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    I have a few BW questions maybe you guys can help me here.

    1- How come the Autobots or Decepticons couldnt find any artifacts from the Dark Side and the Axalon when re-awakend?

    2- The Golden Disk that Megatron speaks on the episode The Agenda was this way before the 1986?? Cause he says I fail.

    3- How does Ravage comes back to Prehastoric Earth when one of the Ravage is still inside Soundwave inside the Ark in stasis lock as you see Soundwave in an episode when Megatron(Beast Wars) enters the Ark. And how is it possible that Starscream's spark travels in BW when he is in stasis lock?

    4-In the last episode you see Tarantulas built a layer under the Ocean and how is it possible that Humanity and The Bots and Cons never noticed it?

    5- The Ark crashed 4 Million years ago, I am surprised that nobody ever noticed The Ark crashed in a Volcano all this time.

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    1) They couldn't find them because the Darksyde was completely destroyed by Tigerhawk, the Axalon probably corroded into rust at the bottom of the ocean. They removed everything from inside the volcano (if not flat out threw it in the volcano).

    2) The Golden Disk is from during the Great War where Earthlings sent a Golden disk into space - G1 Megatron put a message onto it.

    3) Ravage is after the Great War - reformatted as a Predacon - He used transwarp technology (the same tech Darksyde and the Axalon used to get back in time) to get to where they were. He did not interact with his past self. Starscream himself is in endless space travel though time and space - He finds the Beast Wars era Predacons and Maximals this way AFTER he dies.

    4) It was probably destroyed by years of water corrosion again.

    5) Volcanos become inactive sometimes, in cases like the one the Ark is in.
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    Several million years of exposure to the elements means that any remnants that they might have found wouldn't have had much impact.

    As he was still Megatron and not Galvatron, it was recorded sometime prior to 2005 (when the 1986 movie took place). It was recorded as a backup plan, in case Megatron failed to defeat the Autobots.

    "After the Great War, a few Decepticons were granted amnesty. There were even rumors that one of them was rebuilt. Into a Predacon!" Optimus Primal, The Agenda part 1.

    Ravage survived the War, and was rebuilt into a new Predacon body. He then traveled back into the past after the Axalon and Darksyde, thus resulting in two Ravages existing in the same time period: one in stasis lock on the Ark, and another running around outside with the Maximals and Predacons.

    "My exostructure was destroyed but miraculously my Spark endured, drifting helplessly through the depths of space, beyond the reach of time itself!" Starscream, Possession.

    When Galvatron blasted Starscream into slag, his Spark survived. At some point in time he found his was back into the past, where he was able to possess Waspinator.

    Again, much like debris from the ships, time probably resulted in the lab being lost.

    The Ark crashed into a volcano, and was buried inside. It wasn't until the eruption of Mount Saint Hilary in 1984 that it was revealed to the world. If it had been, people would have known about it before then.