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    (Hello guys, I tought, Beast Wars and Beast Machines were very good, why not write a sequel? I know I have the Delta Squad Fan Fic running, but I will update it soon. For the rest, this is after the Beast Machines season. So here it goes, my first serieus fan fic.)

    Episode I: Never Enough…#1

    …Interface program started…
    …Interface complete…
    …Uploading data…
    …Uploading complete…
    …Welcome Cheetor, The Oracle has invited you…

    The infinity of space seemed to be colder, darker and deeper. A few planets hovered by. Cheetor listened carefully, he had no experience with this. A voice echoëd behind him.
    “Cheetor, you’re the chosen one”, said a female voice.
    “What about Optimus? What happend to Big Bot?” the anger in his voice raised slightly.
    “He achieved his goals, he’s no longer necesarry.”
    “How can you say that? It isn’t the Maximal way.” Cheetor started to boil.
    “Their is no way Cheetor, all units are replaceble. Just like Optimus Primal.”
    “Am I disposable to?”
    “Time will prove your worthyness.” Space started to whirl and twist.
    Cheetor slipped away.

    …Connection ended…


    After Optimus Primal converted the planet, their was a time of peace. Cybertron was rebuilt, you could say a new Golden age. Cheetor was the new leader, chosen by the Oracle. Nobody believed him, but they just followed him. Cheetor didn’t had any proof, he interfaced with the Oracle without seeing it. A new way, he said. Wireless, like Cheetor clairyfied. But like every perfect age, it has to end.

    “Hello fellow Maximals, today will be a new day”, spoke Cheetor.
    “Today will be the day, that a new group of Maximals will leave this planet.”
    The croud before him listened carefully. A new mission ment more energon. That was the only problem left. The green stuff that covered Cybertron wasn’t usable. Unlike the theories of some sientists. It caused severe spark damage when you ate it. Rattrap and others had provided the planet with old rough energon from the ore mines. After the reformat of the planet, and the recovery of sparks, everything seemed to be fine. Some Maximals accepted the Transorganic body’s, others didn’t.
    “I will accompany this group to make sure that no mistakes are made”, Cheetor continued.
    The goal of this mission was the same as the former mission. Collect more information to improve the Transorganic forms. Plus, collect some usefull energon.
    “But if you leave, what will happen whit this planet if the chosen one isn’t here?” yelled someone with enough sarcasm.
    “hey loose it pal, kitty cat is speaking, come over here and we’ll have a little chat.”
    “Enough Rattrap, the one who spoke, come forth.”
    A transorganic body stepped up the podium. He was a bit larger than Cheetor. He seemed to be a transorganic dear.
    “You’ll be reformated in an original Maximal prototype, you will be the second in command of this expedition. Our task is to find more information for the oracle to make us perfect. If we fail in this, we can always collect some energon. Since I remember, their was some good energon on Earth, so we will be hedding there.”
    The Maximal didn’t protested. He turned around and joined the group of original Maximals behind Cheetor. Rattrap and Nightscream looked dangerous.
    “One wrong move Bambi, and you’re fried cake”, pointed Rattrap with his fingers.
    “Are their any other volountiers?”
    Hands and claws raised. Cheetor smiled. He turned his back on them.
    “Blackarachnia, Silverbolt, assign a team of five more poeple, let the new one help, when you’re ready, contact me. We’ll be leaving soon.”
    The tree some nodded and started questionning the group.


    The room was dark, no sound was heard. The only light came from a monitor with the face of a transformer. It was optimus Primal. The picture didn’t moved, it only flickerd. Cheetor was watching the screen. Silent, thinking, remembering.
    We miss you Big-bot.
    The Maximal turned the monitor of, just when the door opened. Blackarachnia entered in beast form. Some other beasts followed her. Rattrap closed the door and went over to Cheetor.
    “This is the best we could find spots.” Cheetor nodded.
    “Why did you picked thes three?” the second in command already opened his mouth.
    “Because,” he pointed at some kind of bird, “no team is good enough without an aerial scout.”
    “You do know that they are an easy target”, began Cheetor. The other Maximal nodded and pointed at another one. “This armadillo will deliver ground support. He’s heavily armed and well talented in aiming.” Cheetor looked at his companions, they both nodded.
    “As last we picked…” a silence followed, “this thing.” The beast came forward. It was something strange indeed. Cheetor ran a diagnostic scan, searched his data banks, but he didn’t found anything.
    “Whát are you?”-“I think some kind of beetle, I don’t like it, that’s for sure. But the pincers do come in handy.” The ‘beetle’ wasn’t something that the others had seen on earth.
    “I think I’m some sort of new insect, could be.”
    Botanica entered the room. “You didn’t saw this beast earlier on because it’s an inhabitant of the planet my team visited.” Cheetor nodded and turned back.
    “Why did you choose him?” asked Cheetor, not directly to the second in command.
    “He’s a very smart person, he knows every strategy their is.”
    “Could be usefull.” Silverbolt entered the room, gazed at the team and shook his head.
    “The Neo Arc is ready for depart Cheetor”, said Silverbolt, still a bit confused.
    “Good, Maximals, it’s time for our mission. Go ahead, I’ll be there in a click.”
    They nodded and left. He turned around and faced his comrades.
    “Whats wrong kitty cat?” asked Rattrap, sitting comfortly.
    “It’s tougher then I expected, this leaderschip.” They all bowed their heads.
    “We’re their for you Cheetor.”
    “Their’s nothing more noble then a leader who admits that he isn’t perfect.”
    Cheetor looked at him. Silverbolt sighed.
    “I mean that we’re here for you.” Cheetor smiled.


    The Neo arc was a giant vessel. Similar to the Arc, big grey and the Maximal sign on the side. Some transformers were loading some things. Rough energon, scanning devices and other materials. The Transorganic deer and his team was waiting for Cheetor. Their boss entered the dock in beast form with the rest following. Silverbot and Nightscreams were dragging a carrage.
    “What’s that for? Training your pets?” asked the deer?
    Rattrap jumped at the Maximal and started to struggle. Bottanica and Cheetor interviened;
    “That’s enough Rattrap, you’re higher in rank, live up to it.” Cheetor, whom was transformed could lift him with one hand.
    “When I get my paws on you, you won’t have any luck. Bambi and Rattrap sitting in a tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G the deer…”, he sang.
    “Rattrap!” Cheetor yelled, throwing him back, “calm down!” Rattrap nodded and mumbled a bit. “That are some extra recruits, they insisted spark extraction so we wouldn’t be outnumbred if there would be a problem.”
    “How many stasispods are there?”
    “Double the number of Maximals that were at the announcement.” The team stepped a bit back. “It’s time to move”, Rattrap smiled. “Finnaly, one problem out of the world…” Cheetor looked at him, the rat stepped back.

    Once the left orbith Cheetor started the prototype sequence, explaining to the rest what was going to happen.
    “Because your going to be reformatted again, in a lowerclass body, you’ll loose most of your memory, even your names. Don’t get scared, you’ll choose new names immediatly after you’ve chosen a new alt. mode.” They all noded and entered the tubes. “You may feel a little tickle.” It was too late for reaction, all became covered in some strange gaze. Their sparks left the bodies and and entered new ones. The process was finished.
    “Hello Maximal units 5549, 5550, 5551 and 5552. Welcome on board of the Neo Arc…” He was disturbed by a irritating high pitch sound. The on board computer was running alarm.
    …Vessel under attack, leaving course, emergency landing initiated…
    “Maximals, battle stations now!” yelled the second in command. Cheetor ran to the control room, “Computer, damage report!”
    the communication screen flickered on instead.
    “Hello Cheetor, prepare for total annihalation, ALL HAIL MEGATRON” said a sinistre voice. The blue face with red eyes dissapeared.

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    so cool pal i am hooked on this one too
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    Great writing!
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    Episode II: Never Enough 2#

    …Emergency Sequence activated…
    …Prepare for emergency landing…

    Cheetor placed himself in front of the monitor. Maximal unit 5549 entered in a rush.
    “What’s happening”, some sparks flew off his body, “The others are damaged and confused.”
    “Were under attack, prepare the others for escape pods. It’s gonna get rough.”
    The unit nodded and left the room. Cheetor inserted some instructions on the computer. On the screen a minature off the Neo Arc appeared, some red lines marked the pods. The communication monitor flickered on again. The sinister laughing came back.
    “Don’t even try Cheetor, I’m in control of your schip.”
    “Weren’t you dead Obsidian?” Cheetor ramned his fingers in some buttons. “C’mon!”
    “I managed to survive, as for you, he, you won’t.”
    Cheetor sliced the screen in half with his sword. “Your not helping Obsidian.”
    An error message showed up, their was a virus inserted in the system.
    “Oh Primus… This is going to get ugly”, he ran out of the room straigth to the escape pods. The others were already loaded.
    “Listen Maximals, were under attack, try to use the manual control of the pods. Stay together. I’ll try to send out a distrais signal.” They all noded and activated the controls.
    Cheetor slammed his fist against a big red button.
    “Rattrap, Blackarachnia, someone, find us!” he stepped in his own pod and left the ship.
    The other sparks became scrambled in space, turned into falling stars on the unknown planet…


    -What happened before-

    Flying in space, before the planet Cybertron. Offline trough the last battle. Covered with energon, covered with shame. A general wasn’t supposed to loose. Obsidian wasn’t supposed to loose. He wasn’t worthy of the name general. Strike, his comrade and collegue in Megatron’s propaganda. The planet turned green, another shame. A metallic planet wasn’t supposed to be covered in organic material. So many wasn’t, were are the are’s? His eyes turned red.
    “Time for some changes.” Strika also came online. They both entered Cybertron’s orbit.
    “What happened Obsidian?”
    “I don’t know, but it’s going to change.”
    They scanned the surface for possible lifeforms, drones, something they could lead. Nothing, no singel life form. But yet they saw beast crawling the planet.
    “Maximals…” he growled, “let’s hed for the drone factory, if it’s still there.”
    Strika nodded and transformed for the landing, she had more dificulties then Obsidian. But they would be seen soon. The two generals speeded towards the factory. But they didn’t had luck, it was destroyed. The structure was covered in organic matter, the door was dissapeared. Obsidian transformed and observed this transformation from metal to organic. He fired at the wall, the matter burned away. A hole was created.
    “Come Strika, maybe theirs still hope.”

    Inside the factory stood huge machines. Not functioning, but there were still drone bodys to work with. Obsidian and Strika activated the computers. The machines started to work, more slaves were made. The general went to the bridge, some other inactive drones layed on the controls. A sigh escaped his mouth. He throwed the empty bodies away and inserted the passwords. The screens lit and several vieuws of Cybertron appeared. Obsidian turned furieus and molestated the room.
    “What have they done! MAXIMALS!!! Strika!”
    The second general entered the room and looked around, “what happened here?…”
    Obsidian fell to his knees. He made an hysterical sound.
    “they destroyed everything, can’t they see?”
    “Who are they and what do they have to see?”
    “Don’t you understand Strika? Cybertron is the home of machinery, temple of the robotic gods. Our home, our place to rule. Those Maximals destroyed it! It’s time for our revenge.”
    “What are you talking about Obsidian, havn’t you looked outside? We don’t have a leader, we are heavily outnumbered.”
    Obsidian walked to the door, he laughed. Many drones had collected in front him. He moved with his fingers, the drones obeyed him and started to dance.
    “Now whe are outnumbered, but soon we won’t anymore. Have you seen that one monitor in the corner, the underground is deserted. We will stash our drones there untill we have enough to start a revolution. Those transorganic bodys can’t handle fire. They will suffer!.” Something drawed Obsidians attention. Strika didn’t noticed it, she was watching the drone army. A group of beast was walking in the domein he claimed. The underground tunnels weren’t save anymore. His plan crumbled in his hands. Some static sound came out of the speakers.
    “…hate this body, loved the machenical bodies. We can’t be called transformers any more.” Spoke some jellyfish.
    “I know what your talking about, but I found something interesting.”
    “Whazzzt are zyou talking about?” asked the third.
    “Well, somewhere on the surface there’s some sort of factory with machines, metal machines.” The mole stopped talking.
    “Why do you stop talking, continue”, insisted the jellyfish.
    “There’s no sign of sparks or any other life, but I think I can make the machine change us back to normal…”
    Obsidians eyes were on fire. He turned over to Strika, “Time for a first mission.”

    The three beasts heared a soft zooming. Suddenly the earth started to shake, several copter drones soared over them. The transformed and grabed their weapons, but one of them kept back. Other drones closed them in on the back. They became eager to fight.
    “Waspinator, transform and help us!” the jellyfish sliced some drones on the first line.
    “yeah, you take the flying drones, we will give ground cover.” The mole digged some holes and the tank drones fell down. Waspinator flew away.
    “Waspinator can’t fightzz old friends, Wazzpinator cowered”, he flew away, the two beast yelled from pain. The wasp with the strange head turned some corners, untill he slamned against something invisible. He flew right into a jar. Obsidians head was much bigger than he could remember.
    “So Thrust, we meet again.”
    “Wazzpinator not Thrust, Wazzpinator don’t like copter bot.”
    “Oh you will little traitor. Turned in a Maximal he, how would you like to be a vehicon again?”
    Waspinator seemed to think both sides, being a Maximal was kind of fun, no one scold at him, he was respected. But on the other side, he could transform. He would have a good body, not a pitful wasp with a mutated head.
    “Wazzpinator accepts your offer and so do they”, the insect pointed with one of his legs to the two others. They were borught to Obsidian by the drones. They lifted their heads and nodded.
    “We will do what you like.”
    “Excellent, but first you’ll have to tell me everything of Cheetor and his reign of terror.”
    “Terror? The whole planet thinks this is the best, there are only a few rebelions left.”
    “That’s rather unbelieveble, aren’t you three here?” asked Obsidian when he throwed Waspinator out of the jar.
    “Yes, but we had to run. Everyone who doesn’t accepts this change is left out. Sometimes even murdered.”
    “Then we will make sure that won’t happen again.” Obsidian laught once more.

    Back at the control chamber of the factory, the three former Maximals had told everything they knew of Cheetor’s plan to go on a scouting mission again. The stream of drones kept going to the underground abyss. Obsidian had found out that Cheetor would use a ship in the docking bay, he inserted some commands in the computer. A visual appeared from the bay. “Hmm, Waspinator, you’re small enough to not be seen. There’s no guard, but you are suspicious by your former predacon job.” The general stepped closer to little wasp. The insect stepped back while Obsidian grabed a black disc from the desk.
    “Insert this in the main computer of the ship, it contains a virus that will shut down primary systems when they leave Cybertronian atmosphere. When you did that, grab some drones and steal a schip for us. Bring it here in stealth mode and then I’ll have a present for you.” The predacon nodded and left for his mission. Obsidian turned to Strika, “I have a plan to restore everything, you stay here general, you’ll wait untill my command to make a massive atack with the drones on Iacon, when you’ve mastered that city, send out troops to other cities, frequently. Build new factorys, but bring down the councils first; We’ll take care of the organic matter later.” He turned around again, and entered some new commands for the drones. He prepared them to help Waspinator. The two beast stood up.
    “What can we do to help sir?” asked the mole.
    “You two will help me on the mission.”
    “And that mission is Opbsidian?” asked Strika pushing the two Maximals out of the way.
    “I’m going to follow that child and bring him offline, I’ll rip his spark out.” He grabed on of the destroyed drones and showed Strika what he ment. The two transorganic beasts shivered.
    Strika shook her head, “Obsidian, we can’t bring back everything, Megatron has joined the Allspark.”
    “That’s not my plan Strika, I continue what Megatron wanted, a Cyberton full with machines, a machine empire!” Strika laughed with him.


    Waspinator flew towards the vessel, he tried to be sneaky, not to be seen. He failed, he flew into the first wall and dropped the disc. He made a dive for it, just grabbing the disc before it hit the ground. He had troubles to lift it again. The insect reached a vent, Waspinator screwed it loose and flew in. Finally in the control room he inserted the disc, nothing happened.
    “Wazzpinator supposed to do what now?” Several lights flickered and strange noises were heard. The computer displays acted strange.
    “Wazzpinator scared aaaah!” he flew away and hit some walls.


    -Back At Cheetor-

    The pods landed in some kind of forest, in close range of each other. For a view clicks, nothing happened. Until Cheetor got out. He checked the area with several scans.
    …Oxigen present…
    …H2O present…
    …Energon detected…
    …Organic life forms found, aproximately 5 kilometers away…
    …No decepticon signals…
    “Hmm, thank Primus there’s energon, I think we will be stuck here for quite some time.”
    The others left their pods to and made the same scans as Cheetor. After that they joined Cheetor in their prototype forms.
    “What now boss?” asked unit 5549.
    “Send out emergency satelites, make them search beast modes for you guys.”
    They noded, the mini satelite dishes flew in diferent directions. The one from unit 5549 met some sort of tiger with fins on it’s back. The satelite scanned the beast.
    …Specie: Lyoshurc…
    …Specialties: plates on back channel warmth…
    …Sex: male…
    The satelite came back to it’s owner. The Maximal inserted the data and started to transform in beast mode.
    “I am transformed…” it didn’t work, he looked at Cheetor.
    “Try Maximize.” The unit nodded and so he did. He transformed and controled his body for weapons, all he could find was some sort of hamer with pins on, in beast mode, it was the tail.
    “My name’s Shurcer.”
    The second satelite didn’t flew far, it followed a bird in the sky.
    …Specie: Dragonius Libri…
    …Specialities: skilled flyer…
    …Sex: unidentified…
    It came back and the same proces happened. The unit searched himself for weapons and found a tail gun and two swords.
    “Call me Skydragon.” Cheetor approved so far, not the best animals, but they would do so far.
    The third satelite found some sort of horned turtoise and started scanning.
    …Specie: Hornaton…
    …Specialities: hard skinplates, massive amount of horns…
    …Sex: Male…
    The unit scanned for weapons but didn’t found any.
    “just call me Hornox.” Cheetor immediatly tought of Rhinox. A slight pain hit him in the spark.
    The final satelite found some sort of bug in the trees. It was hard to scan because it wouldn’t sit still.
    …Specie: Mantecite…
    …Specialities: hard backplates, strong teeth, strong fingerblades…
    …Sex: unidentified…
    “Battlebug will do just fine. Why don’t you scan for a beast mode Cheetor, you will be strange on this unfarmiliar planet.” The others looked at him too.
    “Because I’m afraid of losing the link with the Oracle if I change body.” His team looked disapproving.
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    cool story
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    Sorry for the wait you guys, I had some troubles with people that call themself 'friends'. After this update you'll have to wait a week minimum, I'm going away with school on a sport week. Fun guaranteed!. So here's the final part of Never Enough. then the story is going to start.

    Episode III: Never Enough 3#

    The planet where the Maximals crashlanded was desolated so far. No other life forms than the animals, who weren’t that smart. All the animals evaded them as soon as possible. Cheeotr had ordered his team to search for the other part of their ship. The escape pods were highly welcome cause of the secondary function on it: an emergency base. Cheetor was waiting for response of Cybertron. It has been for days now that he had send a distrais signal. The several meters and readings on the screen showed nothing. Except for one, the ion-levels in the sky were far to high for this planets atmosphere. The levels lowered again. He zoomed in on the section were it appeared, as he expected, they were no longer alone on this planet Cheetor called Amazona.
    “Message to all Maximals, retreat, I repeat, retreat!” he opened the outside door and the skyroof of the base. Skydragon was the first to come in. Because of his air freedom he was the fastes Maximal in the team.
    “What’s the problem boss?” he asked transforming in robotmode.
    “I fear our attacker has followed us. Did you noticed something in the air?”
    “No chief, nothing. These organic eyes don’t let me see as far as with my transorganic ones.”
    “You’ll learn to adjust soon.”
    Shurcer came running in, his beast mode was also very fast, but the plates on its back were heavy. He already heared what he problem was on the intercom, he shook his. He also saw nothing.
    Battlebug and Hornox entered together, very slow, they had the heaviest beastmodes of them all.
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about Cheetor, but this planet is deserted”, started Battlebug followed by Hornox.
    “I did found some traces of knocked over trees, but no sign of the Neo Arc or the intruder you were talking about.”
    Cheetor walked around a bit, ignoring Skydragon above him. Everyone else transformed also and made themself easy. If Obsidian implanted a virus in the main computer, then he had a plan, or wants to do something. Cheetor was certain that the ion levels came from a Cybertronian ship. If Obsidian was on board, then every animal will be a suspect. Amazonia was in great danger. Now his team existed out organic transformers, he was the only one with a trustful body. Or he would brought some Vehicons, but that was rather ilogical. He knew the transorganic bodys could defeat those drones. But he would smarten up, so they needed their base and the stasis pods.
    “Ok, this is the plan, now we can’t be careful enough. If my predictions are correct, we can expect an attack sooner or later. From now on we stay in group and the retrieval of the stasis pods are our first priorities. Battlebug, I understand your beast mode can fly?” Cheetor took the role of leader without problems, he felt the presence of the Oracle, he didn’t knew why.
    “Not as fast as Skydragon, but I can fly yes.”
    “Good, you two are going to look in the sky, keep some distance.” Both nodded and took off.
    “Shurcer, Hornox, you two search the amazons, report every cycle.” Both transformed and wanted to leave. But the Lyoshurc waited for a moment.
    “What are you going to do Cheetor?”
    Cheetor transformed, his eyes glowed black.
    “I know what to do.” Shurcer stepped out of the emergency base and started his search. Cheetor received a vision. Amazonias forest terorized by a giant blue figure with red eyes, breathing fire with his mouth.
    …The tyrant is coming back…
    Three others walked underneath him, all black like shadows.
    …This is the time to prove your skills as a leader…
    “Then let’s make speed at it.” Cheetor accelerated and ran into the dessert. His eyes turned normal.


    The Amazonian dessert was much the same as that from Earth, warm, brown and sandy. Nothing lived here, except some dessert crawlers, some kind of giant worms with terrible goant teeth. They didn’t noticed the spot crossing by. It was too fast too be seen.
    Incredible, I didn’t know I could run so fast. He tought. For anyone beside Cheetor would only be a flash of light. He kept thinking of the vision he received from the Oracle, what Optimus told him from those visions was that they incripted some sort of message for the future. He never talked about a warning. Cheetor evaded some stones and entered the amazon again. He reached the spot were his vision talked about. Their was no one, he had to wait. His comlink jumped on:
    “Skydragon for Cheetor, we found a stasispod, but it’s serieusly damaged, what shall we do?”
    “Bring it to base, then join me on this location”, he send them some coördinates. Then he contacted Hornox and Shurcer. But he had to save himself, he picked up some strange readings, one of them was Obsidian. A big purple/brown wasp looking creature came out of the trees.
    “Hellow pussy-bot, wazzpinator back”, he yelled with his legs and arms spread.
    “Oh no, I am transformed!” he grabed his swords and started to deflect the shots of Waspinators gun.
    “Of al the badguys, he choose you.” Cheetor throwed his sword, Waspinator evaded it and received a punch in the face.
    “Yes, Cheetor. The wasp can be very handy, especially for inplanting a virus.” Obsidian jumped out of the bushes. Cheetor throwed his opponent away. He wasn’t much of a treat.
    Obsidian stepped closer. “You see, now your boss has eliminated himself and Magatron, I’m obliged to kill you with my own hands and save the planet from a disaster.”
    “Can’t you see that organic is the future?” said Cheetor, putting back his sabers.
    “No Cheetor, Cybertron is the home of the machine empire! That was always so, and will be so fore ever.”
    Waspinator jumped up and flew at Cheetor, grabing his gun.
    “Not on my watch!” said Skydragon while ramming the attacker. The Maximal transformed and started one to one combat.
    “Leave him Skydragon, he’s so stupid he’ll punch himself.” Cheetor laughed, and so did the other Maximal.
    “No, not anymore organic, I upgraded him with a improvement of the shell-program. I just couldn’t fix the speaking problem.” Waspinator stood up and cracked Skydragons spine. The improved wasp grabed the Maximal by his troth.
    “say goodbye, wing-bot”, Waspinator lifted his knee in the stomach. He punched the Maximals head. Waspinator grabed his gun but Hornox jumped in between.
    “It’s time for some wasp cake.” Said Hornox and ramned Waspinator.
    “Cheetor go to the base and see what you can do with the spark. We’ll handle these two”, said Shurcer while he trabsformed and attacked Obsidian. The general just lifted his arm and blocked the new one. Obsidian lifted Shurcer to one of his propeller blades.
    “Keep hoping kid.” A swift slash cut off the arm. Battlebug picked up the arm and started pounding the general. Shurcer grabed his weapon and joined in. Hornox and Skydragon were also a perfect team, the swifty chance from aer acrobatics with brute force was perfect. The flyer always knocked him down and Hornox started punching and kicking untill Waspinator flew again. Obsidian called in his other two warriors. A strange salamander and some sort of monkey came running on and attacking two Maximals. They picked the wrong two. Hornox easily lifted the fish and throwed him trough some trees. The Maximal ran after him. The enemy was screaming from pain, he didn’t had a chance.

    Hornox lifted the salamander and threw him in the sky. He pumped some energon in his arm, the attacker came down and received a punch from Hornox. The Maximal pulled a three from the ground and slamned into the breast plate from the beast. Finally it transformed.
    “Your going to die maximal”, he grabed his tailswords and ran to Hornox. The giant robot just stood still and let the foolish boy went his way. It didn’t took long or the swords were broken.
    “Had enough… punk?” Hornoxlifted him again and smashed him on his knee.
    “Bye, bye”, the Maximal grabed a leg and threw him at Obsidian who was fighting with Shurcer. Obsidian easily blocked the threwen soldier.
    “Is that what I deserve for freeing you from those fouls?” Obsidian get knocked down. Shurcer placed his foot on top of the general. He smiled, and launched his weapon on top of Obsidian’s chasis.
    “C’mon, is that all you’ve got?” Obsidian jumped up and blasted the Maximal away. Some birs flew up. Obsidian growled; He grabed his chopped of arm and hung it back in place. The internal repairs were fast. Shurcer lifted himself from the ground and growled, he transformed and lunged at Obsidian, the beast mode would be far more powerful in transorganic form, but this was just fine. He used the tail as hamer and slamned into Obsidians optic, the general screemed. The blue robot start firing in all directions. One of his bullets hitted the monkey. The wounded fell and hessitated to lift himself again. Battlebug was much stronger. He seemed to be at all places at once. The monkey rose himself and transformed.
    “Prepare to be nullified!” the monkey’s shouldercanon’s opened and fired away everything. The Maximal laughed and dissapeared. Actually not dissapearing, just running fast, he showed up behind his opponent. Battlebug lifted his finger blades and chopped of the canons.
    “Nullify me with what?” he kicked him. The slave of Obsidian’s agility was supernatural, he turned himself and used his feet to jump from tree to tree. He pushed himself back to the Maximal. Shouting some war cries. Battle bug flew over him and ramned him into the ground.
    “I think you’d better run.” The beaten monkey listened and ran off.
    Skydragon easily blocked Waspinator’s attacks. The Maximal transformed to beastmode again and played a bit with the wasp. Out speeding him, he didn’t saw the lost missile of the monkey. It hit him right in the chest area. Some circuits were revealed. Skydragon fell down, Waspinator followed him. The enemy transformed and fired some shots. The Maximal gained control again and transformed.
    “Enough is enough!” he fired with his tail gun and the shots collided, creating a huge dust cloud. Neither of them stopped firing; The shots now started to bounce of each other, destroying trees and rocks. Hornox and Battlebug came to help him.
    “What can we do to help him?” asked Battlebug putting away his swords. Hornox smiled, and kneeled.
    “Practice my throwing skills.” The other one nodded and climbed on, grabing his swords, again. Preparing himself, he connected the swords to form a twin-blade.
    “Practice all you want friend, but aim well.” Hornox’s hydraulic system pumped air trough his systems. Letting out a war roar, Battlebug added some velocity with his wings. He smiled.
    “Here we go!” the Maximal started to swing his blades.

    Cheetor reached the emergency base. He switched on the computers and started the proces. Some data came on the screens. The spark was in critical state. But showed some important staistics. Confused state of processor. Tremendous strength. Normal inteligance. Good speed. Capable of leading a group of warriors. Served both Predacon and Maximal cause. It was an old friend!

    Shurcer flew trough a tree, followed by Obsidian in vehicle mode. The Maximal sub-comander made a hurl in the sky and landed on his feet. Shurcer grab his weapon and slamned it into the general. He transformed to beast mode and lunged at him with his strong lion like claws. Obsidian transformed and blocked the attack, creating an opening. He punched in the Maximal’s stomache.
    “You’re no competition for me animal. The machine’s are far more stronger than organic bodies. You won’t win.” Shurcer fell a bit back.
    “Don’t underestimat me!” his body provided him information. The sun broke trough the clouds and his back plates started to glow. His body channeled heath energy to the plates. A ball of fire appeared, Shurcer knew what to do.
    “Prepare for organic advantage!” the heath collected and fired away with intense warmth. Everything else shredded to coal. Obsidian didn’t react fast enough. He was trapped in.
    The Maximal kept channeling ‘till his servo’s almost burned trough.
    “So this were the advantages Cheetor was talking about. This ability will come to great use.”
    Obsidian lifted himself and looked up. It wasn’t easy, his body wasn’t capable of deflecting so much warmth. An other Maximal jumped at Waspinator and sliced a wing off. Waspinator fell down. The general’s other two warrior had already left the battle field. He saw no other chance.
    “Ulticons reatreat!” they ran away. The Maximals all transformed to beast mode and turned back to the base.

    Cheetor still couldn’t believe what he saw. The computer was clear, the spark was from the breavest, but most dangerous warrior he knew. The other Maximals returned, Shurcer took the lead.
    “They call themself Ulticons. But they retreated, and I now understand what you mean with usefull beast modes.” Cheetor just stared in front of him. He didn’t even heard what his friends said. He felt the presence of the Oracle again. The second breath cought him and his eyes turned black.
    …A Transformer’s spark never dies… The heart of the warrior keeps on fighting…The image of a velociraptor changing to transmetal II and than to something else in front of a giant black obelisk.
    …the link is near…
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    Sorry for the wait, the exams where a bit more difficult then I expected, but I'm continuing now, and you guys can expect more updates, because my vacation has already started, so here's episode 4:

    Episode IV: Lost translations

    The great green planet Amazonia was treatened by destruction. The Maximal escadron was once again enraged in battle with the Ulticons. The Maximals had the upperhand once more, after a remodelling of Waspinator mental capacities, they still didn’t had a chance. Cheetor had proven himself as a worthy leader. A tree got pulled out of the ground. Hornox lifted it and swung it like a baseball bat.
    “Filthy pessant, get out of my sight!” the tree connected to Waspinator’s backplate and forced him into a rock formation.
    Obsidian evaded one of Cheetor blades and considered a retreat again. But he saw one more glince of hope. Iduan had destracted Battlebug. Obsidian’s servo’s whirled at full capacity, he lifted Cheetor and threw him at the Maximal. Iduan noticed the mouvement and jumped aside. At the moment that Battlebug wanted to strike he got tackled by his comander. Shurcer stepped into action and ignited his heat wave. The flame burned a hole in Obsidian’s chest cavity. One more shot and his circuits would burn, not even mentioning the energon fluid. His internal repairs finished the job and he lifted himself, sawing that Shurcer was prepairing himself to fire another shot.
    “Ulticons retreat!” Hornox gave Waspinator a lift by throwing the rock formation at his companions.
    Cheetor pushed his body up and smiled. One victory more, this war was theirs. The Maximals went back to base in beast forms, talking about the next step they were going to take.

    The door opened and the cheeta entered, walking past the spark container. He still hadn’t a clue what to do with it. Hornox transformed and pushed some buttons and a screen flipped on. All parameters were good. The spark was still ok. The main screen showed a big red mark. Shurcer hurried himself over there and entered a code. The face of Rattrap appeared.
    “Ej, kittycat, y’alright?” the trans-organic beast was happy to see them.
    “Aah, it’s that little brat boss. He discovered our distrais signal.”
    “Thanks Shurcer, Rattrap, we’re in big trouble. Obsidian is here.”
    A little glitche disturbered the conversation, Battlebug punched the screen and it was fixed. Rattrap’s tail was the only thing they could see. They heared something about Blackarachnia should help the rat.
    “Rattrap, it’s fine, it’s fixed, but can you help us with these Ulticons?”
    Rattrap bursts out in laughter. “What a joke, you’re kidding me. Ulticons, couldn’t they be more original?” Cheetor transformed and slamned his fist on the keyboard.
    “Cut the attitude soldier. This is serious, everyday we fight, and everyday they get stronger, figure out why, and another thing. Get us out of here!” Rattrap nodded and close the frequency.
    “He isn’t one of the brightest”, snickered Shurcer.
    “Shut up Shurcer, go search our main base.”


    The dark cavern was wet and contained a beast with an unregular head. It shifted and shifted and shifted, and a few more times. Until it stopped on a great blue horned head. One of his arms grabed a wurm from the wall and placed it between the teeth from the blue face.
    “I feel a presence, near, very near. And another presence…” he sighed like it had no breath left.
    “An evil one, very evil, it cannot be ignored”, another sigh and the head shifted to a red bulky face.
    “Yes, I can feel it to, we can use their presence to get us out off her.” Again a sigh and the head shifted to a green skinny face with a horn between the eyes.
    “It has been an eternity we’ve been stuck here. Long enough to be in control of these planet artifacts.” The face shifted and shifted to a white bearded face.
    “Then let us sent the Black Stone!” An aproving laughter came out of the cave.


    Shurcer and Skydragon walked besides each other in robot mode, searching for signs of a crash. But they didn’t find anything and they had already checked 30% of the planet’s surface. The other part of Amazonia was halve drained swamp or ocean. Their was only one solution, they need to learn how to dive. They needed to report rhis to Cheetor.
    “So Skydragon, what to do you think about Cheetor?”
    “I don’t know, he seems to be, in some sort of.. I don’t know, confusion.”
    “I tought so to, but his team, it seems to me that he just uses us.”
    “Maybe not, but we’ll see. But I’m taking it to the sky, I’ll be faster. See you there”, he transformed and flew off.
    Maybe you think he doesn’t uses us, Shurcer transformed and started a race with the animals on the planet.


    The Matrix energy was channeled trough the hands of Cheetor right into the spark. Finding a way in, trying to found a use for the orb of life. Cheetor had already found a pulse, a frequency, but no raw marterial to work with. But he could feel the characteristics, a heroic soul, pride, and a warrior who believes in honnour. He stopped chaneling.
    “It’s no use, I can’t reanimate this spark. I need Rattrap, or even Rhinox.” Cheetor locked the blue orb away and went to a chair. Hornox came in and saw the dissapointed face.
    “What’s wrong boss, isn’t it working with the spark?” the big Maximal opened the protected safe.
    “I can help if you want, I can be very ‘creative’ with such things”, he laughed.
    Cheetor crossed his arms and leaned against the table. If Hornox was a medic in his former years, he could be right. But Hornox’s abilities doesn’t seem to compare with his body. A medic needed to be fast, fine, to be able to operate in small spaces, and especially not so big.
    “Go ahead if you want.”
    The Maximal smiled and started to work, grabing some tools from the emergency box. He linked the pod to the main screen with some wires, and he followed by inserting some data.
    “Cheetor, do you have some, let’s say, prototype’s somewhere?”
    “In fact, I do”, Cheetor hitted a switch on the wall and a bar came out, together with three bodies.
    “Every emergency HQ contains three bodies to help in these kind of situations. Use them if you like, but if I can’t give it a body with Matrix power, than you can’t give it a body either.”
    “In matter of fact, I can give it a body”, he punched a body and the spark united with a body. On the big screen several alt-modes flickered by and stopped by a velociraptor. A great white flash appeared and made Hornox and Cheetor blind. A loud roar sepperated the Maximals, Cheetor flew out of the base, leaving Hornox behind.
    “Unknown object signalated, you will be destroyed!” the velociraptor transformed to robot mode and grabed a sword.
    “Dinobot noooooOOO!” yelled Cheetor from outside.


    Shurcer kept running until he needed to evade a big giant black pilar. He sliped and transformed in mid-air. The big giant rock was enormous, some weird symbols were drawed into the surface. The young Maximal came closer and observed the pilar. Shurcer registered some strange readings and energy levels. He touched it and black lightning connected his fingers with the ground and backwards. He let loose at a good moment, his energy reserves would overload if he wouldn’t let go.
    “Better report this to Cheetor, somethings wrong, and my tail doesn’t like this at all.”