Bens Collectables at C.O.N.S. V and the C.O.N.S. V Exclusive

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    As we already told you the well known english reviewer Bens Collectables will be our special guest at C.O.N.S. V. You also know that we will do an interview with him where you can get answers to all your questions. Now we have two more surprises for you. We will do a live video review with Ben at C.O.N.S. V. He will review a figure life on stage in front of your very eyes. Of course it will be recorded on video so that all those who can't attend C.O.N.S. V can see it.
    But now for the second surprise.
    We have a C.O.N.S. V exclusive. As we told you the KFC Black Hawk Down Hands of Steel Set will be available at some conventions during this summer. And it will be available at us as well!!! Bens Collectables himself will sell them at C.O.N.S. V. He also posted a video review for it which we are glad to present you here.
    We are happy to be able to present you such an exclusive and are looking forward to Ben. And we hope that we all will have lots of fun.

    Benscollectables Reviews Hands Of Steel Convention Exclusive Black Hawk Down set - YouTube