BBTS News: Justice League, TF, GI Joe, Star Wars, NECA, Diamond & More!

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    Hi - Here is another quick update from about more exciting new preorders and a huge batch of new items from Hasbro and other manufacturers.


    JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED 3-PACKS: Mattel has just sent over information about 3 new case waves that contain a variety of hard to find current releases as well as some all-new figures. These new cases contain these
    3-packs and more: Green Lantern, Fire, Ice; Supergirl, Ultra Humanite,
    Green Arrow; Mr Miracle, Darkseid, Orion; Vigilante, Brianiac,
    Obsidian; Supergirl, Ultra Humanite, Green Arrow; Green Arrow, Hawk, Volcana. We have three new case assortments priced at just $59.99 (which is only $10 per 3-pack) Mattel has told us they will be working much more closely with collector driven stores this year and we expect a much more reliable flow of product.

    TRANSFORMERS E-HOBBY - NEW YEAR TAPESTRY: Takara mixes it up a bit with this new Wall-Scroll / Tapestry release. This item measures about 30" x 24" and features small images of 445 different Japanese Transformer
    characters from G1 through G2. This cool new Tapestry is priced at
    $64.99 - take a look at it here:

    STAR WARS 3D CROSS SECTION X-WING MODEL: Kotobukiya brings us an exciting new line of 1/35 Scale Statue Kits that not only give us a very cool completed statue, but there are many parts that can be removed to show the inner workings of the ship. MSRP on this item is $249.99, but we've cut that by $50 and listed preorders at $199.99. Take a look at this cool concept here:

    FUTURAMA - SERIES 3: Toynami has just released info on the third wave of figures, series 3 brings us the loveable Bender and Kif. This set of figures is up for preorder at $23.99 and it includes the last two pieces needed for the Build-A-Figure Robot Devil.

    GEARS OF WAR - SERIES 1: We've just received product images of the first
    wave of Gears of War, and they look fantastic! Preorder your set of 3
    figures now at $41.99 and check them out here:

    DIAMOND SELECT TOYS: Another cool batch of BSG, Trek, TF, POTA & More:

    --TRANSFORMERS ARCEE BUST: The sister piece to our Elita One exclusive is now up for preorder at $49.99 - another great looking piece from DST.

    --STAR TREK 'AMOK TIME' 2-PACK: Kirk & Spock battle in this cool new twin pack that has just been listed at $24.99:

    --PLANET OF THE APES: Diamond applies the Retro Cloth formula to another property with nice results, the set of Cornelius and Soldier Ape is up for preorder at only $29.99 for the set.

    --BATTLESTAR RAZOR MINIMATES: Fresh new designs from the Razor movie bring us an all-new batch of Minimates. This case of 12 features individually boxed figures - all of them Cylons! The case of 12 is listed at $10 under MSRP at $49.99

    TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Neca has just released images of all 4 turtles to us, and we've also listed a new boxed set along with the individually carded figures. The carded figures do come with extra accessories and display bases, while the boxed figures do not. Either way the figures themselves are awesome:

    ALIEN VS PREDATOR REQUIEM - HOT TOYS DIORAMA: Hot Toys has put together a very nice battle scene with a Predator facing off agains a PredAlien.
    This large statue kit is up for preorder at $174.99 and is worth a look:

    NECA: SWEENEY TODD - DEMON BARBER: More great items for Johnny Depp fans. The highlights of the Sweeney Todd line are the Razor Prop Replica packaged in a pouch or in a wooden box. Also listed are a variety of products similar to what Neca has done for other licenses.

    MACROSS MODEL KITS: 10 model kits from Bandai will be reissued this spring and we've just listed preorders for all of them. These are all fairly inexpensive, and will require paint & glue to complete:

    MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - SKELETOR BUST: NECA keeps this license going with the new Skeletor Bust priced at $39.99 - Skeletor looks pretty tough in this bust - very nicely done.

    WETA ORIGINAL RAYGUNS: The 4th raygun in this series has just been announced - get your preorders in for the Mongoose here at $499.99

    STAR WARS - 12" EP IV SIDESHOW LUKE: Sideshow continues its popular 1/6 scale Star Wars series with the version of Luke we'll always think of first. Up for preorder now at $66.99

    DOCTOR WHO STATUES: Weta brings us two very nicely done high-end statues.
    The Cybercontroller Statue has been listed at $239.99 and the Dalek's Destruction Statue is $249.99 - both look great:

    GHOST IN THE SHELL - MOTOKO: This figure sold out long ago, but a new production run is in the works. Reserve yours now at $72.99 - the statue stands about 8.5" tall:

    ANIME PREORDERS: A wide variety of new anime items have just been listed
    Yukikaze - Super Sylph 1/100 FFR-31 MR/D Duel Maid - Trading Figures Hell Girl - Ai Enma 1/8 Manyu Hikencho - Manyu Senbou 1/7 Gurren Lagann - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Yo-ko Shuraki - Needa 1/8 Prismk Ark - Priecia Kemeko DX - Kemeko Nendoroid & MM Figure Senko no Ronde - Pec Champ Figure Bible Black - Imari Kurumi


    GI JOE 25TH - COMIC 2-PACKS: Waves 1 & 2 of this popular new format of Joes has just arrived. For your convenience we've worked out a set of 5 that gives you one of each of the first 5 releases at just $49.99 each:

    TRANSFORMERS - NIGHTWATCH OPTIMUS PRIME: Now in stock at $47.99, this cool repaint of the Leader class Prime comes in the new Allspark themed packaging.

    GI JOE 25TH - WAVES 4 & 5: We've just received full shipments on both of these waves and cases & singles are now in stock. Both appear to be going fast, so be sure to get your orders in soon!
    = Wave 5
    = Wave 4

    STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE - WAVE 5: Three new 2-packs with comics have just arrived and are in stock at $39.99 for the set. The figures in this set are: Luke Skywalker (Lt. Jundland) & Lt. Shan, Mouse & Able in Stormtrooper Disguise, Republic Commando & Super Battle Droid.

    HALO 3 - STEEL SPARTAN STATUE: This Previews Exclusive statue is a very cool repaint of the previously released Green Master Chief statue. They are in stock now at just $89.99

    TRANSFORMERS MOVIE VOYAGER - WAVE 3: First Strike Prime, Evac, Incinerator, and Off Road Ironhide are now in stock at $89.99 for the set
    of 4. We also have singles in stock for all but Incinerator. Another
    nice looking wave of figures - check them out here:

    STAR WARS 30TH - WAVE 9: We've just received the rest of our Wave 9 shipment and full sets of 6 are now in stock at $59.99 each.

    STAR WARS TITANIUM: The first round of 2008 Titanium figures has just arrived. You can get a set of the 6 new figures here at $38.99

    BBTS VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The Vintage Department continues to work through a large mass of G1 Transformers as well as Japanese Armada Minicons, Japanese G1, World's Smallest, and a variety of other Transformer items:

    Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items mentioned above.


    Joel & The BBTS Crew
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    Ooh. They have Incinerator in stock (though not singly available). Hope this means we'll see him soon at retail and/or HTS.
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    kool, i ordered evac and landmine! i just dont get why they must jack up the prices on them ,incinerator $30 COMON! i know there a little hard to find but damn
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    too much money....I'd rather try my luck in the stores...
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    NEW YEAR TAPESTRY If it were in English I'd be all over it. :( 
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