Heavy/Scratch: BB Movie Bumblebee

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    Hey gang, I don't post very often but I figured you guys n girls would enjoy this. Anyways...

    I thoroughly enjoyed the BB movie, and like many I was somewhat... disheartened with the SS figure that came from it. I won't bore you to death with what I didn't like, that would just be adding my 2c to a Scrooge McDuck vault-like pile of cents. What I could (and did) do was grab my hobby blades, files and some superglue and begun hacking away.

    My goal was to take this
    And make it look as accurate as I could to this
    So, I started with the legs. They were waaaaaay too long and lanky for my liking. I shaved down the top of his knee pads, cut away most of the black plastic from his transformation mechanism almost to his knees themselves (in a semi successful attempt to increase knee bend) , shaved away a lot from his lower legs, removed the wheels, and a whole lot more shaving, filing, then glued what I had back together.

    Moving to his upped body, first on the list was cutting off his back kibble at the hinge.... oh crap he fell apart. Whoops. Glued the shoulders into place then went about cutting up his car kibble to dress up his back.

    Big shout-out to @Moy who found me some reference cgi shots. They helped alot mate!

    This is where either laziness, or creativity kicked in. I had originally planned to use sections of his actual doors first, then layer his windows over them as with the cgi, but the grey hinges connected to his rear quarterglass slotted perfectly into the area available. So I settled for that. I was dead set on using his rear wheels for the upper back because they didn't have the slots the clip-ons do. It doesn't look the most accurate but I'm cool with it, besides, the bot to kibble ratio is different on the toy than the cgi model.

    Something still felt off.

    His chest and shoulders were looking much broader in my eyes than they should. So I busted up his front end, trimmed some material from the top of his faux bonnet and reattached his headlight sections closer together. This made the shoulder dilemma even worse so I cut that away too and replaced his shoulders. This helped fix his profile but at the cost of the inner shoulder pivot.

    He seemed almost there but still felt incomplete. Using his front guards I added in the curved kibble under his arms, and his rear bootlid/engine hatch (or trunk, or is it hood? Bloody rear engine cars lol) to bulk up his calves. I was originally intending to either sculpt something or use something that was more accurately shaped, but I settled for using as much of his vehicle mode as I could. It turned out well, I think.

    Anyways here is my little corona quarantine project...
    Side profile
    Leg articulation
    Still accessory compatible
    Comparison with Dropkick.
    A byproduct of the leg mods also made him shorter too, which was a side goal for this project also.
    What's left of his car mode.

    I'm probably going to add some paint later on and possibly a few more body mods, I'll keep you guys in the loop when I do.

    TLDR, I wasn't happy with the BB movie BB so I cut it to bits and made an actionmaster.
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    great job i did the same to mine
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    Really good work. It'll look great when it's painted up. Unfortunate that the original figure's proportions and kibble are all over the place. I love mine, but looking at an accurate picture just magnifies the mold's many faws.
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