BB Exclusive Ratchet/Evo of Hero lot for sale

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    I have the following itmes for sale as a lot. I don't feel like messing with them individually as I am back to traveling weekly for work. I am asking $80 plus shipping for all items together. Beside each item I listed what would be an idividual asking price so you can see why I am asking $80.

    $10 Concept BB
    $ 20 Evolution of a Hero 2-pack BB
    $ 20 Best Buy Exclusive Ratchet

    MIB: (all boxes were meticulously opened - items transformed once then put back)
    $ 5 Jazz (wave 1 deluxe)
    $ 5 Wreckage
    $ 5 Arcee (Target issue scout)
    $15 First Encounter BB / Barricade 2-pack (only BB was taken our of box)

    Again I do not have the time to sell individually so if you want anything it's all or nothing. I really don't have time to answer PMs to sell individually due to travel schedule.

    Please remember the prices listed next to them are to show why I am asking $80.

    It's been a while since I posted here due to work but I have a feedback from a prior sell and also sold items on

    Thanks for looking. Though I would check with board members first before I put this on eBay after this week.