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    I’m unloading most of what I still have. I will add stuff as I pull it out of storage. Prices are negotiable, if you feel I’m charging far too much. Prices do NOT include shipping.

    Here is what I’ve got in front of me right now:

    -G1 Commemorative Hoist (no box, missing some accessories, a bit of wear on a chromed accessory, manual included, figure never transformed by me, but seems to be in excellent shape) $15
    -RiD Dangar (Japanese Car Robots version of Armorhide)(no box, instructions, or combiner equipment, but both guns are included) $15
    -RiD Greejeeber (Japanese Car Robots version of Rollbar)(no box, no instructions, missing the small gun and the combined bits) $15
    -Various RiD Spychanger 2-packs (MIB): Hot Shot/R.E.V. (SOLD), Ironhide/Mirage, W.A.R.S./Crosswise, Prowl 2/Side Swipe $5 each
    -G2 Ransack (no box or manual, includes accessories) $10
    -G2 Terradive (can’t find the gun, but includes the manual, figure has some wear but is in good shape) $7
    -G2 Windrazor (no manual, but includes gun) $10 SOLD
    -G2 Afterburner (no manual, but includes gun) $10 SOLD
    -G2 Eagle Eye (no manual, can’t find the gun, nosecone is loose) $3
    -RiD Skid-Z/Wind Sheer 2-pack (MIB) $10 SOLD
    -G1 Warpath (no manual or box, joints are kinda loose) $5
    -Universe Ruination desert camo set (no box or manual, seems to include all parts and figures) $15
    -2007 movie deluxe Barricade $10
    -2007 movie deluxe Bumblebee (‘77 Camaro) $10
    -Loose Spychangers (Prowl 2, Prowl [joints are loose!], Hot Shot, Side Swipe, Hoist [blue truck], Camshaft, Scourge (SOLD) [includes manual]) $1 each (no guns, no manuals except for Scourge)
    -Prime Beast Hunters Legion Soundwave MIB $5
    -Prime Beast Hunters Legion Prowl MIB $5
    -Prime Beast Hunters Legion Airachnid MIB $5
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