Beginnings of a New Universe

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    Here's the start of a Universe I've been working on. I'm not a fantastic writer, but I think/hope the main point is got across.


    Perceptor - A Mini-Con who transforms into a microscope for larger Cybertronians to use. He can Powerlink with them in the form of a hand covered tool (think Shockwaves gun hand).

    Shockwave - Scientist, partner of Perceptor. Transforms into a H-Tank

    Sentinel Prime - Current Prime and head of the senate. Same alt mode as DotM

    Alpha Trion - Ancient, wise Cybertronian. Prime's advisor on the senate. Helicopter alt mode

    Dion - Young worker. Bulky in appearance. Pick-up alt mode

    Galvatron/Megatron - Young worker. Bulky in appearance. Tank alt mode

    Wreckers are;
    Topspin - Leader
    Arcee, Inferno and Roadbuster - Ground Assult (Cars)
    Springer and Sonar - Aerial Assult
    CatSCAN, Scoop and Bulkhead - Constuction and Demolition

    Topspin (car) combines with Heatwave (truck) and Breakaway (jet) to form Nexus Prime

    Seekers are;
    Starscream - Leader
    Thundercracker - Big Bulk of the group
    Thrust - Quick and agile. Hovers on a single engine in robot mode
    Dirge - Bringer of Death, armed with a scythe
    Slipstream - Hook handed, female Seeker

    Skywarp (Teleporting Ninja) and Ramjet (Drill headed, bulky fighter) join as well

    Jetfire's Team;
    Jetfire - Jet
    Bumblebee - Car
    Iron Hide - Pick-Up
    Mirage - F1 Car
    Gears - Car (team's mechanic)
    Jolt (Helicopter)

    Optimus Prime - Truck

    Note, that at the moment, all the alt modes are Cybertronian. These are just roughly what the Earth equivalent are.

    Cybertron, Earth year 1947. The day every Cybertronian will remember, the day that changed our lives forever.

    The senate started the day like all other. The day had finally come for the two doctors to present their findings. I, data clerk Orion Pax, recorded their report.
    "Why is it that Zeta Prime upgraded when he received the Matrix of Leadership and Nominus Prime didn't? Why is it that Nove Prime upgraded when he received the Matrix of Leadership and Sentinel Prime didn't? We can explain" the Mini-con, Perceptor started. "It's all down to which of the original 13 you descended from." Sentinel Prime looked down at the two bots.
    "Weather a Prime upgrades or not is no longer an issue thanks to the Apex Program, now, what is your point?" said Sentinel, bluntly. He had no interest in religion, and even less in things that belittled him. Religion is a funny thing amongst our race. Primus, the creator, is widely accepted and believed in. His 13 original children however, are considered a myth.
    "Refusing to accept facts of this proportion is illogical! Think about the applications. An army of powerful, Prime-like warriors to protect Cybertron from invading forces!" protested Shockwave.
    "Invading forces?" the eldest senator, Alpha Trion asked.
    "The Vok, the Quintessons, I've heard the Hive has taken over Nebulos already." Perceptor added.
    "Other planets are not my concern doctor. I am Prime to protect Cybertron. Meeting closed!" Sentinel dismissed Shockwave and Perceptor.

    Like every other day, Dion, a worker, working in the main senate room and I headed down to Maccadam's Old Oil House.
    "Galvatron, are you comin'?" Dion shouted to his newest co-worker.
    "I'll join you later. I've got something else to attend to." the large, purple Transformer replied. Little did we know, it was that fatefull meeting which started the Great War. Galvatron approached the two doctors, leaving the senate, regarding what they had learnt. A way of changing anyone's C.N.A. to that of Prima, the very first Cybertronian. This was the way to gain a Matrix induced upgrade they spoke of to Sentinel and the others. Galvatron worked with the doctors, secretly finding a way to convert anyone's C.N.A. to that of the Fallen, Megatronus Prime. Once he perfected his formula, he brutally demonstrated it on Perceptor, turning him into the twisted Decepticon, Scalpel. He used both formula upon himself. The conflicting Light and Dark energies from Prima and The Fallen flowed through him, turning him from the worker Galvatron to the evil dictator Megatron. His purple body faded to grey, his optics blazed up a sinister red.
    "Now all I need is the Matrix and I will be unstoppable!" Megatron laughed. "Bring me an army worthy of Unicron!"

    Over time, the Decepticon forces grew. They attacked the senate, killing most inside, including my friend, Dion. Megatron took the Matrix from the dying body of Sentinel Prime. He grew in size and in power. It seemed all hope was lost, until Alpha Trion revealed himself as one of the original Primes. Topspin managed to fetch his Wreckers and Nexus Prime, another original Prime, was reborn. Megatron was defeated and the Matrix was reclaimed. It was passed to myself, Optimus Prime. The Decepticons retreated. We, however, had their leader in stasis.

    The only way Cybertron would be safe from his tyranny would be for me to leave, with him, to an unknown world, but the Decepticons followed. Starscream and his Seekers found us and recovered Megatron. Jetfire, and a team of Autobots, arrived in time to save my spark, but at the cost of his own. The Seekers tried to retreat in our Ark. We shot them down and they crashed landed on nearby Earth. We touched down July 8th, 1947 and teamed up with the U.S. government, searching, ever since, for the Decepticons.

    The year is now 2005. We were helping clear up New Orleans after the hurricane Katrina disaster, when a discovery was made... The Ark, no Decepticons on bored. They are out there, somewhere. For the sake of Earth, our home for the last 60 years, we will find them.

    Any comments of criticisms are welcome.
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    These are 2 sketches. 1 of Ramjet and 1 of Dirge.

    Any comments or criticisms on the story or art, feel free.

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