Customs: Beast Hunters Abominus to Character Repaint suggestions

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Thelonicon, Aug 14, 2018.

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    So I picked up a couple of extra Target exclusive Beast Hunters Abominus sets on super clearance a few years ago, and figured they'd make a good small scale repaint/minor mod fodder. Unfortunately I'm drawing a bit of a blank when it comes to character choices.

    Here are my thoughts so far:

    Twinstrike/Sinnertwin -> IDW Strafe.
    The robot head is a good match and I can file down each side of the beast heads to mimic the character's split head look in beast mode. I don't think she has a tail so I'd probably remove it. This is the one that sparked the whole custom idea with these guys since the character has no toy representation.

    Hun-gurrr -> Doublecross/Twinferno
    Obviously it would be preferable if Hun-Gurrr's arms became his robot arms, but otherwise the beast mode is a pretty similar idea (sans wings.) The visor eyes in robot mode also make a decent fit. Not as excited about this one since we just got TR Doublecross/Twinferno so I'm open to other suggestions.

    This leaves Blight/Blot, Rippersnapper, and Windrazor. Any suggestions on who/what to turn these characters into? Preferably characters who don't have toys or might work as a team.
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    Rippersnapper could work as Gnaw given both are walking sharks. Windrazor could work for legends Mindwipe or Swoop. Blight for Repugnus or Grotesque.