werent entirely accurate, i still enjoyed them. sentinel prime wasn't bad. and even though he wasn't perfect i still liked jetfire quite a bit. the size of his jet mode was impressive, and i really liked that he came with his walking cane/stick/whatever you want to call it.

    .. i excluded classic figures from this list because they'd be a clear winner.. especially since the line had so many toys. even though they may be called different things, i still consider classics, universe, and generations the same line.
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    I'd have to respectively disagree with you on many of your choices.

    - for me would ROTF. You had a variety in alt mods(forklift how often do you bloody see that really) used as well as many fun transformations. The tail end of the series with Brakedown, Scattorshot and Skystalker were some of the best in terms of overall look and play value. They showed that just because they were small they didn't have to be bricks. Aside from Armorhide I found most Cybertron scouts unappealing. Most of the designs just put me off from buying them. Although to be technical if we were speaking of Basic class then it would be hands down no contest BW.

    Deluxe- Probably Animated. Aside from the plastic quality from a design perspective they were as close as possible to their on show appearance. While I didn't buy many of the figures I can't deny that they were pretty

    Mega- I agree that BW would be best. Poor shelf warmer Transquito gets redemption with his import BW 2 recolor Big Mos.

    Voyager-I'd have to give this one to Prime. While they were hampered by that crummy mech tech gimmick weapon, design wise they were fairly solid. Give them the plastic quality of the Unicron Trilogy and they would have been made a whole lot better. Only design I can think of that was genuinely bad would be Gaia Unicron.

    Ultra- I'd have to give this one to BW. You have Rampage, Depth Charge, Tigerhawk, and TM2 Megs. While not technically ultra's, combined both Tripredacus and Magnaboss were a sight to behold. Even with today standards they have excellent amounts of articulation.

    I don't really have an opinion on the larger scales. I never liked most of them and usually stick to everything under Voyager.