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    /-Table of contents-/
    Final Thoughts

    I wasn't skeptical of Beast Wars when it was recommended to me by so many of you, even though the idea of Transformers taking the form of animals was an odd concept it wasn't completely foreign to me thanks to the Dinobots in Age of Extinction and G1.

    However, I was unaware that they actually became animals in full as apparent by the beautiful gut gun that was just... something else. This didn't stop me from enjoying the series and since October, I've found myself often times more excited to see the next episode of Beast Wars than I did with G1 and I believe I have the strong continuity of the show to thank for that.

    Things began to feel a bit more like home when some of the Maximals and Predacons got their transmetal bodies and I still like to think this was a decision made by the creators due to some backlash from the fans over 100% organic bodies, though in most cases I preferred the original bodies over the new and improved ones.

    I found the blend of humor and "drama" to be a great mix and the Rattrap/Dinobot rivalry was a beautiful thing that sadly never got properly filled in for the rest of the show for me.

    By the time Beast Machines rolled around I found myself impressed with Megatron's ability to formulate and execute well thought out plans that had a genuine purpose other than simply beating up the Maximals or stealing energon.

    It appears I'm one of the only members of this forum who didn't find the transformers in Beast Machines to be utterly repulsive, I'll admit some of them such as Screech in his robot mode took me by surprise at first but it always took less than three episodes for me to appreciate what had been done in terms of unique design.

    In addition, I'm also one of maybe three people who liked Screech so uh, I guess I got that going too.

    One thing that I respected about the show and hated about it at the same time was it's willingness to kill off characters without any warning or thought, to this day I'm still rather upset about the abrupt obliteration of Terrorsaur, Scorponok, Tigatron and Air Razor. I was also a big fan of Transmutate and was bummed to see it die in it's first episode.

    Now, I know what you're thinking... How am I not upset about the death of Dinobot? Trust me, I am. Dinobot was one of my favorite characters in Transformers history and his entire story was an emotional rollercoaster of frustration and relief but I feel that out of all the deaths in this show his was the most meaningful and I appreciate it's execution.

    All of the characters in Beast Wars had fantastic personalities, I feel that the smaller roster helped boast that respect over G1 simply because each character had more screen time which allowed them to develop further. There are still countless characters in G1 that you could show me a picture of and I would fail to name them or a single episode they were in.

    Beast Machines on the other hand is where my adoration of this certain series falters a bit. I appreciate what Beast Machines set out to do as far as giving us a more adult themed Transformers series but I couldn't shake the disbelief of all the religion and mystical nonsense that was a recurring theme throughout the show and it's portrayal of Rhinox is something I won't ever get over, I hate that the creators went this route with the most pure hearted of the Maximals and I hate that he was never redeemed properly (I hardly call a quick chat with Optimus in the afterlife a redemption).

    I've also been spoiled by the bright colors of G1 and Beast Wars and found Beast Machines to be too dark for my taste as far as aesthetics go, but for all that the show did wrong in my eyes it was still a fairly fun show to watch and I did enjoy the risky designs of the characters, especially Rattrap's robot mode and Screech/Noble's Beast Modes.

    The only things I hated about Beast Machines were the religious stuff, Rhinox's portrayal, Optimus' self absorbed attitude and the fact that they neglected Waspinator in favor of Thrust. Thrust was cool but he's no Waspinator... I mean, my bug had the dream ending in Beast Wars and then ended up just getting beat down in the Beast Machines finale... Not cool.

    Overall, I enjoyed both of these shows and I can see myself revisiting them a few times here and there over the next few years. Thanks to it's humor, character development and beautiful art however Beast Wars would take place over Beast Machines any day of the week.

    But before all that, I'd like to discuss the show with all of you to hear your own thoughts, agreements, disagreements and more in this thread before I moved to Transformers: Animated in April, which will be my last blog for the site.

    Thank you all for joining me this far and I appreciate your interest, recommendations and discussion! Now I'll leave you with my "Top 5's" of Beast Wars and Beast Machines!

    Top 5 Favorite Maximals
    1. Dinobot
    2. Rhinox
    3. Rattrap
    4. Nightscream
    5. Tigatron
      Runner Up: Savage Noble; the design for his Beast Mode is my favorite in Beast Machines but his lack of personality knocks him out of the top five.
    Top 5 Favorite Predacons
    1. Waspinator
    2. Terrorsaur
    3. Scorponok
    4. Inferno
    5. Quickstrike
      Runner Up: The Spark from Spark of Darkness; it created some amazing villains that were just monstrous.
    Top 5 Favorite Episodes
    1. Code of Hero
    2. Law of The Jungle
    3. The Low Road
    4. Savage Noble
    5. Spark of Darkness
      Runner Up: Possession; I hated G1 Starscream but I loved seeing him in Beast Wars and having a good throwback to the original series.
    Favorite Seasons
    1. Beast Wars Season 1
    2. Beast Wars Season 2
    3. Beast Machines Season 2
    4. Beast Wars Season 3
    5. Beast Machines Season 1
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    |Beast Wars - Season One|

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    Episode 1 - "Beast Wars, Part 1" - 10/2/15​

    Michael Bay must have made this DVD title screen intro with all the explosions.

    Well, this is interesting, I'm a fan of the Runescape graphics.

    A T-rex fighting a Gorilla in the opening sequence? Count me in.

    I'm getting a Star Wars Episode 4 vibe from this start.

    There isn't a lot of light in here right now.

    Megatron? He's back?

    That's a lot of pods.

    They were just discussing how they were a scout ship and not a battleship yet they blew the enemy out of the sky with one plasma cannon shot?

    I take it back these are Halo: Combat Evolved graphics, not Runescape.

    How convenient for the bad guys to land in the lava area.

    I thought this was supposed to be a sequel to the original series... Them discovering earth for the first time kind of disproves that.

    This also seems to be a primitive earth.

    How does he know what a Cheeta is? They've only just discovered this planet.


    Rat Trap. <3 I have a figure of him in my room. I've never seen this show but I love rats.

    Rhinox? I'm guessing he's the new Ironhide.

    I can see how people were upset by these alt forms. They just look like the animals. As in, you can't tell they are robots at all.

    Why is that Velociraptor holding a dinner plate?

    Well this Raptor is meant to be the new Starscream, no doubt.

    Predacons? I guess these are their new forms.

    Well, Scorpanok is back and powerful enough to blast Raptorguy clear across the map.

    The ambient noise is nice. There wasn't a lot of that (if any) in the original series. The voice overs are much better as well.

    Am I watching Transformers or Animorphs?

    OK, this seriously looks like the second level from Halo.

    Those coms have horrible range.

    Rat Trap is bae <3

    That is one big ass bug.

    He keeps calling himself "Cheater" and it's bugging the crap out of me.

    Episode one - See a Gorilla ride a Rhino with a Rat.

    Oh my god lmfao. The running animation of the three good dudes across that bridge is painfully slow and hilarious.

    Rhinox said screw your alternatives. "UGHHHHN!"

    Megatron's alt form is pretty awesome. Maybe it's just because I'm a big dinosaur fan.

    His little T-Rex fingers are adorable flapping around all silly.

    Doesn't this mean the good guys basically broke the treaty?

    There's a lot of -ize going on.

    Terrasaur has one awesome voice. I'm sure all the inhaling killed the voice actors chest.

    Megatron's hand is a freaking T-Rex head and I'm OK with this.

    Once again, Rat Trap is my hero.

    This good guy leader dude who has Optimus Prime's head sounds a lot like Hank Hill with his expressions.

    Oh, his name is Optimus. Well then.

    The spider with the SMG's on his arms is pretty great.

    Rhinox is man handling Rat Trap and I'm OK with this.

    I guess they've been in their robot forms for too long? Seriously, is this Transformers or Animorphs?

    Where the hell is Cheetor?

    Oh, there he is.

    Wait, what? His name is actually Dinobot? How creative.

    ...Rhinox just basically said this guy has balls of steel.

    Shut up Raptor, Starscream.

    So the announcer is covering the next episode and Optimus has scimitars. That is awesome.

    Well that's it for episode one and I got to say I'm pleasantly surprised. The animation is so much smoother than G1 (despite being outdated) and the voice acting along with other ambient sounds is very refreshing. I'm not sure if this is related to the original series or not but it seems like there's a lot of conflict with the stories if so.

    See you all Monday for part two. Have a great weekend everyone. :) 

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    Episode 2 - "Beast Wars, Part 2" - 10/5/15​

    Dinobot's a smug little bastard, ain't he?

    Optimus has a nice butt.

    He's offering this snobby little jerk a place on the team?

    That's quite the disgusting noise he's making during his transformation.

    Dinobot that is.

    Alright, he has some dope weapons. His Scorn arm is pretty nifty.

    I still love Optimus Primal's Scimitars man.

    Primal also looks pretty evil with those blood red eyes.

    Damn, he just sucker punched that fool. Lights out Dinobot.

    What is this Mortal Kombat? FINISH HIM!

    What a dramatic, long, drawn out fall.

    Well then. I guess Dinobot ain't that bad. He has honor, that's pretty nifty and respectful. He's definitely not Starscream.

    I have a feeling Dinobot is going to join the Maximals just because of the unbalance from the amount of Predacons VS Maximals.

    Here we go with all the -izeing again...

    Cheetor just had a Shia moment.

    Make that two Shia moments.

    Haha, how in the hell did they not see him just dangling off the edge? C'mon man.

    Yeah, I'm liking this Dinobot guy.

    I'm actually getting a real Vegeta vibe from Dinobot. A good bad guy so to speak.

    Rat Trap bringing up the back in super slow mo.

    I love that the animation has the land bridge fall in a parfect line once it reaches the cliff face. You can tell they're two different objects.

    This version of Megatron is a lot like Gavaltron by beating his own team for nothing.

    I saw no missiles hit that mountain...

    I'm not very fond of how Rat Trap treats Optimus Primal, it reminds me of the questioning leadership towards Rodimus Prime. Show some respect little Rat man.

    The drum beats are perfectly in time with Megatron's footsteps and it feels good.

    Hey, I see the two moons everyone was talking about.

    Why is Stone Henge here?

    Alright... Rat Trap, you started off as my favorite character and you're quickly falling down the list. Tighten up you little brat.

    An avalanche on a regular old mountain? Wouldn't that be a mud slide of a cave in?

    Hey, Primal can fly like modern Optimus.

    Apparently Dinobot can shoot freaking laser beams out of his eyes.

    Oh my god that walking animation, hahaha.

    That Tarantula is a spaz. They should have named him Twitch.

    The energon almost sounds like light sabers.

    Nice roar, Megatron. :) 

    I knew it. The odds are evened out now. 5v5.

    Uh, nice roar... type... thing... Optimus.

    Twitch and Rat Trap are matched up? Seems legit.

    The music right now is pretty freakin' bumpin'.

    Hey it's the King Kong scene with Optimus holding open the T-rex jaws.

    Did Megatron just bite his freakin' dick?

    Nope. Leg. But that totally looked like a cock bite...

    Uh-oh. TronCon went into bot form, not a good idea considering what his crew told him literally seconds ago.

    DinoVegeta saving the day. I'm liking this a lot. :) 

    Woaaaah. Is TronCon dead already? His eyes just blacked out and he went "pheoeooooooo" and powered down.

    I spoke to soon I guess. He just freaked the hell out and bailed out of there.

    The two moons are suddenly crescent.

    So that's where the got the name. #TitleDrop!

    Well, that's it for today's episode. See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 3 - "The Web" - 10/6/15​

    I just noticed that one of the holograms in the opening sequence resembles the original Megatron. I hope he shows up later in some way.

    First episode of the season with a different writer.

    Rhinox - The brutal inventor.

    Sweet arm band, Cheetor.

    Optimus has a very red butt when he's in bot form.

    Skorpanok, what'cha got there little buddy?

    Oh. He's -izing.

    It bugs me that he refers to himself as Cheater instead of Cheetor.

    Wait, you have to wait for him to call in? That thing can't receive incoming calls? Seems a bit dated.

    Cheetor's gun looks like someone's intestines.

    That seems a bit too easy.

    ... Wait a minute. "You're making me Twitch again." If they would have named the Tarantula Twitch do you know how well that would have played hand in hand? I should have been a writer for this show. Too bad I was like... four or something (I don't remember the exact release year).

    Woah, ol' buddy is pretty messed up.

    Wait... Is this Cybertron? That looked an awful lot like Starscream.

    Seriously where in the hell are we right now.

    Wait a minute... "The Web", this isn't the internet is it?

    Nah, this has to be Cheetor's dreams or something.

    Hahaha, Megatron's head smashing against that wall like that is pretty satisfying.

    I'm getting a Scooby-Doo and the Cyberverse vibe.

    Rat Trap is there for some odd reason?

    I don't think I could be more lost right now.

    Oh, it was a drug induced dream.

    Is that a metal apple core, Rat Trap?

    This scolding is making me feel bad actually.

    I'm on Rat Trap's side for this argument.

    Wait, why the hell is Optimus such an asshole to Cheetor for being disobedient (with good intention)? He's not that mean to Rat Trap when he's purposely making things difficult.

    What was with that doofy smile Rhinox just gave?

    The Predacons seriously couldn't have a more evil looking area to build a base. For once, I'd like to see the villains make camp in a field of flowers.

    Oh. Hey. There's, "The Web".

    What the hell does Twitch make his webs out of? It's all glowing and streaming.

    Uh, well this is a bit dark.

    OK, you guys were right. Twitch is a crazy son of a bitch. I love it.

    I'm enjoying the sense of character and independence from the Predacons. They don't blindly follow TronCon like the originals, they make their own decisions.

    Is Rhinox trying to buy some time for those two or does he have something malicious up his sleeve?

    Rat Trap's feet aren't even touching the surface half the time. I don't know why, but I enjoy these animation errors.

    So Twitch actually drinks blood then?

    Rat Trap, now is your chance to prove yourself to me again. Make me proud you adorable little rodent with your exposed brain.

    Cheetor, learn to keep your mouth shut for more than five seconds.

    Pretty nifty animation on Twitch's thermal scanning. A nice touch that wasn't expected. :) 

    C4 planted.

    Good shot, Rat Trap. You took entirely way too long but good shot.

    Go rip Twitch's arm off or something you dummy!

    Well then. I guess rule #1 applies on Earth 2 as well - Shoot. Everything.

    Super slow motion action explosion? Check. Bay would be proud.

    This dumb ass just exploded his own freaking house.

    Haha, good rivalry. I approve.

    Props to Rat Trap. He's officially moved back up my list.

    Lying for Cheetor? Bonus points. Rat Trap, you're officially top of the list again.

    Annnd, you're dropping down again.

    He's like a worried parent.

    Oh, good, Cheetor sees that.

    Well, that's it for today's episode. Before I go, I wanted to mention a topic someone commented on earlier about the lack of characters in Beast Wars. While they didn't say this was a bad thing, it was implied that more characters would likely have been more enjoyable. I just wanted to give my two cents on the topic. I'm really happy with the 5 v 5 set up. The lesser number of characters means more screen time for those involved and more development for each.

    Not to mention, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Jazz, Optimus Prime and Ratchet were the only Autobots to touch down back in 2007. :) 

    See you tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 4 - "Equal Measures" - 10/7/15​

    Uh, that's an odd event. The lightning just revealed all of the raw energon.

    Weren't you all saying they didn't have any more coms after Cheetor messed up the last one?

    Dinobot let Cheetor do something. Mistake number one of the episode.

    Uh-oh. This is going to be an angst filled Cheetor one.

    I'm with Dinobot on this one. Eliminate all Predacons.

    The two biggest brutes of the entire team are also the most sensible.

    Oh my god. Cheetor even has posters hanging up in his room...

    Look at the smug ass little face.

    Annnd, he's gone. Wait, why the hell did he just go into Robomode in the middle of a storm on a planet that can render him useless in seconds? Ugh, what a fool.

    Now he's yelling at a cloud...

    He came no where close to clearing that jump.

    Never mind, apparently he did.

    Damn, when did Benjamin Franklin join the Maximals?

    Cue the obvious commercial break!

    I see they didn't get rid of the super suspense followed by a completely different return that was so popular in the original series.

    You're wrong, Slag (I think that's your name?), Cheetor is very stupid.

    Did he just get fucking sucked up into the sky?

    ... It teleported him into the freaking Predacon base?

    "Welcome to the dark side" - Uh, alright.

    Terrorcon. I think. How the hell did I just hear Slag then?

    Regardless Terrordude looks pretty awesome in his bot form.

    So basically the energon turns that PC into a Pokemon style one that can transmit beings instantly.

    That wasp carrying Scorpanok is adorable.

    I'm actually impressed with the amount of variables they fit into this action sequence. Quite a few different textures being rendered at once.

    I half expected Dinobot to just snap this guys neck.


    I'll now see why most of you consider the Predacons thugs and such. They think for themselves and are very, very quick to betray one another.

    Cheetor's face is so silly looking.

    That fire doesn't blend very well with the background but still looks nice.

    Wasn't that wasp supposed to be getting Megatron?

    Damn, I kinda' feel bad for Terrorsaur. He seems alright to be honest. He also sounds like a rooster when launched out of the base cannon thing.

    Dinobot is such a little weasel man. I really don't want him to betray the Maximals but I'm well aware that that's wishful thinking.

    You know, if you're stuck in an enemy base stealing their files you might want to shut the fuck up long enough to not get caught.

    ... Did he just copy that shit to a floppy disk?

    Optimus, I like you. You're very much a Jedi.

    I guess he just had to slap Terror to get it anchored right.

    Jesus, Terror has the luck of Thrust...

    Did he just say he has to scat? Uh... wow. He's the scat man!

    That cheeky little bastard.

    Rhinox called him cheater... Just, just stop it.

    Oh crap. It's one of those awkward laughs at a really dumb joke endings. These could have stayed in the original series. :p 

    See ya' tomorrow folks and if you enjoyed this entry feel free to drop a rate on the thread! Thanks!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 5 - "Chain Of Command" - 10/8/15​

    Very cool lighting around the two moons with the eclipse.

    Hey, it's stone henge again!

    Rat Trap, you know the planet is inhabited. How else would you have gotten your alternative form?

    Dinobot has the right idea.

    Hi Megatron!

    There goes Twitch blasting away again. He has the coolest attack form this far without a doubt.

    There's that disgusting gut gun again.

    Well, well, well. Look at Optimus Primal being a freaking bad ass.

    Sick explosion effects with Rhinox :p 

    What made Terror decide to blast the pile of rocks?

    Why did TronCon call out "Beast Mode!" when he was already in T-Rex form?

    Huh. That was a bit anti-climactic. I expected the pile to be a transporter like the one from last nights episode.

    It called forth a giant floating walnut!

    In my opinion the whole "Prime!" catch phrase doesn't work very well.

    Why wouldn't Dinobot keep saying terrorize to change into his robotic form? When you change sides do you just get programmed to say something else automatically?


    *Dramatic gasp!*

    *Dramatic music!*

    I feel like Rhinox could take on Dinobot to be honest. I feel like he holds back a good bit.

    Oh shit. Rat Trap just gained some respect points.

    Why is Scorpanok speaking like an idiot all of the sudden?

    Someone actually voted for Rat Trap besides himself?

    I feel like Rhinox voted for Dinobot.

    Trippy audio waves.

    Really? Optimus would go with Rat Trap? Huh. I didn't expect that. Maybe I'm giving Rhinox too much credit and not enough to Rat Trap.

    Never mind, he's choking.

    He even ordered the largest of the group to stay behind in the possibly collapsing ship alone.

    Dinobot just Liu Kang kicked Megatron in the mouth.

    Actually, I think that was Johnny Cages move, but I could be wrong my mind is drawing a blank.

    Dude, he's going in on TronCon. This is awesome.

    Why not send Cheetor instead Rat Trap? He's faster than all the others.

    Besides, he hasn't had any lines this episode I don't think.

    All it takes to regenerate their ships shields is the touch of a button?

    Dinobot admitting his mistake to Rat Trap? That's a turn of events I didn't see coming.

    The area around the alien probe looks like Blood Gulch.

    Jesus, Twitch really stands out amongst those guys when they're blasting.

    Then again, Rat Trap has an amazing gun as well.

    Pretty nifty reflection rendering.

    Aright. Nevermind. -RHINOX- has a cool gun.

    Damn, Prime just slaughtered their whole team. Why can't he do that every time they run into one another?

    Some magic bull crap I'm sure.

    Well no need for concern any longer, Prime. It's gone. :p 

    I'm going to go with something more judging by your emphasis on that phrase. Also, only one moon in the outro shot?

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 6 - "Power Surge" - 10/10/15​

    Hey, it's Tobias!

    Annnd, he was just eaten by Terror.

    The landscape is so flat, it's making me nostalgic for old PC games like Hedz.

    Giant floating energon mountain rock thing? Check.

    Up close the energon looks pretty with the light flashing around.

    Who is the lady talking in Terror's head? Never heard that before.

    Let me guess, Terror is going to try and take over the Predacons.

    Before I could even finish typing that he called out TronCons name, so... yeah.

    Cheetor's gasp was funny. HWOOOOU!

    That's a pretty good plan Megatron.

    Terror sounds pretty intimidating right now, kind of like the girl from the Exorcist.

    I guess we get to see how strong Megatron really is then.

    I like this version of Terror, he's got some confidence.

    He also just threw Megatron off a cliff so that's a plus.

    Now TronCon is pissed.

    I almost forgot these guys had guns for a second.

    Oh my god, he actually just demolished Megatron with ease. That was very unexpected.

    Poor Scorpanok. Poor Waspinator. Twitch is well... I can't feel bad for that guy.

    Congratulations. You lead a bunch of insects.

    Seriously, if Cheetor could just pick up a can of RAID the Maximals would be solid.

    The way he's running off makes it look like he has to take a serious dump.

    I like that Twitch doesn't give two shits about leadership.

    Good call, Scorpanok. I can see why, despite being an idiot, you were Megatron's second in command.

    They don't have working walking talkies yet they have virtual poker up and running for Rat Trap?

    I almost forgot about Dinobot. Geez, a day off and I tend to forget a lot apparently.

    So this energon is basically steroids and Terror is having withdrawals. He looks exhausted like he's about to collapse.

    I had it mixed up, Twitch does care about leadership. He's just twisted about it.

    I'm not sure how Twitch could even get up there, I mean, Terror is like coughing up a lung.

    Oh, grappling hook/spider web thing.

    Rat Trap flying on Optimus Primal? Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

    I don't know of any Gorillas that can fly by the way.

    Or well, I didn't. I guess I do now.

    So a lady gives Predacons advice while a dude handles the Maximals?

    What the hell is Tyronium?

    Four cycles? Are these the new Astroseconds?

    This is some danger zone level stuff going on.

    I wonder if Optimus or Terror enjoy Kenny Loggins.

    Sick shoulder cannons bro.

    Rat Trap is going to be matched up against Twitch again, guaranteed.

    Terror has laser eyes, too? I thought it was just Dinobot.

    Oh hey, look who it is.

    Well that was easy.

    Hahaha, Rat Traps little arms just opening up on that fool.

    Terror's juice didn't last as long that time.

    Pocket sand! Shasha-sha!

    Here comes Bay's contribution to the episode.

    Super slow mo explosion scene straight out of every action movie, ever? Check.

    The sky is absolutely beautiful in this scene.

    Refried rubber bands? Uh, OK.

    I wouldn't be so sure, Terror. Scorp and Waspy have been busy since you left.

    Haha, the color literally drained out of his face. That's hilarious.

    See you all Monday!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 7 - "Fallen Comrades" - 10/12/15​

    CaptainSlayer, BLOGGERIZE!

    Hey, that's one of those pod thingies they launched in episode one, isn't it?

    That is one beautiful tiger. I wish someone could have taken his form.

    Optimus Primal, you're being a bit brainless at the moment. You should listen to Dinobot.

    My god that night sky is love <3

    The crickets are a nice touch as well.

    One of his comrades? So are we going to get some new Transformers soon then?

    Optimus is really irking me throwing his weight around like that.

    That's what you get for being a cocky know it all, Primal.

    That poor bug just got squashed.

    Dinobot is actually encouraging Optimus to die and that put a giant smile on my face.

    OK, cool. So the pods are basically unclaimed new units. That's a very nice way to add new characters to the show as opposed to just having them pop up. *cough* Original Series *cough*.

    I find it odd that Dinobot is the one to stay behind with Optimus. I thought for sure it'd be him, Cheetor and Rhinox going after the pod.

    Predacons come across the Maximals as a tiny little ice bridge is coming up? Oh boy. I wonder what could possibly happen.

    Chaingun of doom. :) 

    Oh boy, who ever would of thought such a thing could ever possibly happen?

    Rhinox just basically said that was some cold shit.

    Rat Trap was about to get a little buck wasn't he?

    Optimus is also Zordon apparently.

    I don't know what it is but something about Dinobot and Optimus' conversation right there made me feel some respect towards them.

    I just realized Dinobot was Dinobot before he took his form, correct?

    Now Dinobot just essentially said "eat shit".

    Then he just got messed up.

    Annnnd Megatron is doubling as Shang Tsung now.

    LMFAO! Twitch just got annihalated.

    This is the funniest part of this show so far.

    That was fantastic.

    Uh-oh, that tiger sure is close... Could it be!? >:D 

    They're lining up the music with Megatron's foot steps again. It's adorable.

    Wasn't that pod open a few minutes ago with the robots arm hanging out?

    Damn, Megatron's got hops.

    Aww, the poor kitties. :( 

    This is kind of funny actually. Megatron is threatening tigers instead of humans like in the original series.

    Rat Trap just called Megatron a stinking pile of shit. I can see why they had to discontinue use of the word. Apart from the whole prostitution thing.


    Wait... His name is Tigertron. That's so creative. Also, his robot form just looks like Cheetor with a different color scheme.

    So I'm guessing Tigertron was just the other tiger?

    Yup. Confirmed.

    All that work for the guy to turn the Maximals down like Consuela?

    They're really just going to let him go like that?

    This is depressing. I thought we were getting a new Maximal and was super excited.

    Well, that closing sky shot makes up for it a bit. That was really pretty.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 8 - "Double Jeopardy" - 10/13/15​

    It looks like another pod is coming in.

    The Generibot inside looks very generic.

    Dinobot looks kind of funny from above.

    Scorpanok on the other hand looks pretty awesome while in battle.

    Well, shit. Optimus just got messed up pretty good in about three seconds.

    Woah. There's some hardcore distrust going on here.

    Black Arachnia? It sounds to me like Twitch just wanted some eye candy.

    I'm on Rat Trap's side for this one. Fuck off, Optimus.

    This is seriously a shitty episode right now, Optimus Primal is showing off what a shitty leader he is. To my knowledge even Rodimus didn't put the blame on any of his peers.

    You're one to talk Dinobot.

    See, Rhinox knows.

    This is all a ruse. It reminds me of my favorite episode from the original series, "Traitor", Mirage wasn't a bitch then and Rat Trap ain't a bitch now.

    Haha, his little wave was adorable.

    All of his little motions in the background are fantastic.

    I'm starting to get the connection between Terror and Starscream. Odd that I actually like Terror.

    Scorpanok is the Soundwave of this show as well.

    They seriously just left him in there with voice commands?

    I've just seen a T-rex ride a hover platform over lava. That's not something you see everyday, ya' know.

    Rat Trap is a main character, I know he can't die yet that jump just made me extremely nervous.

    I love that Rat Trap just broke the fourth wall by shrugging to the camera and now he's following an actual rat who is giving him hand signals and so forth for some reason.

    Twitch is making some pretty disgusting noises at the moment.

    Rat Trap has assassin's creed blades? I can get down with that.

    Oh shit. He just blasted the hell out of Twitch. That's fantastic actually.

    Ohhh, I get it. God damn it. Optimus never suspected Rat Trap. He sent him in on a stealth mission. Son of a bitch.

    Waspinator gets absolutely destroyed by Rhinox every single time.

    Arachnia just had all of her arms shot off and still managed to drop kick Cheetor.

    He just fucking shot off Terror's head!? Jesus fucking christ!

    What happened to black arachnia?

    Rat Trap respect-o-meter is off the charts. I'm sorry for saying those mean things Optimus. See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 9 - "A Better Mouse Trap" - 10/15/15​

    Black Archania is just back all of the sudden? Well alrighty then.

    I just noticed she's a black widow. That makes sense.

    She also has all of her arms back suddenly.

    Good job, Rhinox. That is impressive.

    Tigertron's going to be in this episode? That's exciting. I didn't expect to see him again so soon.

    Waspinator is third person speaking master.

    "You can learn a lot from Rattrap, if you can stand him." I can agree with that Primal.

    Tigertron seems to be thinking a lot more clearly that he was.

    It's a little odd to see a Maximal start a chase instead of countering one.

    Tigertron makes some funny noises while running.

    Rattrap's voice just broke like crazy, must be hitting rat puberty.

    Oh shit, you pissed him off good and well Rattrap.

    Rattrap's voice sounds odd during this scene like it's coming through an old box TV.

    I just realized that you don't get to see Rhinox in his beast form very often.

    That big dumb bug is leading Optimus right to them.

    Or, y'know, not.

    HEYYYY! That's the title of the episode, Dinobot! #TitleDrop2015

    That is some funky rendering on that water/liquid stuff.

    A surfing rat? I'm with it.

    I love the 'cartoonish' moments in this show like when Rattrap was mocking Terror and how he just waved at the camera.

    What the hell is that thing? A fucking flashlight bug?

    Rule #1: Shoot everything.

    Speaking of Rhinox's beast mode.

    Even the little automatic doors in here look like and open like Halo.

    I thought that was liquid but it isn't falling into the open door behind Rattrap?

    Pretty tiger eyes. :D 

    The three Predacons are in there so why was the hologram flashing behind Tigertron? Who came in behind him?

    His robot form is a very pretty teal.

    Yuck. He has a gut gun too.

    I respect Tigertron's lack of fear. Three opponents? No problem, blast them all!

    His voice just sounded like G1 Ironhide for a second.

    That's a creative way to put make the ground explode using the CGI. It just got all stretchy.

    It looks like Optimus' arm gun is a double barrel shotgun. That would be awesome.

    I really don't think the story was that long, like three minutes tops.

    Rhinox installed guns in the computers core? That seems a bit dangerous does it not?

    This is reminding me of the Oryx boss fight in Destiny when ou have to run in circles from his bombs.

    Silly Rattrap, you're a rat not a opossum!

    Rule #2: Smack everything.

    Bye bye Rattrap. It's been nice knowing ya' buddy.

    I love you, Dinobot.

    There's no way the episode's en-, nope, knew it.

    <3 Rattrap

    Shit. An awful laughing ending. At least Optimus was the only one laughing. Have a good night everybody!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 10 - "Gorilla Warfare" - 10/16/15​

    Alright, let's kick it.

    Pretty waterfall. That water doesn't look as poorly rendered as earlier episodes.

    In fact, there's quite a bit of detail here around this rock as opposed to just flat terrain.

    That plant has teeth...

    They aren't as fun though, Optimus.

    I've never seen Dinobot freak out so much.

    Woah, it's a seed. That hatched pretty fast.

    Hiya, Scorpanok. It's good to see you buddy boy.

    The frames seem to be improved during this battle sequence. To be hones,t it looks like a lot of improvements were made since the last episode. I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it or not but I find that doubtful.

    Adios Scorpanok.

    What the hell is the giant fly thing?

    Dinobot and Cheetor are arguing? I thought they were like... friends or at least more so than Dinobot and the others.

    So he's basically stuck in robot mode with a parasite on his chest?

    Translating; "I'll blow your fuckin' heads off!"

    Just destroy the anti virus you idiot. They have no way of knowing their actually isn't one.

    The berserker is going to convince Cheetor to release him.

    They should probably walk him outside before they become homeless.

    The teeth on Rhinox's chest are moving around in funny ways.

    Hey, this version of Optimus has the modern battle mask thing. That's pretty awesome.

    The eyes on Dinobot's chest are doing the same thing as Rhinox's chest teeth.

    Of course Cheetor would ask for guts with his freakin' gut gun.


    Also, when did Twitch get batarangs?

    This is a fucking amazing scene. Twitch just unloaded into him with literally no effect.

    Oh my god... He just fucking nailed him to the wall. That's brutal as shit.

    You send the bug? Tsk, tsk, tsk. You really have no clue what you're doing do you TronCon?

    This is literally like a horror movie with Optimus as the serial killer at the moment.

    They could still use some improvements on Cheetor's running animation in beast mode.

    Oh shit. Plot twist.

    So that's what that damn flower had to do with it all.

    I wish modern medicine were that quick.

    Hahaha, that look on Megatron's face was priceless.

    Dinobot's beginning to look more and more like a maximal. I approve of this.

    Holy shit, he just fucking smiled. Some body mark the time.

    Also, I meant to say that Optimus has quite the pitching hand, eh?

    Well, that's it for today. If you enjoyed the thread, feel free to rate it above. Thanks for reading and I'll catch you tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 11 - "The Probe" - 10/19/15​

    Well that XBOX update took forever... I guess we can finally start the show. :p 

    Woah, where the hell are we?

    Uh, Cybertron? Deathstar?

    Hey a new Maximal is narrating.

    Of course Cheetor challenges the others to a race, it's the only thing he can win.

    Except sike, somehow a rat is keeping up with a Cheetah and a flying robot gorilla monkey is beating them both.

    Well, I'm glad we get a visual of the defense grid. It's nice to have an idea of the radius of it's guard.

    I'm still not used to Rhinox being a paper pusher. It really goes against the stereotype of big guys being brutes. Except Beast from the X-Men. He's an epic dude and always one for desk work.

    So it was Cybertron then. Not quite as detailed as the original series. (or even close)

    Dinobot doesn't seem to fond of going "home".

    Hi Tigertron!

    That is one static background. :p 

    I'm going to be honest, I feel bad for Waspinator. That dude gets wrecked in literally every episode. He's like the Team Rocket of Beast Wars.

    Wait, I'm confused. So Dinobot is scared of getting destroyed by the Maximal fleet? Or is he scared the Predacon fleet would show up in return?

    "By the Matrix, what's happening!?" That's the first reference to the Matrix I've caught in Beast Wars. I'm comfortable in saying it's the first in general.

    Here's a pro-tip Cheetor, when encountering Twitch always execute Rule #1. Never think before hand.

    1.4 Mega Cycles. That could be a week or twenty minutes, I have no idea.


    That's a pretty dope visual effect from Scorpanok's point of view.

    Terror obeying orders from Scorp? Huh, odd.

    Good insult, Cheetor. Goooood insult...

    Tigertron's plan to escape is just swinging? That's it? Well then.


    The scream from Scorpanok was amazing as his hand, er, clamp was blown off.

    You know, someone called him clamps earlier and I honestly think I prefer that name. It's much easier to type as well.

    These idiots are about to knock themselves into lava.

    I could have done the voice work for Terror. Maybe I should make an impression video some day ;) 

    There goes Twitch with his epic blasting again.

    I want to see Dinobot use his little spinney thing to deflect bullets like a lightsaber.

    Look at Rat standing up for his crew. What a hero. :) 

    The rat to velociraptor scaling ration is a bit absurd.

    Optimus just shotgunned Twitch in the stomach. Sometimes this show has really brutal battle animations.

    What the hell was with that animation? It was just quick repeats of the same scene.

    Oh hey, it's Rhinox. I had actually forgotten about him. Good writing that is.

    NOOOO! How can you put in your floppy disk without fingers!?

    Oh, right, you're a Rhino so you can just put it in your mouth and give it to the gorilla.

    Oh shit. He actually destroyed it. I didn't see that coming to be honest. Aren't the good guys supposed to always win?

    Wait, how were Cheetor and Tigertron able to transform out of their beast modes when they were both hit by the eye thing?

    :(  What an ending.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 12 - "Victory" - 10/21/15​

    So, I missed a day but I'm sure all of you were to busy arguing over spoilers to notice. ;)  (Thank you to those that discourage them, I forgot to include the no spoilers request at the start of this thread)

    Megatron has said "Yes" creepily like five times in the first ten seconds of this episode.

    Oh hey, it's going to be another episode of Terror bitching.

    What the fuck? Did Scorpanok just aim his gun at Megatron as well?

    Cable's out, boys.

    The shockwave reached all the way to the maximal base yet the Predacon ship doesn't look in as bad of shape as I would have expected.

    I'm glad Rhinox can hold that gun/scanner thing with his hoof but couldn't get that floppy disk in during the last episode.

    I can't figure it out. Am I missing something about Dinobot?

    Er, I'm assuming he's upset about the loss of his team?

    Shut up Rat trap, Dinobot is a good guy god dammit.

    Well, maybe not good, but he's a maximal ya' lil' prick.

    What the fuck is Cheetor doing with some dismembered limbs?

    I feel a bit bad for Dinobot. It would suck to see your former team eradicated like that. Regardless of current emotional affairs.

    So, Dinobot wants to stay behind and rule a bunch of animals and a stone henge wanna be?


    Jesus... I thought he was gonna' stomp it.

    Oh, but nope. He's just gonna' knock it off a freakin' cliff/crevice.

    ... God damn it, Twitch. You nasty.

    Scorpanok's beast form is beautiful.

    So all of that in the beginning was just a show? Excellent show Predacons. Maybe you do have some brains about you.

    I expected something funnier like them all trying to squeeze out of the hole at once.

    Dinobot's first instinct is to warn the maximals. I told you he was a good guy.

    He even took a shot to the back trying to warn them.

    Now he's going Super Saiyan and wrecking them all. :) 

    How about quit wasting time and fucking go already!?

    Rhinox actually executing authority over someone? Tigertron backing down to a Maximal? This episode is full of pleasant surprises.

    I guess Cheetor works at Chik-Fil-A, "My pleasure!" (I'm sure only American's who enjoy delicious chicken will get that)

    Cheetor let his emotions get the best of him and went and got himself blasted like a fool.

    Where is Twitch in all of this?

    Shia LaCheetor just yelled his favorite line.

    Optimus is going to throw Dinobot on.

    Called it.

    Oh shit, I didn't think he was going to make it.

    The ship is literally falling apart.

    Oh fuck. Bye Felicia.

    The whole no audio thing is pretty dramatic...

    lol. He splattered like a pancake.

    Of course Megatron makes it on board. Why wouldn't he?

    Woah, Rat Trap has no smart ass shit to say?

    Never mind, there he goes.

    What. The fuck... Is happening in this episode.

    Rat Trap versus Megatron? Yes please.

    Rat Trap is shaking in fear of Megatron? Really? C'mon man.

    Rhinox VS Megatron? I'd actually prefer it.

    Rhinox just literally made child's play out of Megatron. Why is he always sitting as a desk again?

    Well, they tried. Sorry Maximals. We aren't going home just yet.

    As they're crashing the landscape coloring looks much better.

    "It's a bird! Maybe a plane? Nah, IT'S OPTIMUS!"

    I love that Dinobot and Rhinox just slammed into the camera.

    Fucking lol at Tigertron's face.

    I'd like to point out that if Megatron hadn't made it on board, Optimus would have been able to catch up by flying like that and the Maximals would be on their way home.

    I absolutely love the banter between these two.

    Another creepy Optimus laugh to play us out.

    See you all tomorrow!

    (Oh, and episode rating 10/10)

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 13 - "Dark Designs" - 10/22/15​

    Odd opening shot for an episode with "Dark" in the title.

    I can see the strap on Rhinox's foot now that someone pointed it out earlier.

    Hey, it is some beautiful scenery there Rat Trap.

    The camera is going ham with all the shaking right now, this is almost seizure inducing to be honest.

    I'm guessing this is one of those 'experimental' moments you guys and girls were talking about.

    This is out of hand...

    Ok, the bullet holes from Rhinox's gun also just look like a weld line.

    Oh, I see. Good call, Rhinox.

    I love how Optimus is suddenly fine as soon as the battle ends.

    Well alright. There it is then. I get the Ultra Magnus/Rhinox thing now. At least Optimus sees the same thing I do now.

    Megatron is just now seeing that he under estimated Rhinox? What about when he threw you out of the fucking space ship last episode?

    Uh, Rhinox's ass looks gross. The textures are flat and pointed at the same time if that makes sense.

    Now his flat ass is dangling from a web and poisoned.

    The Predacons have a new prison every time they capture a maximal.


    That's actually kind of fucked up. It's giving me flash backs of the Quint "judges".

    Why would his color scheme change when he turned into a Predacon?

    Hahaha, "Yeeeeessssss." <3 Optimus. (I love that the creators were able to break the fourth wall and acknowledge how much he says it.)

    I'm going to take a shot in the dark and assume that Rhinox will over throw Megatron for power of the Predacons.


    Wait, so is Rhinox still a Maximal? What the hell is going on right now?

    Poor Scorpanok. :( 

    Waspinator looks really small in scale at the moment. He also just said, "Destroy all Autobots!"?

    Shrapnel? I don't remember him though the name sounds familiar.

    I'm very confused right now, I feel like I just missed a big throw back.

    I guess my initial thought was correct and Terror is the only one to realize it so far.

    Poor Terror. I think I like him more than Starscream because he's... I don't know. Actually, I can't tell you. They both suck, but I like Terror.

    Scorp's lip is literally trembling. That's adorable and sad.

    Rhinox has made creepy eyes in beast form while all evil.

    His beast growl is awesome however.

    Terror's inhales when he's transforming, that must be why I like him.

    Speaking of awesome voices, I really miss Astrotrain's voice from the original series.


    I like the cocky, power hungry Rhinox.

    "Yeeeeesssssss" <3 Rhinox.

    Megatron turned him back and his color scheme is suddenly back to normal.

    Waspinator is giving me a headache. Maybe it's just the camera going nuts.

    Did Dinobot just use his sword as a freaking spear?

    It went right through Scrop's freakin' shoulder.

    The camera is being gross again, guys. :( 

    Alright Optimus. You just spent thirty seconds swinging those blades around like a fucking moron and just got shot to shit for it.

    Meanwhile, Dinobot is doing the dopest shit ever with his spinning arm on Scrop's head.

    "OPTIMUS!" - Cheetor LaBeouf

    Did I mention he just fucking sliced Megatron's hand off?

    Their base isn't going to explode for the fourth time?

    Rhinox is back to smelling the flowers.

    3 GB of attitude on a 2 GB Hard drive? Yeesh. That is some 90's memory to be considered big.

    Poor Dinobot :( 

    Thanks for reading! See you all tomorrow!

    Also, new credits ending at the moment? No clips playing, just text?

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 14 - "Double Dinobot" - 10/26/15​

    Spooky intro with lots of shrieking from Terror. I'm going to pretend this is a Halloween episode.

    I'm assuming due to the title name that they're making a FrankenDino.

    Well would ya' look at that.

    His tail is all messed up.


    That would be pretty freaky for a clone to have an identical voice.


    I feel like I might have trouble keeping up with which Dinobot is real and which one isn't in this episode.

    Why is the landscape back to looking so bland? They were doing so good these past few episodes.

    Well, this isn't going to be a trap or anything.

    It would also be pretty horrifying to be trapped alive in a cave.

    Megatron petting Dinobot is an odd sight to see.

    This version of Dinobot is entirely way too aggressive in his battle requests, which is an odd thing to say about Dinobot. He's too eager. At least the real Dinobot thinks of possible outcomes and I feel like the clone is betraying his intentions by not doing this.

    Now he's saying he doesn't want to engage in battle due to Optimus Primal's orders? Definitely not good ol' Dinobot.

    Adios Rat trap ol' buddy.

    This is one of those times where not having commercials really kills the panic or anticipation of what happens next.

    Also, good job breaking the fourth wall with that comment, RT. ;) 

    Coordinates, 3-9-6? Those aren't real coordinates at all.

    Megatron sends in a brand new, fresh off the production line clone into Maximal head quarters to deactivate the Sentinel program without even researching a passcode? What a dumb ass.

    Then again, I guess he views the clone as disposable to say the least.

    Everyone always points out what a pain in the ass Rat Trap is but how they'd hate to lose him. How about we say something nice about the guy for once? He's literally fucking surfing in lava.

    Which is rendered pretty well actually except the waterfall is just a recolor of the water textures in the show.

    FACT: Rat Trap has a bubble butt and may have also created the rocket bounce commonly seen in video games.


    Oh shit, here comes OG Dino.

    The clone Dinobot says "yes" nearly as much as Megatron.


    I'm having flashbacks to the Family Guy episode where Stewie meets Hitler while dressed as Hitler. I wonder if this is where they got the idea?

    The clone is legitimately scared but you already know the Maximals are going to show up and see the real Dinobot trapping this poor pitiful one.

    Oh, I guess I called that one wrong.

    Dinobot's so obsessed with honor I half expect him to perform Hara-Kiri somewhere in the series. Or, well, at least bring it up.

    Good use of the chain Dinobot or Clone. I have no idea which is which now.

    Oh, that was the regular one. Clone one just knocked his ass out.

    Is this the real Dinobot talking to Megatron?

    It has to be. He's going to jump him.

    Yup. Called it.

    Though he didn't necessarily jump him.

    Woah, wait. Megatron can shoot lasers out of his T-Rex arm?

    This is some Dragonball Z level shit right now.

    Except no one ever blasted rockets at energy beams in Dragonball Z.

    "I guess my revenge must be postponed until next we meet", at first I heard this as "Next Week" which would have been a pretty good reference to the schedule. I'm assuming it aired weekly.

    This sick mother fucker ate his clone?

    My thoughts exactly Optimus!

    Well, that's it for today ladies and gentleman. As I said earlier in a post, tonight is the launch of Halo 5 and I have the next two days off to play the hell out of it. That said, there may or may not be an episode for the next two days. We will see how it goes.

    Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed the blog (or didn't!) please give it a rate!


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    Episode 15 - "The Spark" - 10/29/15​

    Is that another one of the stasis pods that just got clipped?



    Poor Twitch, He got shut down for wanting to help almost immediately.

    Hey look, another beautiful sky box brought to you by the creators of Transformers.

    I just realized that while in robot mode, Rhinox has these absolute massive teeth on his chest but when he's in beast mode they aren't there.

    Wouldn't Cheetor be Tigertron's elder but he's calling him Big Cat?

    I'm still not sure how I feel about Black Arachnia.

    The crash sight looks like Namek.

    Rhinox is the first to reach the site but the pod is damaged. Does this mean the bot inside might die?

    He just unarmed himself in Predacon territory. Not Rhinox's smartest move.

    8.6 cycles. I don't remember the conversions someone laid out earlier but I believe that's days correct?

    If I see a protoform die in this episode that's going to be quite a bummer.

    I'd like to mention that the protoform looks like a gray version of Ivan Ooze's baddies as they are taking form.

    Scorpanok's walking sound effect sounds like wooden wind chimes.

    Tigertron can freeze people? I feel like I should know that.

    Opinion changed. Black Arachnia has an awesome venom ability, I like her.

    Despite her opposition of Megatron's rule she still wants to claim the protoform for the Predacons. So, I guess that is some form of loyality, at least to the name.

    Trippy. We're in Cheetor's head.

    Also, Woooooooah-woooooah-WOOOAH! What's new pussy cat!?

    In translation, the spark is a soul.

    I don't think I properly understand the events that just unfolded between Rhinox and Cheetor. If someone could break it down for me after the episode, that would be much appreciated.

    That's a little rude, Cheetor. I don't think Back Arachnia is ugly and I'm sure Twitch doesn't either.

    Oh hey, she also has Twitch's machine guns. I can get down with that.

    4.8 cycles. I'm assuming those are hours at this point but I'm not positive.

    Good accuracy and constraint there Cheetor.

    You just got back handed by a spider.

    And road house kicked.

    If she does the full nelson on this dude I'm gonna' loose it.

    Aww, no such luck.

    Oh wow. Cheetor is fast. He actually caught that arrow, dart, bullet in mid shot.

    Would ya' look at that, it's the cannon fodder of the series.

    I guess it's time to see if Cheetor is fast enoough to handle two Predacons at one time.

    Holy crap the animation in this running sequence is much better than previous episodes.

    Rhinox is going super saiyan.

    Or, ya' know, smacking his freaking head into a wall.

    Oh god. Good. I thought he was about to be stuck in robot mode.

    I wonder what life form this bot will get.

    Terrorsaur and Waspinator working together as a team? Shocker.

    Leave it to the bug to fly into the bright light. :p 

    As for that team work, scratch that. It looked like Terror made a plan and then just watched Waspinator get handled before actually making a move.

    Maybe cycles are minutes.

    It's time to wake up from your nap Rhinox.

    No compatible life forms? Just give him a boulder alt form.

    Oh. My. God. He's going to be a hawk.

    We're going to literally get a Tobias in the show.

    That's why they randomly showed the hawk earlier in the episode.

    That is one massive raptor.

    Wait. This is going to be Terror's new rival of the show isn't it?

    While they're fighting I'm going to guess his name... I'm going to go with... Hawkimus Prime. Or maybe Bircepticon.

    Air Razor? I coud not have been further off.

    Oh, she's a lady.

    Very nice details in her robot form. Her color scheme reminds me of Bee.

    Uh, she just absolutely melted Terror.

    Now the question is, will she actually be a Maximal and hang out around base?

    Cheetor just basically called Rat Trap ******ed.

    Rhinox is in love. ;D

    Alright. So that was an awesome episode and I'm very excited to see who the Predacons end up getting to even the teams out again.

    If you enjoyed the blog (or didn't!) please give us a rate at the top of the thread! Feedback is always appreciated!

    Thank you for reading and I'll see you guys and girls tomorrow for Episode 16, "The Trigger Part 1"!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 16 - "The Trigger Part 1" - 10/30/15​

    Well this is new, we're starting in the arctic.

    If Tigertron isn't here I feel like it's a color scheme well wasted.

    Would ya' look at that.

    I love that perfect snowballs are bouncing off his head.

    Tigertron has a weekly report?

    Uh, I could be wrong but I don't think a tigers foot prints would look like that. They're literally two and two like...


    I see they established long range communication relays.

    Epic slow mo camera. It's pretty early in the episode for that.

    I don't think I've ever seen Tigertron scream. I'm assuming that is a very heavy satellite.

    That zoom caused the gun to glitch a bit allowing us to see inside it for a split second or two. Just like Halo. :p 

    Well, so much for that luck. I pity the tiger to be honest. Fighting two air units while being grounded must really suck.

    Another slowmo cam? I guess the creators were experimenting with visual effects again.

    No corpse? The creepy clouds must have carried him off.

    What the hell was all that?

    Hey Dinobot. I missed you last episode buddy.

    Where is Airazor?

    Dinobot is acting like a child at the moment and I love it.

    Oh, there she is.

    She's very cock-eyed.

    The grunge look. Hah.

    Terror's wings are super messed up, they're all burned and torn.

    Woah, that's pretty.

    How did Tigertron get his gun back?


    Dramatic faint from Terrorsaur, bravo.


    You know, a lot of people said that Cheetor would bother me in this show and that his childish personality would be annoying. My memory might be failing me, but I don't recall ever feeling any negative emotions or cringeyness towards him.

    Tigertron has found his heaven.

    Sideways anchor and some type of spill? What could it mean!?!

    Why would someone set up that level of defenses for a flat floating rock in the sky?

    Uh-oh, the Illuminati is about to eradicate Tigertron.

    Never mind, he's quicker than the Preds.

    Why would it have attacked him in the first place? He was in Beast Mode?

    Once again, very cool HUD for Skorpanok's equipment.


    That just scared the shit out of me.

    That's no beuno. :(  Airazor just got wiped.

    This place seems hell bent on destroying itself.

    So quick question for you all, did you know anyone growing up who's favorite character was Scorpanok? Like, bought his toy and loved it?

    Poor Cheetor.

    They're judging him for his shots. :p 

    Tigertron's face is super funny looking on the bee's camra. It's all elongated and stuff.

    The island looks like Minecraft from the camera.

    I almost forgot this was a two part episode and was a bit let down by the ending. Also, thanks for the tip to pause. I managed to skip whatever spoilers were at the end.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this entry and if you enjoyed the blog (or didn't!) please leave the thread a rate at the top!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 17 - "The Trigger Part 2" - 11/2/15​

    Tigertron didn't mention that the island was in a giant floating cloud during his message.

    Hooray for sideways floating butterflies.

    How can you feel at peace with a giant lazer tower and a butt ton of booby traps?

    Black Arachnia sounds different.

    Now she sounds more like her original self. That's odd.

    No, Clamps... just no.

    Well, I've never seen a hawk walk like a human but now I have. I've also never seen a hawk ride a tiger.

    I feel like that jet pack exhaust would be irritating trap's bum and tail.


    The way Clamps and Black are walking reminds me of Carl's walking animation from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    3PO! 3PO! TURN OFF THE... Ah, you guys get it.

    What kind of falling animation was that.

    Well, now I get to watch a rat ride a pterodactyl. I'm having flashbacks of Soundwave riding Starscream in the original series.

    Rule # 1, shoot everything.

    Did.... did Tigertron and Optimus just shake hands?


    Poor Waspinator... Always getting wrecked for no reason.

    Just like that her wings are fixed?

    C'mon, you know better than to speak ill of TronCon in front of clamps.

    Is she being cooked alive?

    Nope, she's just getting a change of color scheme.

    Ew. That's a rough noise to hear.

    That's a pretty skybox she's made.

    Her first order of business is to destroy the beautiful place?

    "Hey! Let's conquer this really amazing floating island and immediately destroy it!"

    Can't forget your plant now.

    Tigertron's eyes on the tiger head are really pretty at night.

    Rat trap proves to be pretty selfless once again.

    The writers made that poor man destroy the place he loves. :( 

    This is a, uh, weird way for an island to die I guess?

    Oh shit. There's another tower on the moon?

    What the fuck just happened?

    That's what I'm saying Rhinox.


    PLOT TWIST: IT'S THE QUINTESSONS! (I'll seriously quit this blog and never come back to transformers again...)

    Thanks for reading! Catch you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 18 - "Spider's Game" - 11/3/15​

    That's a lot of stasis pods in orbit.

    New character episode.

    Reading the name of the episode I thought this would be a Black Arachnia episode. I didn't consider Twitch. In fact, after yesterday's episode I'd almost forgot he existed.

    I'd hate to be a Predacon. What, with all the bull crap betrayals constantly being planned.

    So it is going to be an Arachnia episode also with Twitch.

    These two are about to do the nasty. They want to start a spider army.

    Hey, a frog. Is that foreshadowing like the hawk with Airazor?

    Pretty sunset.

    Sorry Tigertron, you guys got the last one. I think it's the Predacons turn.

    I thought these things couldn't scan without someone being there with it? If I'm wrong, then will the bot inside automatically be a Maximal since they were created by them?

    I don't remember them going through all of this for Black Arachnia.

    Watch it be that frog, but a pretty dumb one at that.

    Why is Waspinator making his buzzing noises with his own voice right now? It's like someone singing the guitar parts to a song.

    Waspinator just got wrecked again, I'm not sure who could have possibly seen that coming. Now a rat is chewing on his head.

    That's a massive fucking ant.

    Well, he said Terrorize so he is definitely a predacon. Holy shit the detail on him is rad. I like him all ready.

    What the fuck, he can fly?

    Don't quote Cheetor, Airazor. That's not good for your reputation.

    Those are some pretty gross noises you're making there Twitch.

    "I hunt better alone." - One of the most cliche lines in existence.

    How are the coms on for Scorpanok and Megatron?

    These same little keyboard tune keeps playing over and over.

    Well, so much for using the stasis pod.

    Scorpanok is also cannon fodder for comedy like Waspinator.

    gf tigertron.

    There goes Twitches bullet barrage and my god he's doing some damage.

    Megatron actually showing up to a fight? Surprise.


    Inferno is much different than Bruno in OS.



    This can stop now.

    You can stop now.

    Stop now.

    Good shot, Optimus.

    To be so big and bad, Megatron sure does get worked a lot in this show.

    I feel like next time we see Infeno he's going to be a bit more loyal to Megatron.

    Tigertron and Airazor have got some kind of tension going on.

    I'm actually surprised that Twitch is able to turn Black Arachnia away considering his obsession with her in her first episode.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 19 - "Call of the Wild" - 11/4/15​

    Lots of detailing on the landscape. Trees, grass.

    The moons are just two giant gray circles in the sky though with absolutely no detail.

    I'm assuming that's a regular cheetah and not Cheetor?

    Nope. Nightmare fuel.

    Scorps helmet looks different at the moment. Like the coloring has changed or something.

    Everyone was pointing out the line I didn't quote about Twitch knowing this planet was doomed. Add the night terror of the planet caving in on itself and I'm guessing there's more here... than meets the eye. Huh? HUH!? *shoulder nudge*

    The predacons are actually succeeding. I wonder how long this will go on for. Also, I forgot to mention that Dinobot had a pretty bad ass rush there.

    Optimus has terrible accuracy right now. Megatron however does not.

    So that's what they stole... that could make life harder on the Maximals.


    Twitch and Black Arachnia are back with Megatron after last episode? No punishment? Where's Inferno?

    Optimus is going to have a similar dream to Cheetor.

    Or not.

    I don't know what's up with the noises rat traps making but they're reminding me of Dale from King of the Hill.

    OK, now Optimus is going to have that messed up dream. Same start up but different outcome I bet.

    Spooky Scooby-Doo eyes are all over the place.

    Dinobot sleeps like a cat?


    That's kind of brutal...

    ... They're becoming feral.

    That just scared the shit out of me.

    Nice butt, Optimus.

    Scorp and Twitch are toting around Megatron like a king? That doesn't seem like them... even for Scorp.

    At least Inferno is with them now.

    Shouldn't Tigertron and Air Razor be used to fighting the primal thing?

    Wait, no, they don't go through the exhaustion of the Preds constantly being on them.

    I still think Inferno has one of the best models, if not -the- best model, in the show.

    Why would a feral Rhino and a feral Cheetah be hanging out?

    I've noticed they cut back on a lot of the ambient noise in the show. I wonder if that's a budgeting thing.

    I thought they said it was going to take days for Air Razor to get patched up? I know they said it had been two days but that's it?

    It's also ironic that Dinobot decided Rat Trap would be the best meal to go after. He's much smaller than say Cheetor, hardly filling.

    Tigertron is hypnotoad. Confirmed.

    That's a pretty easy passcode to guess there, Tigertron...


    Cheetor was the first one to succeed. I'm actually confused as to why Tigertron waited this long to fill these guys in on this tidbit. Why wouldn't he tell them as soon as he had it figured out?

    Kung Fu Tarzan coming through.

    Dinobot literally just stomped Arachnia.

    Rhinox and Rat Trap are pulling the Wolverine/Hulk combo.

    I'm pretty sure the Hulk has used a tree as a weapon before aswell.

    I half expected Optimus to do the Bane back breaker on TronCon.

    Settle down there, Cheetor.

    I guess that ending was better than the cheesy laugh endings.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 20 - "Dark Voyage" - 11/9/15​

    Aww, Rat Trap is digging himself a new home.

    Never mind, he's digging up a little crystal thing.

    You found a little more than some Dinobot. Why don't you produce a bunch of transparent cubes out of your chest to fill up while waiting for the Predacons to attack.

    Never mind, they're already here.

    I'm mad confused, what kind of arrow was that?

    Also, shaky camera is back with a vengeance.


    Rhinox is blind.

    So is Dinobot...

    All of them actually.

    Dude, Maximals are freaky looking with white eyes.

    Well that's not good. Why can't Optimus just fly in there and pick them all up with his super jet pack of day saving?

    I wouldn't want my tail in a rats mouth... or a cheetahs...

    Hey, the first snake in the show. I feel like it attacking Rat Trap would have been a better fit.

    I'm also assuming it's native and not a Predacon although it would make a good one.

    God damn that Snake has a throwing arm... er, tail... er... body?

    Rhinox's is better.

    Really Dinobot? You're that quick to throw Cheetor to the curb? Out of all the other Maximals I considered the two of you to be closer than the rest. Maybe it's just a misconception I have after that one episode...

    They're really trying to sell Cheetor being hurt. I feel like if I were a kid right now, I'd be seriously upset.

    I like Dinobot when he's a smart ass. When he and Rat Trap are smart asses together, it's even better.

    My dude, I would be freaking the fuck out if I had to cross a waterfall blind.

    Rat Trap officially has balls of steel.

    Just because it's good for a rat doesn't mean it's good for a freaking Rhino and Velociraptor!

    I'm only just realizing that I have no idea what kind of an insult Chopper Face is. Can someone break it down for me or is it just something made up for the show?

    Despite being blind his laser eyes still work wonders.

    Oh god, Terror sounds like nails on a chalk board.

    And the bug fails once again to last a single episode without being blasted to oblivion.

    I wonder what code X stands for?

    Heyyyy, Rhinox has red eyes back! :D 

    That's a horrible pun, Rat Trap.

    They got an entirely different lesson from this than me. They learned that their beast forms are super rad and they can do a lot of stuff when working as a team. I learned to stay the hell away from Energon.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 21 - "Possession" - 11/11/15​

    What the hell is that?

    Flashy lightning ball crashes to the earth causing a flashy lightning storm.

    Why not store yourself under there if it's so safe?

    Waspinator got messed up in the first two minutes. What a -shocker-. Hah. I'm hilarious. (No, I'm not.)

    Why does that computer sound like Terror?

    Well, he's sitting right there but not saying anything.

    Megatron is coughing from Smoke? Isn't he a robot.

    ... Fuck.

    Scream you sound a bit different there old buddy.

    That's not what happened at all... Megatron vaporized you butt hole.

    What is this crap? This isn't what happened at all.

    Also, is Scream not a little curious as to why another con took Megatron's name?

    Oh no. It will take so long for them to move to the other side of the ship... >.> <.<

    I don't get it. Is this really happening or is this just like a pitch from Scream to TronCon at the moment? Optimus calling himself a fool doesn't seem like him.

    Holy shit Starinator is fast as shit.

    lol. Terror just sat there and let Optimus punch him dead in the face.


    Wait. Where the hell is Inferno?

    Black already knows what's going on.

    There goes TronCon giving Scorp the real details again.

    Cheetor is scared the preds are going to find his dirty magazines :( .

    The most notorious traitor of all among a group of literally nothing but traitors. Let's hope Scream can hold his title.

    Black Arachnia figured it out and now Starintor is freaking out like the big baby he is.

    They don't seem very battle ready.

    Gee, these guys are really selling the surrender plan. It makes me wonder why Prime didn't trust them when he sent Rat Trap out as a "traitor".

    Optimus Primal looks super odd at this angle. His neck is stupidly long.

    Starinator is making Wasp look good. Maybe Scream taking over his body is the best thing to ever happen to him.

    Poor Scorp :(  Loyal to a fault.

    I actually forgot about them storing the weapons there. It reminds me of the old Millennium Falcon toy I had as a kid. I think it was part of the MicroMachines playset but the floor panels could lift up and you could hide stuff in there.

    That was a good play by the Maximals, not only did Dinobot get repaired but he's also one of the best beasts in the war.

    Ugh, why would it show Dinobot like that? Please don't tell me he's going to try an capitalize on the Maximal's being away from base.

    Rhinox has the best guns. Hands down. Though Airrazor looks pretty great in battle as well.

    Huh, Optimus took down a combination of the two biggest cannon fodder cons in the history of transformers with a single punch.

    Are all your dreams in Technicolor? I feel like this is a reference to the original series that I'm not picking up on.

    Hasta La Vista Starscream - Chalk that up to things I never thought I'd hear.

    Poor Waspinator xD

    My god how are they so damn good at making sky boxes.

    My worst fear has been realized... Starscream lives on...

    Alright, so I know I haven't been doing post episode thoughts on a lot of these entries but this one def. deserves one. I was warned that this might be my least favorite episode ever and the reality is, it's one of my favorites so far. I had a huge smile on my face when I saw Starscream and Unicron in the Beast Wars style and the throw back to the original series was a fun ride.

    Yes, the writers used my most hated character from the original series (who ironically was my favorite character before I actually watched the show thanks in part to DJ Starscream from Slipknot and the Bayformers character who I enjoy) but that's OK.

    In fact, it reminded me what part that Starscream played and also that he was the best at what he did.

    DO NOT get me wrong, I still think Starscream is an absolute idiot and I really wish I could get my hands on a print of the scene where his statue was just a pair of boots in Season 3 and hang it on my wall - but it was awesome to see such a great throwback to the OS.

    As always, if you enjoyed the blog (or didn't!) do me a favor and drop a rate for the thread above.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. :) 

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 22 - "The Low Road" - 11/12/15​

    That plant life is growing exceptionally quick.

    I really like the sword Rat Trap is using.

    Dinobot seems to have a much more effect method of clearing the landscape.

    That's quite the close up of DinoBum.

    Inferno is back and leading the charge. Excellent choice.

    Let's see how long it takes for Waspinator to get scrapped this time around.

    That is an absolutely mad amount of shell casings around Rhinox's feet.

    Well, there's a bit of foreshadowing in play. Twitch used the brush to launch his sneak attack.

    It worked but now he's getting worked by Dinobot.

    Why did the aerial attack suddenly stop? Did Rhinox manage to push them back or something?

    Eh, Sentinel is just now going against them.

    So basically Rhinox has a bad case of the suds.

    Terror is squealing like a pig and that was also a crazy lucky shot.

    He literally has energon fueled hiccups.

    That was a creative commercial fade with Rhinox blasting the camera. I believe that's the first use of the camera going to break in the series.

    Kudos to Cheetor acknowledging people think he's immature. Also, this is a good time for be to reiterate, I still don't nor have I ever disliked Cheetor despite what early readers claimed.

    What's with the Looney Toon style running? Haha.

    How could he possibly disappear across an open desert?


    This is quickly becoming the plot to Space Jam.

    I'm just waiting to see a RabbitCon with a giant magnet and Michael Jordan.

    That's the first use of the 'cracking' animation I've seen on an object as well (actively cracking that is). They seem to be experimenting a lot with the episode for the better.

    Why do they have a jumper cable attached to Rhinox?

    Oh. It's literally his life support.


    There's something funny about an angry T-rex throwing his tiny little arms about in a fit.

    Yeeessssss~ (Dinobot edition)

    Poor Twitch just got knocked the fuck out.

    A lot of new transitions in this episode as well. I hope this keeps up for the rest of the season. :) 

    Scorpanok the Scientist is impatient.

    DBot is using one of the little flashlight cons like he's about to tell a spooky ghost story.

    I bet those little plants are going to be the cure for the virus.

    Black Arachnia is pretty accurate with her giant pincer claw hands.


    "Why do you always talk to yourself?" Hahaha.

    Well that was an early warning for the Maximals hahaha.

    The little sewer grate/air duct things? Rat Trap has been there before and knows them quite well.

    Damn, Rat buddy has some insane accuracy with that blaster.

    It looks like I was wrong about the plants being the cure. I guess they just healed him up long enough to get to the Predacon base.

    Honorable, but stupid Optimus Primal.

    But I believe the solution to this episode is going to come from the two arguing all the time.

    Maybe not, Rhinox is about to literally crap on Megatron.

    OH my god. I get it, this is why this is a silly episode.

    Nucular Fart. Fallout 4 DLC confirmed.

    I guess I was kind of right about the plants being part of the cure, just not the cure itself.

    Super close up of Rhinox ass this episode as well. That's two for one.

    YeeeEEeeesssss.... ~

    The Predacons were literally ass blasted.

    Thanks for reading guys and girls and we will see you tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 23 - "Law of The Jungle" - 11/13/15​

    So today is a special 'first' for my blogs. "Law of the Jungle" is the first episode I will be live blogging with a fresh head injury. While trying to put waters in my fridge, I came up way to fast and slammed my head into the freezer. This happened a whopping thirty minutes ago. Sorry to anyone with a queasy stomach!


    Onto the show!

    Is that supposed to be a dragon fly? It's got a funny looking tail.

    The circle of life is full swing right now, ain't it?

    Beautiful skybox once again, Transformers.

    What the hell kind of a war cry is that Inferno? You had the jump on them and just threw it away.

    Did Inferno change voice actors?

    Inferno refuses to listen to Terrorsaur? Smart man.

    I give Waspinator thirty seconds before he is scrap.

    Dinobot is deflecting shots like a champion.

    The way Terror said "oops" makes it seem like it was really an accident.

    Hahaha, "Waspinator will engage enemy" *nod*.

    I guess the Maximals built a big tower thing out in the middle of a rocky biome like they did with Tigertron in the Tundra.

    That poor bug can barely lift the bomb up.

    Scratch that, he can't lift it at all.


    He made it a little bit longer than thirty seconds.

    I wish Waspinator would join the Maximals so maybe he wouldn't get wrecked so much.

    How is Inferno still in bot form if Cheetor had to change back already? He was in bot form before the Maximals. Also, he's absolutely nuts.

    Oh no. That tiger just got buried.

    Snow stalker?

    I'm assuming that's Tigertron's girlfriend. The wild tiger from his introduction episode.

    This is actually pretty damn sad.

    :(  Tigertron...

    Oh my god. I think this is the first legitimate death in the show.

    Well, excluding the three animals that died in the start of the episode that is. The first meaningful death I should say.

    This is very much a change of pace from yesterdays episode.

    Uh-oh. Tigertron is going to leave the Maximals, I bet...

    Can you do that? You can just decide to leave the war?

    I don't like what's going on with my feels at the moment but I'm having some mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I get where Tiger is coming from but on the other hand you can't just leave your team.

    Also, I think his name is actually Tigatron and I've been pronouncing/spelling it wrong.

    Cheetor just thanked the matrix. I wonder if that's going to be coming up a bit more.

    Waspinator is absolutely adorable and is now my favorite Predacon.

    Also, the sun is a lovely shade of red this episode.

    What's your game here, Dinobot?

    JESUS! That screaming. That had to dramatize some kids.

    Dinobot had to just correct himself, he called himself a Predacon. I can't express to you how upset I will be if he sticks to his old ways after fighting alongside the Maximals for so long.

    I feel like Beachcomber and Tigatron would have gotten along swimmingly.



    I actually respect what Dinobot is doing here. He's giving Tigatron the ultimate ultimatum and he isn't doing it to just be a bully. He knows peace will not be allowed.

    I don't know who I agree with more, Optimus Primal, Tigatron or Dinobot.

    My god, the detail on Inferno outweighs that of every other character by miles.


    Three fliers versus one ground warrior? These aren't good odds.

    C'mon Tigatron... You know what you've got to do my dude.

    My guy just did a 360 no scope with his laser eyes without moving his body.

    Inferno is definitely the bravest of the group.

    You guys said Waspinator didn't have as many speaking roles due to the effects used with his voice but he sure seems to have a lot of speaking parts in the past few episodes.

    I love seeing Optimus and Dinobot work together. It gives me flashbacks to when Megatron and Optimus Prime worked together in the original series.

    It looks like ol' buddy is coming to his senses.

    I thought Twitch was crazy... Inferno gives him a run for his money.

    You will leave the what alone? I couldn't make out what he said.

    Planet, I'm assuming.

    Dinobot admitting a debt to Tigatron? Not the first time he's done it but still, I wouldn't expect it to anyone but Optimus and Rat Trap for shock value.

    Well, that was a great episode actually. A lot of emotion and Inferno playing a primary role.

    So before I send you all off about your weekend, I have a question for the lot of you. Who is your favorite Predacon (that I've seen this far! No spoilers please!) in Beast Wars and why?

    Mine, as I said earlier, is Waspinator. It original started with Twitch because of his epic fighting style but Waspinator is just too freaking loveable. The poor guy gets melted every single episode and I appreciate his voice effects. I also enjoy the Insecticon vibe I get from him.

    As always, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend. Be safe and enjoy it. Also, if you enjoyed the blog (or didn't!) please drop the thread a rate at above. Thank you!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 24 - "Before The Storm" - 11/16/15​

    That entire mountain is glowing like a torch but blue.

    I never knew Megatron's T-rex head hand could move it's eyes on it's own.

    Inferno is the first on the scene and his voice seems to be back to normal.

    Is this pillar connected to the Stonehenge knock off?

    Props to Inferno for going the distance despite the energon levels screwing with him.

    Megatron is his queen. That's cute.

    That's quite creepy to be completely honest. A floating Megatron head.

    That's a bit sketchy if you ask me...

    The new alien toy probably has some new power or something that he's going to use to bend Optimus to his will.

    Now that I think about it, how the hell did a big ol' T-Rex make it to the top of that mountain above the clouds before the flying Gorilla?

    Poor Waspinator is just trying to do his job and he still gets messed up.

    Uh, I guess Megatron likes his hand as a pet as well since he's sitting there petting it and stuff.

    Stop playing with your food, Black.

    Are those Predacon defenses going off? Shouldn't they be deactivated in the event of a truce?

    He's even brushing it's teeth...

    Why wouldn't she back out of the blast zone before making a phone call?

    Yikes. It didn't cross my mind that Troncon would spot Ratty.

    Clever Maximals. Yeeeessss~

    This fool built himself a hot tub in the base? Despite all the battles and constant threat of more, Troncon still manages to make himself a nice spot to relax.

    Alien presence? I ain't seen no aliens.

    My bird is freaking out at the noise the back of the Predacon head in the computer program is making when Tigatron presses the buttons.

    Wouldn't it have rolled off the tongue a bit better if he said "Curiosity has killed another cat!"?

    There's something better than energon I suppose.

    Need some water, my queen?

    I'm no expert in foreign relations but wouldn't breaking into a military base be considered a breach of truce?

    This tunnel bit is throwing me back to the episode where Ratty is running around in the air ducts with all the explosions.

    Dinoboy's been watching some Indiana Jones, I take it?

    I'm going to be honest, this is the most awkward truce I've seen in my entire life. Does beating the piss out of one another or sabotaging each others equipment or breaking into a base and stealing information STILL count as a truce?

    Poor spiders got squished. :( 

    Another scene with Rhino ass. It seems to be becoming a recurring theme in the show. Also, so much for the series getting darker.

    Scorpanok, always the optimist.

    That's it? That's all the information we know about the disc? It's a fucking voicemail announcing that the aliens are on their way? Why would they even send it as a beacon to a planet only consisting of animals to their knowledge?

    Ugh, I guess we will have to find out more the next time.

    Thanks for reading, have a good night everybody!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 25 - "Other Voices, Part 1" - 11/17/15​

    It seems a little odd to have a "last time on" for an episode that isn't a multi-part title.

    Something just came out of that black hole, it resembles Starscream's spark.

    Twitch is learning to distrust Black Arachnia. Twitch also reminds me of William Murderface.


    Translation; Waspinator is going to tear Twitch a new asshole.

    I get what you guys were saying about the cease fire only being between enemies. Troncon just threatened Waspinator and until then it didn't make much sense since I don't recall any reference to them harming one another in the last episode.

    So, a giant crop circle fell from the sky with a pretty crystal.

    Good job on scanning it safely Airbby.

    I'm getting a Halo 5: Guardian's vibe. Now to see if a giant winged mechanical beast erupts from the ground.

    Heck, even the inside of the alien base thing is looking a lot like Halo: Combat Evolved (like a lot of the show).

    Uh, so Air Razor is stuck in there with Satan.

    ... Rule #1 of Transformers has been thrown out in order to honor the peace treaty. That's going to have bad repercussions.

    Nut shot on a Wasp?

    JESUS! That sounds painful for a noogy.

    Once, just once, I'd like to see Waspinator win a fight.

    Well, the Alien thing just said "Cybertron".

    Good disregard of the 4th wall, Ratty.

    How can you not see that this is a trap Prime? It's rather obvious.

    That little noise Ratty makes is adorable.

    The gravemind just grabbed Prime... (That's another Halo reference for you non-game players, look it up. :) )

    What the hell is going on in this alien fun house of torture and doom?

    That little device is all you need to get past the Maximal's defense system? I feel like that could have been very useful in earlier episodes.

    ... Whaaaaaaaaaat?

    Nope, not the real Unicron.

    Now Optimus suddenly has the strength to bust out of there? Why not while he was getting tortured?

    Later Troncon, it was nice knowing you buddy.

    Who would have guessed the Air Razor was suddenly well off enough to fight?

    Optimus is leaving the Predacons to die? That's unlike him though I guess the current circumstances make sense.

    I... I don't... er, what is this? Did that thing just create the Death Star or something?

    Well, all of the stasis pods just got EMP'd to hell.

    Here's your time to shine Dinobot. You love battle!

    Uh, that was anti-climatic.

    Well, I barely made it to grabbing the remote in time to mute it so I wouldn't see/hear any spoilers.

    So, yesterday's episode left me super confused with no idea what the big deal with all of these aliens is.

    Today's episode did the -exact- same thing.

    All I know is there are some Unicron forming alien life forms of energy or something that want to morph the moon into the Deathstar and that the planet the Maximals and Predacons are on was meant to be some sort of experiment... Here's to hoping we find some answers in tomorrows episode!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 26 - "Other Voices, Part 2" - 11/18/15​

    Well, there's still a giant laser link from the planet to the moon.

    That's two doomsayers now, one on each team.

    I have no idea what I'm looking at right now.

    It looks like a giant eyeball.

    Well, it did, but not anymore.


    They keep changing the camera location and Troncon keeps looking towards it as soon as it changes. It's kind of like a news cast.

    It seems that Scorponok has a run for his money on becoming Megatron's loyalist lackey.

    Jesus. He's cooking the guy alive.

    Wait, so is Tarantulus just like knocked out or something? I mean, I've seen bots and cons exploded into pieces and be functioning within an hour but burned to death?


    Black Arachnia has some pretty sweet dodging skills.

    Jesus. She point blanked him with his own gun. That's cold blooded.


    This is actually hurting my eyes a bit.

    What the fuck just happened?

    Air Razor is a big ass hawk to be as big as the Tiger and Cheetah.

    How does his plan proceed if he's fried?

    Oh wait, she went into his brain and stuff.

    Well, the Deathstar is firing it's first shot.

    That's, uh, a lot of energon to be exploding at once.

    Megatron has a new role model.

    I no want Waspinator to be destroyed either.

    Hahaha. "Did you know we have a truce?"

    That was an odd transition. I didn't realize he was with BA and them until it zoomed out.

    So, Optimus is going to suicide bomb the big moon planet gun thing like the original Optimus Prime in Season 3.

    "Hey, Suicide ain't in my description."

    Mine either, Rat buddy.

    It's pretty sad to hear Black Arachnia speak to Optimus like that considering she was supposed to be a Maximals.

    How sweet.


    Air Razor just knocked that bitch right in the fucking mouth. What a champion.

    Hey, Optimus' mouth shield door thing closed. Radimus.

    The stasis pod almost looks like the Slave 1.

    ... Shit. You Predacon cunts.

    Ugh, Troncon you're brilliant and absolutely disgusting.

    Nifty explosion graphics but uh, where's Optimus?

    The animations at the moment are super odd. Like they look different and I'm not really sure how to explain it.

    The End?

    Well that sucks. This is the exact same thing I'm left with as the past two days. I don't know jack shit about the Aliens, why they're so pissed off at the Maximals and Predacons or what the fuck is going on...

    Ugh, maybe Season 2 will give some freakin' answers.
  3. CaptainSlayer

    CaptainSlayer "Soundwave just sent out Randal"

    Jul 29, 2014
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    |Beast Wars - Season Two|

    Episode 27 - "Aftermath" - 11/19/15​

    I'm having my fiancee watch the intro with the TV muted so she can tell me when it's OK to look up. Also, the art all over the menus shows me that the bots and cons are nothing like what they used to be.

    Aright, we're into the "Last time on Beast Wars" and now the title card. I think we're good.

    Ratty must be using 90's technology. He punched the piss out of it and it started working again.

    Well, Optimus is confirmed to be destroyed. Why did Megatron smack Scorp but not Waspinator?

    Never mind.

    Did they give Megatron pupils or did I just never notice them... >.> I always thought they were solid colored.

    Well, Twitch is screwing with Arachnia's mind.

    Jesus, those screams are kind of fucked up.

    That's a big ass Twitch.

    I'm guessing this big shockwave is what changes them from their current forms. Either that or it makes them Super Saiyan.

    Oh shit. Terrorsaur just fell into the damn lava.

    Maybe I was wrong? Black Arachnia seems unphased.

    Huh. They all do. I guess I was wrong.

    Well, nevermind.

    Rat Trap is like Collosus.

    Cheetor looks awesome. :D 

    Their beast forms are much more impressive. :D 

    I'm guessing they changed the designs of the Transformers due to fan complaints of the whole animal thing? TO make them more robotty again?

    Waspinator is unchanged.

    Megatron's big ass is much different.

    His pupils are gone again as well.


    Inferno is unchanged as well I think.

    Twitch has a new body however.

    Rhinox is unchanged.

    Why did it only affect a few of them?

    How is Rhinox seeing Optimus' death?

    Ayyyeeeee, his spark lived on buddy boy.

    Maybe that was the point of the Starscream episode. To explain the existence of sparks after death.

    Inferno lives! Yay!

    Dinobot is unchanged as well. I still don't know how only some were affected.

    It's good to see that Ratty and Dinobot are still rivals.

    God damn, Rhinox.

    Fucking the leader we deserve. Rhinox 2016.

    Airazor got another sucker punch in on BA.

    Rhinox's voice sounds a little different to me for some reason.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Megatron's new look quite yet. He just back handed the shit out of BA.

    This version of Megatron is super serious.

    It's like the Gavaltron transformation again.

    Rhinox just got blasted by Inferno.

    Hell yeah! Waspinator landed a shot AND knocked Cheetor off a freakin' cliff!

    ... a flying Cheetah.

    Twitch is going to get BA absolutely wasted.

    Odd that Inferno called Dinobot a traitor. I guess someone filled him in on past experiences.

    Waspinator putting up a fight? I like Season Two.

    TronCon's new gun sounds kind of puny.

    T-Rex Ass Jets!

    That was a short lived beast mode from Troncon.

    I'm happy Waspinator is holding his own against the new Cheetor.

    Never mind. He just got his gun whipped away and I'm sure he's about to get wrecked.

    Hey, they're using a variation of the theme song in a sequence!

    Good heart, Cheetor. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy you left ol' Waspinator alone. :D 

    Annnnnd, he screwed up.

    "New packaging, Same product!" - Toy Reference.

    Rhinox should have ripped his freaking head off.

    Wow, Megatron cares enough about Inferno to give up on ending two Maximals? Respect.

    He is scared off by Rhinox however. Which I gotta' ask, who wouldn't be?

    HEYYYY! I get the reference, "The Beast Wars just got a whole lot weirder."


    Uh, oh. A broken pod as well

    What the fuck? Zombie bots?

    I guess we will find out tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 28 - "Coming of the Fuzors, Part 1" - 11/20/15​

    ... There's a scorpion on that branch. You guys are lying assholes and Scorpanok is going to be back.

    Megatron indeed has roller skates.

    Waspinator was talking about the moon but I'm not sure why. He said something about markings so I'm assuming it's another big gun of doom?

    Tar pit. The death of a dinobot.

    Or he can use it as a disguise.

    That's insanely creepy.

    I'm still confused. Dinobot just said something about Earth.

    Dinobot and Waspinator teaming up? I can support it.

    Aww man. :( 

    I was hoping he'd get a rea truce.

    Annnd now he's disassembled again.

    I refuse to believe that was the end of Waspinator.

    Fantastic. I love this guy.


    I love Cheetor's new helmet/head.

    A protoform without a spark huh... Optimus or Scorpanok. Guaranteed.

    Uh, OK, maybe that isn't Scorpanok. It's some redneck.


    Woah, his tail is an awesome snake thing.

    What the hell is this guy? A hawk wolf? The other one is a Scorpion snake?


    "Pain is my friend!" That's a great line. Inferno is now Hulk smashing Redneckatron.

    How does TronCon know what cops are?

    I'm going to be surprised if the Scopasnake turns out to be the good one.

    Silverbolt? SOUR BALL!

    I didn't catch the other guys name.

    Quickstrike. That's a nifty name.

    OK, Silverbolt looks awesome in his beast form.

    So does Quickstrike actually.

    Two new Predacons and no new Maximals? That's not very fair.

    I guess this is a multiple part bit. Maybe we will get a new maximal out here soon.

    Dinobuddy is getting pretty deep over here.

    I have no clue what he just said. It sounds like he's having some kind of power struggle.

    Frankentwitch is alive and well.

    The colbolt kitty haha.

    Uh, Megatron just fucked up by shooting Sourball.

    I still think it would have been cool to play against what users expected and have Quickstrike be the Maximal.


    They're using the theme song in an action sequence again. Nifty.

    Don't pretend you aren't happy to see him Ratty.

    Ratty and Dinobuddy working together? I can dig it. I also like the armory they have. It reminds me of the scene in Men in Black with all the fucking guns hidden in that house.

    Good shot, Rattimus Prime.

    Frankentwitch is either telepathic or he can control Black Arachnia.

    Well, then I guess the second one works the best.

    How did these two suddenly make amends? I thought TronCon wanted Twitch offline for good?

    Three versus five? This seems fair.

    Correction, six.

    That's actually a pretty great ending. I'm super excited for the next episode!


    Also, why was Rhinox all glowy at the end?

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 29 - "Coming of the Fuzors, Part 2" - 11/21/15​

    So, I've had some time to think during this recap. Maybe the alien experiment was to see how a planet would function without technology. Maybe that's why the tower fired upon weapons? Or maybe a planet without conflict? But then again the native animals eat each other so there goes that.

    Well, that whole cliff hanger episode just ended up being the Maximals getting blasted rather quickly.

    Poor Sour Ball :( 

    Quickstrick is pretty awesome.

    Rhinox is now a floating space head. Deal with it.

    Did he just call her a witch?


    Wait, that was TronCon's rubber ducky. Adorable.

    Oh, poor poor Waspinator. It's painfully obvious that Silverbolt is going to change sides pretty soon and TronCon just sent you to the Maximal base with him. You're gonna' get ripped apart bug buddy.

    I won't pretend to understand what the "Other Side" of the Matrix is.

    Why did it just show the fliers go over the Maximals for the seconds time?

    They put a lot of detail on the moon and I love them for it.

    What a ******icon.

    Hahaha. The freaking bouncing animation on Dinobot is beautiful.

    Oh my fucking god. This is too good. Jesus Christ.

    I've actually never laughed this hard at Transformers, including the labcoat scene in Season 1 of the original series. New favorite moment for sure.

    Wasn't his gun depleted just a moment ago?

    Dinobot really has a thing for knocking boulders onto people.

    I'm so happy that this is happening. I thought it was going to be a short twenty second gag but they are seriously playing this out. I cannot express the happiness I am feeling at the moment but god dammit it is fantastic.

    TronCon and his lacky got a little too close for comfort.

    It also makes me happy that Inferno can laugh at that situation.

    Well the landscaping crew just showed up in my yard with a big tractor and are laying out gravel in the drive way. It's super loud and making my dog freak out so the rest of this episode is going to be on stupid high volume.

    Sour Ball just heard about Dinobot defecting and I'd bet that's where he's going to get the idea.

    Also, color me impressed that Dinobot actually followed orders from Ratty and didn't scrap him.

    "Where all are one."

    You know, I'd actually put money that Ratty says "We're all going to die" about as much as Megatron says "Yeeeesssss~"... Alright not -that- much but a lot!

    There's an odd frame rate drop going on at the moment. Maybe it's an effect they used?

    What the hell just happened?

    There's the frame drop again.

    ... All are one... Zombie bot thing... Optimus Primal was just brought back to life somehow. Guaranteed.

    Damn they run out of ammo fast. Maybe they should use energy weapons attached to them like Troncon.


    Those guys got vaporized.

    Does Rhinox have a damn hole in his chest? Like right through his teeth.

    I'm loving the use of the western style encounters.


    Alright, Quickstrike looks fucking amazing with that backdrop.

    Inferno as well.

    Rhinox's gun looks like a lawn mower.

    Wicked guitar kicking in.


    What did I fucking say?


    Sick shield bro.


    Holy shit, I like this guy wayyyy more than oldimus Prime.


    So, Optimus has a skateboard and Megatron has Rollerblades.

    It's like the epitome of 90's XTREME!

    Apparently Inferno can curve rockets.

    I really like the cracked eye details on this dude.

    Western 'draw' time.

    It's about damn time Sourball.

    If I ever fall off a cliff to my death, I'm going to try and make that scream first.

    Oh shit, I actually forgot about Tigertron and Airazor. I don't even remember where they went.

    Ratty has a point.

    He doesn't buy it.

    Uh, never mind. He does. He's an idiot.

    I would never trust those two spiders for anything...

    Also, Rollerskating around doesn't make you very intimidating TronCon and I'm a fruitbooter in real life. :p 

    Epic episode. Epic introduction. Epic just everything.

    Thanks for reading and we'll see you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 30 - "Tangled Web" - 11/22/15​

    As you wish my Queen.

    So, we've got the two spiders and the insane redneck making a refueling station and Wasp and Inferno are making a jamming tower. It's cute watching Waspintor try to carry that tower piece.

    Quickstrike is such a ladies man.

    Well, this is the first time I've gotten to see FrankenTwitch's alt form. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Also, was that him using that country bumpkin accent?

    Look at Sourball being all honorable and respectful while Rattimus Prime is doing the same ol' pessimistic nonsense.

    Still no Tigatron, Airazor or Dinobuddy this episode.


    Poor Quickstrike. He finds someone to be kind too and they just turn on him like it's nothing.

    It's actually odd to see Quickstrike being so kind and not... blood thirsty.

    Frankentwitch is a sith lord confirmed. Or, well, a force user at least.

    Why do his 'eye brows' bounce so much when he laughs?

    Ah there's the Quickstrike I know.

    Wait. Are Scorpions arachnids? TIL. (Please don't make fun of me for not knowing that.)


    Well, Quickstrike is very easily persuaded. I guess that's where the whole brawn over brains thing comes in.

    You would think he would know Quickstrike's scent better than Frankentwitch and BA's since he was born along side him and he was the first creature he encountered.

    Nope, definitely a Sith lord.

    Looney Toons line, "Of course you know, this means war!"

    Lmfao, that Inferno laugh. I love him. Absolutely love him.

    That's a cute little dagger toy BA has now.

    Oh wow. She actually went through with it and that screaming she's doing is absolutely awful.

    You have to admire her dedication to mental freedom. Also, her ability to constantly win out of Frankentwitch.

    I expected Quickstrike to beat the crap out of Frankentwitch for laying his hands on a woman as it seems like the southern thing to do. But nope, he's still loyal to his leaders.

    It wouldn't be an episode of Transformers without a fight scene.

    Sourball's battle form while flying reminds me of that one angel like Digimon.

    I'm still a sucker for the spiders machine gun legs. Wait, I don't know if Twitch can still do that or not.

    ...Dude. He's a white knight. M'Predacon.


    So, some of you may see the blog right now up until this line since I accidentally hit save somehow. >.>

    Quickstrike's color scheme is as great as Tigatron's.

    What the hell just happened?

    My thought exactly Black Arachnia.

    "Birddog" that's a fantastic nickname.

    Wait a minute. Who blew up the cavern?

    Did Megatron send them on a mission to try and kill them?

    Nope. Frankentwitch set it to blow while they were fighting so he could claim the lair as his own.

    So, now Tarantulas literally has an entire base filled with energon cubes. That can't be good.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 31 - "Maximal, No More" - 11/22/15​

    Just a heads up, no episode tomorrow for the holidays. I'm debating doing an episode Friday - if I do, it will likely be episodes 32 and 33 in a single run.

    Well that messed with my mind a bit. I didn't expect it to be a computer program.

    I'm glad Dinobot has a laptop and a desk.

    I really hope this episode isn't about Dinobot changing sides again.


    "Great War 3" When did Great War 2 happen?

    Maybe you aren't scanning them because there's a freaking jamming station right there?

    This is seriously like watching a kid ride around in his little red wagon.

    Inferno <3

    Quickstrike <3

    Another "draw" sequence? It's pretty honorable of Quickstrike to be so kind is it not?

    Poor guy :( 

    "You're on my ground insect!", is this where he hid the discs?

    Waspintor got him one! YEET!

    Damn, Dinobot got knocked the hell out.

    You know, I just realized... I like the bad guys in this show a lot more than I did in the original series.

    Ironic that he says "Do I look like a pack bot to you bug eyes!?" When literally last episode that's exactly what he was.

    That quickstrike impression is pretty spot on, Rattimus Prime.

    I love him too <3 He's a loveable piece of canon fodder.

    He's already awake... So, wait... Did he let himself be caught?

    He's got some kind of game going on here. I refuse to believe that Dinobot would serve the Megatron again. I could accept that he might abandon the Maximals and I can believe that he would look after himself before anyone else but there's no way in hell he would bow to Megatron again.

    There's the title drop.

    The Predacons are pretty much Sith. Always looking to off one another and prove their strength.

    Megatron still has Dinobuddy's sword there so I doubt he's going to do much good against a fuzor.

    Damn, he blasted both of the Spidacons.

    Well, I was wrong. He just absolutely obliterated that guy.

    Oh, Quickstrike is still in the fight.

    Well this is a Dragonball Z battle if I've ever seen one.

    Also, it's good to know Quickstrike can shoot lazers from his snake mouth.

    Well, now he's down for the count.


    Aw, no fatality.

    Hahaha, that's amazing.

    Ah, shit.

    Oh my god, Rattimus has a freaking wedge of cheese in his HUD. That's adorable.

    This is kind of depressing.

    Why are you doing this Dinobot?



    Mercy. He's showing mercy. He has to have a plan. C'mon man.

    Don't do this.

    Don't fucking do this you asshole.

    I knew it. I love you Dinobot. Why the hell is Optimus so blue?

    Optimus looks like a monkey princess Leia right now.

    Yeah, they gave Dinobot a chance too and he blew it...

    My heart is actually hurting a little bit man.

    Dinobot really wanted to betray them. He really wanted to rejoin Megatron. I don't like this, I don't like it at all.

    Hahaha. Adorable.

    Those god damn stairs. Damn it man xD

    Alright so. That was a heavy episode for me as I'd pretty much forgotten how much I adore Dinobot. I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it a hundred more. He is Vegeta... in Predacon form. I really refuse to believe that he will ever honestly serve the Predacons again and I refuse to believe that he won't stay with the Maximals.

    See you all soon and Happy Thanksgiving American readers!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 32 - "Other Visits, Part 1" - 11/30/15​

    Busy, busy holiday weekend. It's only been four or five days since the last episode but it feels ages long.

    Alright, let's kick it off.

    Other Visits, Part 1. The writers sure were fans of their multi part episodes for Beast Wars, huh?

    While this intro is coming on I wanted to let you guys know I bought Transformers Devastation this Black Friday and it is amazing, it has freakin' Kreemzeek collectibles!

    So we're at a giant floating gold island.

    Wait. Ohhh, the symbols are for the alien places they've visited. Stone Hendge was one of them.

    I would say I'm surprised that Dinobot didn't snap at Rhinox for bringing up his betrayal but I'm not. Not after that choke from last time.

    Why are cartoon characters unable of thinking in their head instead of out loud?

    This is the first time I've seen Megatron snap on Inferno for calling him Queen. He must be genuinely pissed off at Frankentwith's betrayal, but seriously who the hell didn't see that coming?

    All plant life died? I'm not sure why but I didn't notice, at all.

    Jesus Optimus is super blue.

    Now this area really looks like Blood Gulch.

    Quite an impressive roar there Tigatron.

    Aww, how sweet... How long until they get shot in the back?

    Nope, Jumanji vines.

    Another Grave Mind scene as well.

    0.0 What the hell is happening right now.

    Are they being abducted?

    Holy shit they got abducted.

    That sucks ass for Cheetor having to witness it and not be able to do crap.

    Oh, I get it. The Blood Gulch place is a new alien location transporter thing a ma jigg.

    Now I feel really bad for Cheetor... Watch your friends get beamed into space and then catch a laser blast to the torso.

    Frankentwitch is much smarter than regular twitch.

    Optimus is way easier on the eyes in bot form.

    This kind of sucks... Tigatron and Air Razor are fantastic.

    Watching Waspinator try to defend this little tower is hilarious.

    It's hard to believe that that little tower is a big strategic advantage.

    Why wouldn't you already have the auto guns online?

    Holy shit that is one big ass turret. Haha, the Megaphone reminds me of The Mask.

    I don't know what impertinence means...

    I also misspelled it something awful. Thanks Firefox.

    Ugh, the defenses are offline. You should have just shot him Rhinox.

    Inferno versus Rhinox? This should be fun.

    Or, uh, he can just blast him in the face one good time.

    My god I love Inferno.

    Rock'em Sock'em Robots.


    Jesus christ, I love this fucking show.

    Rhinox - the most capable bot on this planet.


    Wait... I just missed what BA said... Hunky Silver who? Who's she obsessing over now?

    It's not Rattimus is it?

    Even Cheetor is calling out Dinobot for his betrayal.

    <3 Rattimus

    lol "I know, I know shut up Rattrap."


    What's going on right now? Frankentwitch is openly defying Megatron now?

    So, the giant beam that Tigatron and Air Razor sent off was another signal for the aliens to come back?

    Optimus has some pretty sharp teeth there.

    OH MY GOD! That crash landing for Waspinator was absolutely beautiful and unexpected. He was hauling ass.

    "You act out of hate! Excellent! That's an emotion I can trust!" At least Megatron is honest.

    This is reminding me of the evil laugh sequence in Austin Powers...

    Alright, seeing all of these Maximals and Predacons in one place is pretty exciting.

    Inferno just screamed like a frightened child at the vines... Doesn't he have a flame thrower to burn them down with?

    Ah, it turned into another giant dome thing like the first one.

    I'm sure Air Razor would be having some flash backs if she were hear. Painful ones.

    Well, all the Transformers were just knocked out by the dome.

    UGH. To be continued... If I didn't already have plans I'd be on the next episode in a heart beat... Oh well, more excitement for after work tomorrow. :) 

    Thanks for reading guys and girls and I hope you have a great night!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 33 - "Other Visits, Part 2" - 12/1/15​

    "We survived it at least, most of us." I don't believe Dinobot and Rhinox are dead... I bet they're going to be transmetals soon.

    Why did the disc make a shotgun sound when he pulled it out?

    So only the newformers are up and active. I guess their new bodies allow them to take the alien energy.

    The discs are keys then.

    Quickstrike aren't you always one ready for a fight? I'm not used to you being cautious.

    At least he didn't offer a second thought once Megatron confirmed the plan.

    I'm glad Rattimus Prime knows what a can opener is.

    That is a pitch black background they're walking on.

    Oh, there we go.

    Of course Quickstrike gets volunteered by the two biggest jerks on the planet.

    I won't pretend to understand how Megatron came to find that conclusion before right now but hey, invisible is invisible.

    Do we get to see an actual alien now?

    No. Another disc? Or, er, ohhh I get it. It's where the disc goes.

    Megatron's going Super Saiyan.

    Kudos to Quickstrike for being loyal and rushing to TronCon despite the field.

    But of course the promise of a fight got him to abandon his dear leader.

    That was a rather dark "Yeeeesssss~"

    Oil and cookies, eh? Sounds disgusting.

    Optimus is smacking those blasts away with his maces and I think it's awesome.

    Congratulations, Optimus. You took entirely way too long to make your move on the base and now TronCon is flying away and has death beam turrets.

    I'm surprised Frankentwitch and Quickstrike bailed out to be honest, but I guess they couldn't have known that TronCon is the one doing it.

    Apparently hiding behind a rock defends you from abduction beams.

    Uh, that's a bit creepy.

    Wait, so he ditches Frankentwitch but keeps Black Arachnia around? That's unexpected.

    FACT: That giant base can teleport across the map. Too OP, Hasbro please nerf.


    Rhinox is back up.

    Also, he referenced being in the recovery chamber all the time and that's fantastic.

    Is it Frankentwitche's turn to join the maximals? :p 

    Waspinator broke the fourth wall and that's also fantastic.

    Rattimus vouched for ol' Frankentwitch. I did not see that coming.

    I guess the transwarp signals can't run on Wi-Fi since they have to be hard wired. :p 

    So, Megatron wants to head home to kill the Maximals and the Autobots. It would be awesome to see us head back to Cybertron I must admit.

    Rule #1 - Shoot -everything-.

    Holy shit, Sourball's a fucking boss.

    I admire their ability to just start blasting the shit out of the ship without any consideration of what may happen.

    I swear Rattimus should be recon instead of demolitions.

    You take your eyes off of him for one freaking second and he's gone... Frankentwitch is Batman confirmed.

    That was a pretty pitiful shot.

    I stand corrected.

    Optimus said fuck yo' chair fool.

    Woah, Rattimus Prime really said fuck yo' chair bitch.

    I'm disappointed actually. I was hoping they'd go to Cybertron.

    Well, maybe they still will.

    Was that Tarantulus that just hauled ass out of there?

    Good shot of the inside of Troncon's mouth.

    This time he loses? He loses every time.

    I'm really disappointed. The freaking base just gets blown to shit.

    I agree, what about Air Razor and Tigatron?

    I guess those two twinkling stars are their sparks and I will happily and patiently be waiting for their sure to be epic return.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 34 - "Bad Spark" - 12/2/15​

    New Biome Unlocked - Swamplands.

    Sneaky snake spotted.

    Hey, a new pod. :) 

    Residual energon? Is that the natural energon?

    Uh-oh. Are we going to get a Devastator now? ;D

    I like that Waspinator gets put on the good jobs.

    Well, at least Megatron isn't a complete idiot in trusting Black Arachnia.

    Also, Sourball looked awesome and I keep forgetting about him.

    Wait, what? They're trying to make an immortal bot or something? I missed that bit.

    It sounds like Terrorsaur :p 

    So it's basically a hulk.

    lol. He's about to blast one off. Jesus.

    Wow, Black Arachnia actually blasted Sourball. I thought for sure she'd go for someone else first.

    Optimus Primal's pistol right now looks like a lego piece.

    Well, I think it just got it's spark back.

    Not impressed, eh? I think otherwise.

    Wow, Sour was even going as far as to help her up after all of that. M'Paladin Bot for sure.

    Energon tornado?

    This is interesting actually. A bot and con love story.

    I hate that they "UHHH! H-HAVE too talk *heave* l-LLLIIKE *heave* this when... injured. *deep inhale* in every *deep exhale* show ever."

    Of course Frankentwitch get's launched with the pod.

    Oh shit. It's empty. He's in the T-Rex Paddock Now.

    That is one huge son of a bitch.

    Jesus Primal's razorblade teeth are nuts man.

    My boy got his arm ripped off and BA and Silverbolt are having a laugh about it...

    Megatron and Inferno are being total vouyers at the moment.

    Hey, it's another log covering a massive gap. A recurring theme of the show. :p 

    My boy can't fly and he still goes first with a Predacon behind him?

    I didn't actually expect her to betray him.

    Sabertooth tiger? That would be a nice beast mode we haven't seen yet.

    Annnnd, Sour saves her once again.

    Now it's her turn.

    Knew it.

    I'm surprised she's strong enough to pull his big ass up.

    Oh my god... Gross.

    My thoughts exactly TronCon.

    Dinobot is just distancing himself further and further from the Maximals man.

    I'm surprised they still trust him in the base alone actually.

    Props to the animators for being able to put his transformation in the glass of that pod.

    Fucking lol. She went to light his ass up.

    Dude, Frankentwitch got fucked up.

    He's not dead right? I mean he's like the main villain in the show...

    Protoform X, huh? How X-TREME.

    What the hell was that sprinting behind them?

    It looked like a Komodo Dragon.

    Nope, it's the new big ass protobot. Is it a spider too?

    Looks like it.

    Damn. He's spot on with his shots.

    He's like a Spider/Scorpion uh... what are they called? Fuzor. That's it.

    Aww, Arachnia does care.

    Woah. Bots and a Pred working together in harmony. Beautiful.

    He's also a tank and Sourball has spot on accuracy.

    Apparently so does ol' buddy X.

    This episode is really showing the relationship between these two. I guess they're supposed to be replace Air Razor and Tigatron as the lovers of the show. I wish they would have developed their relationship like they are with these two.




    Wait, so she wanted him to catch her? Good show.

    Wow... So Megaton is going to make him a Predacon.

    When the hell do the Maximal's get a giant beast guy?

    Well this is pretty fucked up. He's torturing him to control him.

    Rampage. That's actually a fantastic name.

    I feel really fucking bad for this guy. Megatron's a dick.

    Well, that was a really good episode though the ending makes me feel like crap. :( 

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 35 - "Code of Hero" - 12/3/15​

    So I was recommended to have my fiancee watch this episode with me. She's right here beside me in bed. Asleep. W

    Who knows, maybe she'll wake up.

    Wait. What the hell are those?

    Are those premative humans or are they supposed to be apes? (The non-human kind)

    Is Dinobot about to perform Hara-kiri?

    Ooh, shit. Rattimus called him out on his betrayal.

    God damn, Rat Trap knocked him the fuck back without caution.

    Where's he going?

    So it's another Dinobot episode obviously. Is he planning to change sides again? Go rouge?

    Damn, that's one strong web to hold onto that thing.

    Wow. Smart dinosaur.

    I love that fact that Dinobot chooses to ride the other Transformers. It's beautiful.

    These have to be early humans. I don't know of any other ape that looks like that or sounds like that. xD

    That disc said "The Sounds of Earth" so is that like... a vinyl record or something?

    Holy shit. So he's changing the future?

    Yup. Early humans.

    Jesus Christ. He's going to try and eliminate the human race before we even evolved.

    Dinobot just smashed Frankentwitch with a boulder yet again.

    FACT: My great-great-great ancestors ran from Predacons.

    ... A rising sun behind him. Dinobot's going to die in this episode.

    Yet it's dark again now.

    Dudddddddeeeeee he just messed old Inferno up.

    Meatshield time.

    Inferno's head popped off again.

    Maybe that was a setting sun actualy.

    That's a new move I've never seen him use.

    Damn, he's even moving on Proto X.

    Poor Waspinator. xD

    Good on Dinobot. He just beat the shit out of all of them minus Megatron.

    Oh, and Quickstrike.

    I forgot about him.

    He's looking pretty messed up.

    Systems failing.

    Dude, he's stomping ol' buddy with his bare hands.

    Ugh. Dinobot's going to go down fighting.

    All I know is he better come back as a Transmetal...

    I'm surprised this show got away with the idea of evolution back in the 90's. I feel like it would have been boycotted.

    He made a tool. A hint to the whole "early technology" bit I'm sure.

    Wow... He used the last of his energy to destroy the disc.

    Hell yeah, Optimus didn't waste time to start blasting on TronCon. That's unlike him.

    Of course they show Rattimus being upset first. They were rivals but they liked each other...

    Ouch. My feelings...

    Dude. This is a little harder than I thought it would be.

    Fuck me.

    He has to come back, right?

    He has to be a Transmetal, right?

    His spark is leaving his body. He's got to do what Prime did. I mean, c'mon.

    Wow... Rat Trap is saluting him.

    Well, god damn it. I guess I got what I wanted. At least he was a fucking Maximal till the end.

    Fuck you hasbro.

    They're using their beast modes as jets while they cremate Dinobot.

    Holy fuck me in the fucking fuck.

    That's not fucking cool man.

    I knew it was going to happen but it doesn't hurt any less.

    Well, that early human got his hammer.

    This is where the intelligence begins developing I guess.

    It's going to knock the shit out of that snake.


    Also, how is the valley looking so great when it was just on fire?

    Rise of the Planet of the Humans.

    A new sparkling star.

    Well, fuck. I don't have anything to say.

    See you all tomorrow...

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 36 - "Transmutate" - 12/4/15​

    Well, someone has an IV in their veins.

    Megatron I'm assuming since Rampage's control cube thing is beside him.

    Yup, Megatron.

    How can he not hear that big son of a bitch sneaking in here?

    That thing looks so brutal like the energon crystals in it just look gnarly.

    I doubt many kids got that fault joke.

    Oh my god, Sourball's face is beautiful.

    Bird dog, those are delicious. If you've never had one, try it.

    Don't announce it Cheetor, just freakin' save him!

    Woah... I didn't expect that. An energon surge while they're both in Beast Mode must be a super strong source.

    Yay! New Stasis Pod!

    It's the Autobots turn!

    I'm not sure but I think this is the first time I've seen Inferno and Soulball fight directly.

    That was short lived.

    I'm starting to like Rampage a whole lot more right now.


    Well, Rattimus got free.

    HEY! ARCEE REFERENCE! <3 "My Great Aunt Arcee"



    It has like a banshee's screech.

    Dude, it walks so weird.

    I'm -really- liking Rampage but I don't want him corrupting that thing.

    It's so creepy but seems so peaceful.

    It's name is "Transmutate" and uh, Megatron, you're being a dick - fuck off.

    I doubt it's useless, I'm sure it's super smart or a fantastic medic or something. I mean we've already seen it has one hell of a scream.

    More Paladin screen time? I can handle it.

    "Mindless loyalty" - "LOYALTY COMES FIRST!" I'm going to be honest, I really like how Rampage is developing. It's great for him to not be just a mindless hulk now. I honestly feel like he'd make a great Maximal.

    So much for useless, huh Inferno?

    Primal pulled out his lego gun and once again a giant boulder smashes a Predacon.

    Woah, Transmutate was about to wipe Optimus as well.

    Holy crap it can levitate as well.

    I really like this thing. It's creepy but peaceful and awesome.

    ... Dude, you aren't going to shut her down. Fuck you Rhinox.

    I'm with the Paladin!

    God damn it. They had a chance to give her/it a home and they blew it and now they pissed off Silverbolt.

    Well, I'm beginning to think I was wrong and Transmutate is a neutral party.

    Please don't kill this thing already...

    Dude, why? Why would you introduce such a cool character and eliminate it in the same episode? It this supposed to be some kind of message?

    Ouch... "I. Am. Hurt."

    Rampage is upset over something that isn't himself.

    It's a sign of peace. An attempt to stop the Beast Wars... I can dig it, but fuck...

    See you all Monday...

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 37 - "The Agenda, Part 1" - 12/7/15​

    Happy Monday everyone! I'm going into work a bit late today so early episode! Hooray!

    Well, that's a giant explosion.


    Yup, Cybertron.

    Ooo, dirty wires showing. Tasty.

    "Six Lazers"

    Also, Rattimus just said Sourball has a broom up his ass.

    Beautiful landscape. The animators are getting pretty good at that now a days.

    I don't know if that's the moon or the sun behind Sourball but it's awesome looking.

    Ugh, that noise is awful.

    Well then... Sourball is a traitor for some lady bits.

    Uh-oh. The Predacons got his by the wave first.

    Wait, so Megatron betrayed the Predacons? Big surprise.

    ...Shit. No maximal back up.

    So they're sending a bounty hunter to try and wipe out Megatron.

    That reminds me of the Autobot Bounty Hunter from the original series. I can't remember his name.

    Wow.... Sourball is being a dick head.

    I thought Rat Trap actually knew what was going on for a second there.

    Rampage said fuck your technology stuff, I'm about to blow the hell out of this place.

    Why wouldn't you have the external guns online before hand if you knew an attack was coming?

    Look at my baby Waspinator doing work on those turrets! Hell yeah!

    I don't get the joke that Sourball just told.

    I'm guessing they're trying to make him take Dinobot's place as Rat Trap's rival.

    No one can replace Dinobot. Nobody.

    Optimus' lego gun doesn't look intimidating at all.

    Ah, the old "cloaking" but not to the viewer technique.

    The predacon helped out the Maximals? Odd but I'm sure there's a secret motive for it.

    He's cloaked as well.

    This episode was obviously influenced by Predator.

    SO this is a Decepticon and not a real predacon?

    Ravage? I don't recall the name.

    He's exceedingly Russian.

    "Shut up" *smack*

    I don't buy the whole Ravage helping the good guys thing but it is cool to have a Decepticon in the show and he has some awesome abilities.

    Woah, woah, woah... Hold on... Ravage... RAVAGE! I REMEMBER NOW! SOUNDWAVE'S TAPE! AHH! THIS JUST GOT SO MUCH COOLER! I used to call him something else, a nick name, that's why I couldn't remember him. I know I called him Bagera and few times but I don't remember what else it was.

    Well, Black Arachnia is still working on a way out.

    Poor Rampage. :\


    I wonder what that "other advantage" is. Is Twitch going to be helping them?

    Hell yeah, ODST Maximals!

    Why the hell is Cheetor scared to jump out? He has wings now!

    This is awesome, man.

    Hell yeah, Rhinox! That's how you stick a landing son!

    OMFG! I'm dying at Cheetor. That was fucking hilarious.

    Ravage said fuck your guns, I got a bad ass future ship.

    Damn, I thought it got blown up and was about to give mad props to Rampage.

    Well, Rampage is down and I have a feeling Inferno is about to get torn apart by Rhinox.

    He lit him up son.

    Waspinator VS Cheetor.

    Correction, Cheetor VS Turret.

    Aww, look at Waspinators little sideways tongue.

    He can't attack a woman. Especially not one he's getting butt love with.

    Jesus, that ship is fucking up Troncon's base.

    Well, Ravage is good at what he does.

    Also, I wonder where the hell Black Arachnia is supposed to be going.

    Ravage is a bad ass bounty hunter cop.

    I doubt that this is the end of that... I'm sure Ravage has other plans for the maximals.

    Also, why didn't Optimus scold Sourball?

    I guess I'll find out more tomorrow.

    Have a happy Monday everyone! I'll check back in when I get to work <3

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 38 - "The Agenda, Part 2" - 12/8/15​

    This is a really long recap.

    I guess now is the time for Optimus Primal to scold Silverbolt.

    This is the first time I've really gotten the military leadership vibe from Optimus.

    Wow, he doesn't even trust him enough to send him to bring her in.

    I think Cheetor can handle it.

    Hey, a reference to the original Megatron, awesome.

    So the Predacons are scattered now, huh?

    Oh shit. Frankentwitch is a cop?! Hell yeah!

    Wow, really? You just lost mad respect points Silverbolt.

    They're actually opening fire on him? I didn't expect that.

    I feel really bad for Cheetor now. I still can't begin to understand why some of you view him in a negative light.

    I've never noticed Cheetor's hands are his head until now. Why is he holding them together like that?

    I should have known Inferno was going to pop up when it showed the ant hill as they were flying over.


    Uh, a pirate ship in the sky thing?

    Yo-ho Black Arachnia. Yo. Ho.

    That is a disgusting sounding howl.

    "YOU SHOT ME!?"

    That ships about to crash into the mountain side.

    Cool rotations Waspinator.


    You know. I knew it was coming but I'm still disappointed.

    That is a hideous scream you have there BA.

    "And as a heroic character." lol

    Inferno is absolutely nuts.

    He's laughing away while being a suicide bomber.

    Dude... Please don't tell me Inferno really just died.

    What the fuck is with this show and killing the characters I love?

    I swear to fucking god if we lose Waspinator I'm going to cry.

    Hey the Decepticon symbol!

    Dude, Megatron is about to reveal his plan to Ravage and the idea of the Decepticon's winning is going to put them on the same side.



    This is awesome. I really like where this is heading.

    This is getting to be as cringy as Anakin and Padme rolling around in the field of Episode 2.




    See you all tomorrow. >.>

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 39 - "The Agenda, Part 3" - 12/9/15​

    It's time for the season 2 finale of Beast Wars! Woo!

    Time for another super recap.

    Well we're starting with another sunrise or sunset. I wonder who's going to die in this episode.

    Oh, I see Cheetor using his head hands now.

    Quickstrike. I forgot you existed again old buddy.

    Uh, you riding Rampage is new.

    That's some serious power the preds are packing at the moment.

    Did he just say Kneival mode?

    Hell yeah, Rattimus is on the offensive this time around.

    Ouch. Right up the privates.

    Well that's just... Dandy? Don't you mean Prime Rhinox?

    Blasting time.

    Rhinox VS Rampage? This hasn't happened yet.

    So many Decepticon logos <3

    Well, Frankentwitch just got blown to shit.

    Damn, Ravage just got cooked as well.

    So did I just witness two deaths or was that some make believe non-sense?

    If so, that takes out one of the shows most villainous characters.



    I knew the "My Hero" bit was coming, I absolutely knew it.

    That's cute. Rhinox sitting on Optimus Primal's hover board :p 

    Tired of moving boulders yet Sourball?

    OK, this is kind of cute.

    It's odd to see Black Arachnia accept a compliment even if she did twist it around. But still, cute.

    Wait. What?

    WAIT. WHAT!?

    WAITTT. WHAT!???!


    That's the real fucking ARK?

    Like the ARK from the original series?


    AUTOBOTS! <3


    1984! :D 



    Well, Megatron ruined the moment...

    Teletran... Not Teletron.

    Well, now it Black Arachnia's chance to prove she's not 100% evil and self absorbed.

    Please don't kill Silverbolt. :( 

    <3 I love you Black Arachnia.

    Now knowing Megatron, his evil ass is still going to execute Sourball and probably Black Arachnia as well.

    By Primus? Great band. When I grow up, I WANT TO BE A FISHERMAN!

    Cheetor is the first to jump into action. That's my boy.

    Rhinox says fuck flying, I've got style.

    OMG! "Die Cast Construction! It's a lost art." Fantastic 4th wall break. Def in the top 3 now. :p 


    Holy shit the original bots and cons were massive compared to these guys.

    Was that first bot Staracream?


    This shits getting really serious, really fucking fast.

    Where the hell did Sourball get off too?

    If Optimus Prime was awake right now, he'd flick you away like a god damn fly TronCon.

    Ironic that his weapon power is "Maximal".

    Rule #1: Shoot -EVERYTHING-. Always remember the basics my friends.

    They aren't going to make it. Even with Troncon's babbling they're taking too long.

    Dude... No...



    FUCK ME!






    Oh my god if I didn't know Season 3 was starting tomorrow I would literally riot right now.

    This episode has gotten me absolutely hype as fuck and the fact that they ended a season with evil winning is unbelievable.

    I cannot begin to explain to you all how excited I am for tomorrow. See you then!
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    |Beast Wars - Season Three|

    Episode 40 - "Optimal Situation" - 12/10/15​

    Optimal Situation is a go.

    Huh, so we're picking up right at the end of the last episode. The whirlwind and everything is still going on.

    Oh hey, there's Sourball.

    Woah, holy shit. Black Arachnia is actually a good girl now. :D 

    That's my girl. <3

    Holy shit, Optimus has no head and that's where the hurricane is coming from.

    Oh wait, yes he does. It was just hard to see.


    That was a bit anti-climactic.

    Jesus Christ his face got melted.

    Haha. Good snap Rattimus. xD

    Optimus Primal is going to become Optimus Prime.

    The Matrix of Leadership :D 

    If G1 is anything to go by, Optimus Primal should be looking super different very soon.

    Waspinator and Inferno?


    He's pretty messed up but he made it god dang it.

    Papa Rhinox is getting pissed kiddos.

    You guys always say Cheetor is the kid character but he's rarely the one bickering like a kid.

    Called it. He's changing.

    Hey, Twitch bots!

    Frankentwitch 2.0 coming soon :D 

    Damn, they threw Ravage's head off of a freaking cliff...

    Quickstrike's tail is moving around on it's own. :p 

    Rampage lives :D 

    Holy shit. That's quite an improvement.

    He's also absolutely fucking massive.

    Riot shields, I like it.

    Oh c'mon Arachnia...

    I like this new Optimus.

    Please tell me his name isn't Optimal Optimus.

    Oh shit, he's even saying old Optimus lines. "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!"

    That alt form is much better than the super blue gorilla.

    We've got our first jet. :) 

    Which actually makes no sense since Optimus Prime never had a flight mode.


    I doubt he killed her.

    Good 4th wall break there Rattimus. :p 

    Did she just call him Rover? Haha.

    C'mon man, there's no way she's really about to die.

    How can you make her a hero and then kill her?

    Woah she didn't even agree to not be a Pred.

    I knew it. I knew they wouldn't kill her. She's too unique. (to me)

    Why would Optimus take off after the Predacon's when he knew the real optimus would need the spark back so soon?

    He's pulling their base off of the cliff.

    That's an odd cockpit and with the spark driving?

    OK, the blasters on it are pretty cool.

    That missile that Rampage just shot out had a peace symbol on the front.

    Well, objective completed. Say goodbye to the Maximal base.

    This is some Jurassic Park 2 stuff going on right now.

    Why is he so upset about their base falling off the cliff? Can't he A: bring it back up or B: Use the ARK?

    Frankentwitch :D 

    Heyyyyy, Lookin' good Optimus Prime.

    ... Did that fool just wake the hell up?

    He's buffering.

    Well, I guess he's asleep again.

    So Black Arachnia is a predacon working with the Maximals A.K.A Dinobot. Who I'm still 100% certain isn't gone for good. I refuse to believe otherwise. I mean, if Twitch can survive so much and fucking Inferno can be incinerated and survive? He's going to be fine.

    w00t w00t! I knew they were going to use the ARK >:D 

    Also, if Optimus ditched Optimus' spark, how is he still in the new form?

    See you all tomorrow and don't forget if you enjoyed the blog (or didn't!) to leave me a vote above!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 41 - "Deep Metal" - 12/11/15​

    Time for the last episode of the week, Deep Metal!

    That's a Fallout 4 looking entrance.

    I thought Optimus was rampage for a moment and got a little confused.

    I'm glad they've set up a base that looks almost exactly like the original in this short amount of time.

    New character?

    His face kind of looks like Quickstrike.

    He's looking for Rampage?

    Hey! It's a Maximal ship!

    Inferno's picked up a bit of a twitch.

    His marching in place is fantastic.

    Rampage seems to be a lot smarter than the mindless berserker he was originally.

    That transformation was so fast and now he's flying out of base so slow.

    Rampage abandoned his post.

    It's literally Inferno just marching up to their door, hahaha.

    That's adorable.

    More insects being squashed by rocks. That's quickly becoming Rule #2 of Transformers.

    This looks like a scene straight out of Jimmy Neutron.

    Well, Cheetor just got owned by a peace missile.

    I forgot Rampage was a crab. He's just as at home in water as he is on shore.

    What is this new guy going to be a fish or something?

    It's be pretty dope if he was Seaspray.

    Nope. His name is Deathcharge and he is a giant stringray. That's pretty cool.

    Unless I'm mistaken that's also the first aquatic Transformer we've had on the show.

    Aww he has little shark drones.

    Can't Megatron just squeeze Rampage's little heart thing to figure out where he is?

    I feel your pain Waspinator old buddy.

    So the Stringray has a flight mode. Cool.

    Poor Cheetor. :( 

    I think Deathcharge is going to be the Maximal's answer to Rampage.

    Kind of like Metroplex and Tripticon.

    Good lord, he's going to burn his face off.

    Did he just pull his skin off?

    Jesus christ. Rampage just got stage fatalitied.

    It sounds like Primal knows Deathcharge.

    Right, immortal spark and stuff.

    I was wondering how he healed up like that.

    He's making good use of those thrusters.

    Also of his fin/wings/shields.

    Oh snap, he's got that bat cape action going on.

    Rampage attack? Son you've been attacking.

    Omicron, that's the second time they've said that and all I can think of is Omicron Persei 8 or however you spell it.

    This is the first time we get to see Quickstrike in action in a while.

    That was pretty good animation on those missiles back there with the sound effects and all.


    Woah, Deathcharge is kind of a dick head.

    Yup. That's the ARK, that might change that idiots mind.

    He's more worried about fucking Rampage than the future of all Transformers? Nice.

    Alright so, Deathcharge is literally Batman. "It's justice!"

    Well, say goodbye to your ride out of there.

    Happy Friday everyone and have a good weekend!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 42 - "Changing of the Guard" - 12/22/15​

    This is my first entry as a married man, holla!


    On to episode 42! CHANGING OF THE GUARD!

    Also, I didn't forget about Quickstrike... and it totally isn't because you guys were picking on me for forgetting him... So, uh, yeah.

    There's big old Optimus Primal again.

    Also, whoever asked if I had seen his masterpiece figure - Nope!

    For some reason the graphics look vastly improved. It might just be because I haven't watched an episode in over a week.

    Autobot tech is different than yours?

    Well, I guess it is archaic.

    Rat Trap standing beside Optimus sure puts his new size into perspective.

    They're going to find Depth Charge for help. (Still sounds like Death Charge to me)

    I did forget Black Arachnia was working with the Maximals however.

    The C word gets Ratty excited.

    Aww, that's adorable and it's old Cheetor too. :D 

    That tiny thing would make me super claustrophobic.

    Wow, what a crappy acceleration mechanism. You'd think super advanced robot beings could use more than a freakin' handle to power something.

    Hahaha, the music coming through the radio is awesome.

    Many skills, huh? *wink wink*

    They did a really good job of animating the water in this episode, it doesn't look like crap and the darkness all around is great.

    I've never seen that type of drone before.

    The fish are pretty well animated as well. It'd be nice to see a Transformer get stuck with just a basic ol' fish for it's alt mode. It'd be the Magikarp of Transformers.

    I was about to ask why a snake was underwater... What are Eels and how do they work? :p 

    He didn't even get what he came for?

    Oh, there's Rampage.

    Which means Depth Charge will be here soon.

    Hey, there he is.

    Wasn't his little sub leaking five seconds ago?

    Depth Charge isn't being as big of an asshole this episode as he was the last.

    Haha, they're just playing cards. I can see the recurring theme of just dropping in on them during every day activities now.

    I never had the impression that the river below the original maximal base was anywhere near this deep.

    The surface of the water looks so different now from the first season. It's uncanny.

    Inferno's going to blast him.

    Oh, nope. It's our hero Waspinator. :D 

    Doggy bot. That's cute.

    Well that's some realistic pinball.

    Quickstrike. See. I do remember him.

    Rampage didn't even try to deflect that shot, he just took it like a champion.

    Poor Waspinator can barely lift that thing.

    Wow, I thought that was going to be the end of the episode for a second.

    Why the hell would Depth Charge want to finish the fight on dry land? I feel like the ocean/lake would be his advantage.

    Never mind, Depth Charge is being a dick head again.

    Dude, I mean even Dinobot fought for the Maximal cause and he was a Pred...

    Poor freakin' Waspintor. He was having a good day. Not getting shot once!

    Well, that's some Willey Coyote/Road Runner type shit.

    Rat Trap now has a fishing rod apparently.

    Depth Charge's gun just looks like a giant shark.

    There's Rat Trap's hud again with his cheese wedge :p 

    Depth Charge's open mouth looks hilarious.

    Fish faced... Crab cook... Well, alrighty then.

    He helped yes but he also screwed up, why would no-

    Scratch that, Optimus called him on his crap.


    Annnnnd now the Predacons have sentinel. That's just prime.

    Well, that's it for today's episode. See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 43 - "Cutting Edge" - 12/23/15​

    Hey, it's the early humans again.

    You threw a flower on me! Tee-hee! Super funny!

    Something just ate that guy, you could say it almost moves like a Velociraptor...

    0.0 >:D 

    Please be Dinobot... Please be Dinobot... Please be Dinobot...

    Well this is a Jurassic Park reference.

    God that chick looks creepy.

    Her eyes are just so big.

    Cybertronian Dinobot...?

    Bah. It's not looking like it. It looks like that's just a regular raptor that someone tinkered with.

    They brought the kids back to their base?

    Cheetor's making those moves on Black Arachnia. That's Silverbolt's boo, buddy.

    Those premative humans are acting the same way I would if I made it into the Maximal base.

    Uh-oh. Cheetor is making plays and Sourball is catching on.

    Cheetor's walking animation is very bouncy at the moment.

    Good save, Radimus.

    This seems like the plot to the first Ice Age movie.

    Cheetor is exactly the type of Transformer I'd like to be my companion.

    She looks just like you with that coconut on her head, BA.

    Haha, BA knows he's diggin' her. :p 

    What a dope little maneuver there, Cheetor.

    Hell yeah, twitch guns on full blast!

    I'm liking ol' girl more and more each episode.

    Shit. They're just like Sharkticons, he's pumping out these worthless Dinobot knock offs. Gross.

    Rat Trap's adding fuel to the fire.

    What the hell is with all of the Maximal's questioning Optimus ALL. THE. FUCKING. TIME.

    Literally Rat Trap and Rhinox are the only ones who follow his orders. Radimus will say hell no once in a while but still ends up doing it.

    "Hmm.... OK!" I love the way he said that.

    Odd to see Rampage working alongside the Predacons willingly.

    Frankentwitch and Waspinator are on the prowl with Chris Pratt's crew.

    Hell yeah, Waspintor!


    Optimus' head just got huge.

    I -believe- that's the second time in the series Twitch managed to shut down Primal with his venom. I could be wrong and it had been someone else.

    He's all hype to lead now but when he was all against going into the alien ship first. :p 

    Did TronCon just call my boy a boob?

    Inferno was also skipping into place and it was adorable.

    That booby trap was literally a giant fist and a wall. It reminded me of that skit from one of the jackass movies with the giant hand that slapped around the wall, literally one of the funniest scenes in the show.

    Arachnia took the shot for them. Move over, Sourball. I'm falling in love.




    That's literally the funniest shit I've seen in this show.

    There he is, my little guy! Isn't he cute!?

    tfw early humans save the day and also pave the way for having dinosaurs as mounts. :) 

    Poor freaking Waspinator.

    Megatron, Waspinator report... failure. :( 

    Hey, the asshole actually showed up when we needed him. I'm going to assume it's just because Rampage was in on the assault.

    There he goes using his Batman cape again.

    Rhinox still has the coolest guns in the show. That dude is a fucking powerhouse.

    Those are some creepy noises coming from those things.

    I'm feeling pretty bad for Cheetor right now. I swear if he changes sides I'm going to cry.

    Wait, what? So what the hell is he going to do then?

    Crap. I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow. See you all then! :D 

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 44 - "Feral Scream, Part 1" - 12/28/15​

    We're off to a spooky start.

    Oh, never mind it's just Waspinator.

    It's already been grabbed by the Predacons?

    The action is coming early this episode.

    I'm impressed by Waspinator's dodging skills and unimpressed by Cheetor's ability to just sit there.

    Megatron is a sitting duck right now and Primal is still missing every shot.

    God damn, my boy has a fucking sniper rifle now.

    That shoots missiles? Uh, OK.

    Way to kill your CO, Cheetor.

    I feel like they're summoning a demon or something.

    A noble birth place, huh? Must be the episode where Dinobot comes back. Right? Right!? No? Ok. :( 

    I don't remember Optimus Primal having a ground alt.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it was another spider. I mean, I feel like this is the perfect Frankenstien episode. It's clearly spoofing it.

    Transmetal unit, huh? I guess they can just create those themselves now.

    Speaking of Transmetals, where the hell have those aliens been lately?

    Yeah, yeah, fancy explosions...

    Wait... Is that really Dinobot?

    Fuck you, that was a raptor.

    That has to be him man, c'mon.

    Wait, what the fuck - He said Dinobot.


    New Dinobot has some sick Liu Kang bicycle kicks.

    He looked at Cheetor like he recognized him.

    Dinobot lives. I don't care how or why, but that's Dinobot and you can all commence sucking a big ol' wiener for shutting me down when I said he was coming back.

    Cheetor is riding a hover-segway and playing football with Depth Charge.

    This is an interesting episode.

    Is Cheetor getting a fatality performed on him?

    ... Oh, man.

    I don't see a body so I don't believe it.

    Dinobot's back so there's been crazier things that have happened.

    Hi Twitch!

    Oh that's BA.

    Rhinox has the right idea.

    Knew it. Cheetor is alive but seriously fucked up in the head apparently.

    Oh shit... Something's happening to ol' buddy.

    Rubber ducky of doom!

    Yikes, the new Dinobot controls Rampage.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Dinobot's new alt mode. It's cool and all but eh. His robot form is awesome though.

    Depth Charge's tracking also tracks Dinobot now. Makes sense.

    How did Optimus know about the new Dinobot? Depth Charge never debriefed him.

    Dinobot's voice actor is the same though so that's good.

    His teeth are awesome as well.

    Quickstrike's laugh is adorable.

    Uh-oh, Super Cheetor is about to go hamskis in the yamskis.

    Dude, he looks fucking rad in the shadows. Show some light on him.

    Quickstrike just advanced up the favorite ladder a little bit.

    He's an idiot and I love him.


    Well, there goes his shot for this episode.

    Megatron is Tazmanian Devil, confirmed.

    Is it not going to show him?

    God damn he is fast.

    OK, Cheetor looks awesome now.

    Why would he run away?

    Optimus is still way too blue for his beast mode.

    Oh my god... He's a fucking robot feline Lycanthrope lollll. Has to be.

    Well, that was quite the episode.

    See you all tomorrow!


    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 45 - "Feral Scream, Part 2" - 12/29/15​


    I wonder what Beast Wars would look like on an old SD box TV.

    That's cute, he has a picture of him and Optimus in his room and a picture of BA.

    WereCheetor time?

    Oh god. What the hell is that thing?

    I'm really confused about what the hell is going on right now.

    I guess this explains why he won't get into that recovery chamber then.

    Did these episodes come out around Halloween or something?

    Now it's Weretor time.

    I feel like Rattrap should probably call for back up before going any further but something tells me he won't.

    Oh hey, Weretor looks really good up close.

    I didn't find him too ugly actually.

    That's one loud roar.

    Easy there Waspinator, you haven't gotten melted yet buddy.

    He keeps green goo on his butt?

    I guess he's trying to fight the transformation.

    You're becoming awesome, Cheetor. That's what's happening to you.

    Sourball is one jealous sunova.

    What is going on with Optimus Primal's voice in this episode? I noticed it earlier but thought I was just imagining it.

    That's a lot of zeros.

    Optimus has had enough of your shit Batbot.

    Holy shit.

    I've never seen Optimus get that hype.

    Be careful out there Waspinator, let Dinoclone take all the hits.

    This dudes cockier than old Dino.

    He just shredded my boy Waspinator and I don't think I'm OK with that.

    You ain't fooling primal my boy.

    Of course Dinoclone finds them right before Weretor comes clean.

    Woah, what the hell?

    Alright -that- is one awesome looking Cheetor.

    I see the gut gun has mad it's retirement.

    Cheetor has come a long way from season one. I'm happy they're giving him this attention, oh and all the awesome ass weapons.

    Hey look a Predacon is running away. Shocking.

    They're overdoing it on the cat effects at the moment.

    Didn't anyone ever tell you that cats love mice, Rattrap?

    Well this is a different scenario than his dream. Of course, in his dream Primal wasn't there making fun of him.

    Cheetor just hit puberty.

    HAH! Cyberpuberty.

    I bet BA takes notice now.

    Before I could even finish typing it, haha.

    He caught her checking him out. That's funny. Poor Sourball is going to get his little heart broken.

    Oh, nope. BA is just being an evil bitch.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 46 - "Proving Grounds" - 12/31/15​


    I have no idea what I'm looking at.

    Cheetor is turned on by lines?

    She called him out on his crush but was using it on him last episode?

    That's actually kind of shitty to be honest. I can't blame Black Arachnia if she just up and leaves. I feel like they should have been upfront with the process.

    Dinoclone makes an appearance.

    Pretty forest. I get nostalgia pretty hard from seeing scenes like this for some reason.

    Huh. She let that little butterfly go. I thought she was going to off him.

    Are they playing tag right now or something?

    Ugh, don't tell me Black Arachnia and Dinoclone are going to hook up. That's obscene.

    I'd play that game, Rattrap.

    Everyone's trying to man handle Rat this episode.

    Oh shit. He brought up his trust for Dinobot. That's a sore spot.

    He has a built in projector apparently. I guess he's taking her on a date night.

    Dinoclone used Tail Whip! It's super effective!

    Is that Black Arachnia making that god awful noise? I've never heard a spider do that.

    Woah, Dinoclone's running animation is actually super smooth. I like it.

    Of course instead of doing his job he decided to be all talk first ruining his one chance at success.

    What the fuck is that thing?

    Maybe it's the thing that Cheetor has.

    I'm loving the video game references. As for this Waspinator DOOM clone, I'd play it all day long and hate myself for it.

    How would they locate them if they're in a freaking jamming zone you big dummy?

    Sourball, you have my permission to be a hero this time around.

    Go get 'em M'Maximal.

    Woah. This is like the Toy Story scene where Woody gets a hole burned in his head.

    ... Did she really just light him the fuck up like that? My heart's hurting a bit now.

    Did he really just said "M'loved?" That's some bullshit.

    Oh snap. Sourball said mission is ago bitch.

    "YOU SHOT ME!" Isn't that the second time he said that?

    I didn't know I could feel this bad about a predacon.

    What is the truth?

    Huh, didn't expect her to knock out too their.

    Hell yeah. You're god damn right that is the maximal way my boy.

    Beautiful skybox outro? Check.

    So, this episode was great and I enjoyed it a lot. However so much focus on BA and SB made me realize how much I really miss Air Razor and Tigatron... *sigh*

    I'll see you all tomorrow and please have a safe and happy New Year!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 47 - "Go With The Flow" - 1/4/16​

    Well, we're starting off with a pretty sky with lots of colors.

    Spider drone.

    Uh, I think that's the new Cheetor?

    Yup. New Cheetor.

    I feel like if I were a creepy looking early human child I'd be pretty horrified of a giant cheetah robot.

    Cheetor taught our ancestors everything about tools.

    And about comedic timing.

    Quickstrike can weld with his tail? or, er, second mouth? Cool.

    Inferno <3

    This is why you hire an electrician.

    At least Waspinator wasn't alone in getting shocked.

    TronCon is going to kidnap one of those kids.

    The girl is so creepy with her bug eyes.



    No, Waspinator. Take the boy, not the bug eyed girl.

    Wrong choice bucko.

    Depth Charge? I'm still not used to you having a flight mode.

    I love Rat Trap. He needs more air time. Action air time I prefer.


    She's trying to flash Waspinator's fucking throat.

    She cut his freaking hand off.

    Hahaha. Poor Waspinator.

    I thought you guys said they had to cut the "slag" out in later episodes because it was actually a slur overseas. I've got like 6 episodes left and they're still saying it?

    You don't have a glide mode but you have a flight mode as a sting ray? I mean is extending your wings out really that hard? Cool.

    Hey, it's the forest scene from Revenge of the Fallen. :p 

    Wait a minute. Did I miss something? Why is Frankentwitch working with Megatron? Isn't he a cop? I don't remember actually.

    She looks like me trying to fix my car.

    I'm proud of creepy girl. She did good!

    Rat Trap has no issues just walking up into a predacon base and that is why he is my hero.

    And also an idiot.


    Bug got squashed. Again.

    That's such a creepy frame to freeze on for commercial.

    LEV-UR! OOOOoooo!

    They've got that stick right down on Depth Charge's junk.

    Still can't move? What the hell was the point of getting him into the water then? And how the hell can he transform but not move?

    I can't help but notice Depth Charge has taken Dinobot's place as Rat Trap's rival in the show.

    I would have liked to see this waterfall in Season 1. It would have just looked like... plasma goo or something.

    Oh, c'mon Dinobot 2. You had plenty of time to move ya' bum.

    Alright, creepy chick is adorable with that chip in her hair like a flower.

    Depth Charge wants to go back and finish them off? That's not very maximal of him.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 48 - "Crossing The Rubicon" - 1/5/16​

    Alright, time for episode 48 of Beast Wars.

    Some readers were saying this episode is a total snoozefest so I'm expecting something stupid exciting to happen instead.

    Another episode with welding at the start. Seems awful familiar.

    It seems Black Arachnia has been running her own project out in the valley.


    She's trying to turn herself into a transmetal.

    Yup, confirmed.

    Her scream is pretty awesome. I like the effect they're using.

    So she might turn into a full blown Predacon without any Maximal left in her. That doesn't sound very fun.

    Oh, so it's worse than I thought. Become a maximal or a vegetable.

    Trust isn't easy for a Predacon except for Waspinator. He trusts Megatron with everything.

    Super sappy moment.

    Poor guy was about to get a kiss and she spazzed out on the spot. Doesn't so much for his abilities.

    She gave them the ARK's access codes, that's actually really nice of her.

    We got a Black Arachnia circle jerk going on over here. Poor Rat Trap.

    I just realized I haven't seen Rhinox's Beast Mode in a long time. I feel like Waspinator is the only "beast" we still see often.

    Or well, I guess Black Arachnia a bit as well.

    Woah, this is like that episode of the Magic School Bus where they go inside that body.

    I'm beginning to think the "exciting" bit is going to be Black Arachnia either becoming a Maximal or dying. For some reason, I don't feel like she will actually remain a Predacon.



    It's like a reverse game of missile defense.

    You guys really need to learn to leave your auto guns online at all times when you're occupied with something important.

    They really don't put much into reminding you that the Maximals built right beside the ARK. Or, wait, they built in it didn't they?

    Where is Depth Charge? I thought for sure with Rampage going in on some Maximals he'd make an appearance.

    Could Rhinox not hook a second player up to that son of a gun to help take out the flares?

    Uh-oh, that big ass missile just fucked shit up.

    Severe frame rate drop on that sequence. They had too much going at once for the systems to handle.

    I don't believe it. They wouldn't off BA like that. She's got Waspinator status of popularity (in my opinion).

    Oh shit, Sourball's seeing red.

    I expect Cheetor to be super upset.

    This looks like the scene where Zordon dies in the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers movie.

    Uh, Rat Trap showed more remorse than Cheetor.

    Glowy ball. I knew it. They wouldn't kill her off.

    I'm down to see Frankentwitch catch a supreme ass whoopin'.

    Woah, I haven't seen him use his machine guns out of his shoulder wheels before. At least not that I recall.

    She's going to become Transmetal. Guaranteed.

    Damn, taking hits like a champ AND blasted Twitch across the map.


    Or, don't.

    Something just happened to her.

    Woah. He really is about to fatality this son of a bitch.

    lol, he used him as a meat shield.

    I knew it. <3

    Aww shit. My girl grew up.

    Holy fuck she looks awesome.

    This is like a legit Mortal Kombat fight. She just scorpion speared Goro. :p 

    Well, Scorpion never swings them around like that but you get the point.

    New BA looks much better than old BA.

    Wait, so is she still a Predacon?

    *facepalm* I'm with you, Radimus.

    Maybe I was wrong about her not remaining a Predacon.

    Sparks are literally flying.


    Absolutely awesome.

    I loved this episode <3

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 49 - "Master Blaster" - 1/6/16​

    I wish there was scene selection for these discs like my G1 set. I would like to skip the opening sequence without over shooting it at all.

    Waspinator is a 'sub-commander', that seems like a promotion to me.

    Megatron doesn't expect him to get crap done... does he? *sigh*

    Damn, wait to just drop the heavy equipment there Rat Trap.

    Good god, they're on high alert are they not? All of that reaction just for Waspinator?

    Hell yeah! Wasp buddy blew Sourball away.

    Nobody is going to be there to back him up.


    They hit him so hard he became two dimensional.

    Well, Optimus now has a parasite living in his body.

    This is actually making my skin crawl. I'm stupid squeamish about biology... robot or not.

    Quickstrike has to be doing those vocals.

    Dude, BA looks so awesome in her alt mode now.

    Also, why is she the first transmetal to not have some obvious vehicle part on her?

    "bridge" - Whose voice was that?

    Quickstrike has a new suit. Why does a transformer need a mech suit?

    Oh, it's controlling Prime's body.

    Damn, they actually got all of the Maximal's pretty quick.

    Smart plan on Megatron's part. Only fuck up is not caging Optimus now that you're done with him.

    I guess they aren't done with him quite yet.

    You're leaving Inferno in charge? I mean, he seemed competent enough earlier but not so much now.

    I actually forgot about her giving Optimus the codes.

    Teletran, not tron... (Teletraan, maybe?)

    Black Arachnia is a jedi confirmed.

    Hey, old Megatron again.

    Up close this time. Very nice.

    Where does Megatron even keep his spark? Same place as Optimus? I don't think G1 ever showed it.

    That's a yes.

    This is a fucking odd looking scene/sequence.

    So Quickstrike was still in allegiance with Frankentwitch even after he found out he was a cop?

    Eh, don't worry Megatron. The Decepticons swam in lava and literally came out unchanged.

    I feel like this is a throwback to the season one finale of G1.

    Soooo, Twitch just wants to kill them all?

    I guess that isn't any worse than what TronCon planned during the Season 2 finale.

    I love the new Black Arachnia. So. So much.

    Here comes Lavacon, guaranteed.

    Yup. Now he's a fucking dragon.

    Throwback to when you found Charizard in Pokemon Snap.

    Cyclonus throw back.

    This dude is seriously a fucking dragon and now Frankentwitch might be dead... again.

    I'm guessing Optimus was watching everything happen as it happened during all of that.

    Nope, Twitch still lives... (But fucking Terrorsaur, Scorpanok, Tigatron and Air Razor don't...)

    Uh, did this fool really just say "Enter the Dragon"?

    Optimus Primal, Dragon Slayer Extraordinaire.

    I thought she was scanning through Optimus' gun with that transition but nope, he just has really cool damn guns.

    Where the fuck is Depth Charge? He still hasn't shown up despite an order to return to base.

    "Have a nice day."

    So he's a fire and ice Dragon?


    Why isn't Optimus' arm frozen anymore?

    Every episode that Optimus mentions the war ends by him looking up to the sky and the camera following it.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 50 - "Other Victories" - 1/7/16​

    Only three episodes of Beast Wars left boys and girls. Let's get it rockin'.

    Well, we're in space. Maybe the aliens will show up in this episode.

    What the fuck is that thing?

    Heyyy, the aliens.

    OH FUCK!


    Did they just fucking fuze them together?

    Nice wig TronCon.

    lol @ waspinator.

    lol this entire scene.

    It's cute watching Quickstrike beg for his life.

    Aww, are they really going to waste him?

    Nope. Saved by the bell.

    It's going to impact the pred base? Huh. Oddly specific area to crash.

    Yay! Quickstrike lives!

    "Something I thought we'd never see again!" Is he referring to the aliens or Tigatron/Air Razor?

    Rule #1: Shoot everything.

    It might be time to run.

    Well, goodbye Predacon base of operations.

    Why wouldn't anyone give Rat Trap some dap!? They just won! (to his knowledge)

    THE COLONY!!! *sniffles*

    That is one mean ass looking alienformer.

    At least it still has a maximal insignia.

    Tigahawk? Really? That's the best you can do.

    He just said the name of the alien race but I couldn't make it out.

    Shit, this fools like a super saiyan or something.

    lol Waspinator has company.

    "We're all gonna' die" - I think that phrase could rival "Yeeeeesssss~" at this point.

    Well, I always wanted to see Tigatron and Air Razor back but I'm not sure I wanted to see them like this. The writers really planned pretty far ahead, didn't they?

    Spider-Twitch caught Cheetor 3 easily.

    Fulk? Is that the name of the aliens?


    Well, I guess it's Maximal V Maximal now.

    Orrr the entire planet can just fucking eat him.

    Frankentwitch to the rescue?

    Leave it to that creepy fuck to bring down someone that big.


    Oh shit. Creepy head of doom.

    Zombie Optimus #3 - There's my little boy.


    Theme song is playing, something big is bound to happen.

    Twitch has a different origin?

    I could hear his voice in the background but it just sounded like nonsense to me from where I'm seated.

    God those skulls are fucking creepy.

    I'd take the bug eyed girl over theme.

    Woah, is Frankentwitch going to die for the 4,000th time?

    OK he -might- be gone for good this time.


    Oh shit, Tigaboy is going to be a real maximal now I bet.

    Tigahawk. I feel like it's a little unfair to just let Tigatron's mind take over and leave Air Razor out of it. I mean, she was a rad character. Couldn't they be a hive mind like Devestator?

    Well, that's it for today. See you all tomorrow for the second to last episode of the Beast Wars!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 51 - "Nemesis, Part 1" - 1/8/16​

    Here we go boys and girls. The start of the end for Beast Wars!

    Well, the spooky intro is being used again but at least the lightning is looking better and better.

    What the hell are you doing, Tigahawk?

    Or is it Tiger Hawk? I don't freakin' know.

    Is Optimus reading a bible?

    Huh, I guess he kind of is.

    Wow they're like poking fun at the bible with Rat Trap. I like it.

    How can you not find them? They're in the open at the moment.

    I would really like to see how Rampage would man handle Megatron if they didn't have his spark on a leash.

    How the hell is Inferno fitting behind that tiny tree? lol

    <3 Waspinator.

    The coloring in this episode is a nice change of pace at the moment. Lots of colors.

    He called him his queen for the first time in ages.

    Well, ol' Frankentwitch has a bomb shelter. Of course.

    Unicron's spawn? Does that mean Twitch was a descendant of Unicron?

    Depth Charge is still a reckless asshole.

    This fool has hands in his jet mode... lol.

    Uh, a submarine?

    Fucking Ikky with saying it's Megatron in a dragon onesie... That's all I see now.

    That submarine is was bigger than it looked in the initial showing.

    Of course the TNT is the classic looney toons type.

    Pretty butterfly! Pretty music!


    She called Optimus Scrap Heap and didn't get any crap. Love does odd things.

    This is a reference to the black knight, huh?

    lol Yes, dear.

    Ayeeee! It's the human monkey things!


    That actually looks like an ant hill, Inferno. Of course you want it.

    I'm happy they didn't kill Quickstrike.

    Waspinator knows better. He doesn't want to get smashed.

    Oh. My. God.

    I love this bug.

    Waspinator <3


    If he just died for good, I'm actually OK with that. Best death in the series. 10/10.


    Get in side sweetie, there are monsters out here.

    Let's take these sticks AND THROW'EM AT EM!

    Jesus that was a lot.

    Fleshbot stop! Listen to Waspinator! He's gonna' be a good guy!


    Well, well, well look at Depth Charge being fucking useful for like the... second time.

    Oh shit.

    Hi Nemesis<3

    We're all gonna' die...

    Flashback time <3

    To be fair, the Nemesis looks way cooler than the ARK.

    So many pretty colors in this episode.

    Primus is a great band but I dunno' if they can help the universe or not.

    So there was one in the ARK and one in the Nemesis? That's convenient.

    My boy just deflected a fucking missile with his foot.

    That's kind of fucked up to bring up eating ol boys friends like that Rampage.

    Is that blood?

    I'm not quite sure what kind of a move that as but it seems to be working.

    Shouldn't that enegon stuff be going kablewy with them smashing through it?

    There's even an auto bot insignia on the cover of the book.

    This is getting a little dark.

    I'm so confused about why he just let him do that. Is he really that nuts?

    I completely forgot about Dinobot 2 being linked to him.

    Oh shit, it's old dinobuddy...

    Don't get too excited my boy. I don't think it's over.

    Wow... it killed him too...

    Had I know that fuck was going to die I wouldn't have said such mean things about him five or ten minutes ago...

    So in this episode we lost Depth Charge, Rampage and Dinobot 2? *sigh* Is it about to be 1986 all over again?

    That shadow behind them really put into perspective just how big that ship is.

    Wow. Well, I guess that's it for todays episode. Check back tomorrow for the conclusion of the Beast Wars! :D 

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 52 - "Nemesis, Part 2" - 1/9/16​

    51 episodes down, 1 to go. Here's the Beast Wars series finale! :D 

    I'm glad the recap shows Waspinator giving up on the Predacons.

    The animation for the water falling off of the nemesis is actually pretty impressive for the time.

    Hey, a gazelle.

    Well, I was about to say this is a slow start to an episode following one that ended hype but they fixed that pretty quick.

    Here goes Megatron reading bible verses while smiting the innocent people.

    Wait, I thought Dinobot 2 died with Rampage?

    Tigahawk is pretty fucking badass.

    I guess they kind of explained the whole him still being alive thing or at least mentioned it.

    That is one big ass box.

    Rhinox is the only one to know about operation eternity? That's actually kind of disappointing that he didn't trust Rat Trap with that knowledge.

    OK, Tigahawk is -really- fucking bad ass.

    Also, Radimus said he has parts of Waspinator haha.

    And moving the ARK? Sounds risky.

    Here we have a Dragonball Z moment with Tigahawk getting disintegrated.

    Or maybe not.

    Or maybe so.

    That kind of sucks for them to get Tigatron/Air Razor back only for them to lose them again so quickly.

    I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this fake slow-mo effect they keep using.

    ...Son of a bitch. Dinobot is coming back you lying fucks.

    Oh buddy. I'm ready for this.

    Do it.


    Wow, he's cooking Inferno and Quickstrike alive.

    I guess it's about to be 1986 again after all...

    Why is Rat Trap the only one getting sucked up into the air?

    That's one deadly tractor beam.

    How is he reciting from the book with it closed?

    At any cost, huh? You just got knocked out by a rock fool.

    This is the part where Waspinator becomes a hero, right? No? OK.

    Now the rest of them are floating.

    It's Tele- RAT TRAP<3

    Did I mention that Rat Trap is my fucking hero?

    Do we finally get a boss fight?

    Rip his head off, Optimus.

    Dinobot don't just watch, help him out.

    Did he really just spit out a tooth?


    Wait, shouldn't altering the Nemesis fuck with time as well?

    Dinobot's feet. DO SOMETHING.

    "We're all gonna' die." "...Yup." - Ouch.

    Dinobot's going to give them power.

    Why wouldn't Sourball and Cheetor go help Optimus the hell out when he went up?

    I get it. History never mentioned the shuttle because the fucking Maximal's used it in the fight.

    It's time for Dinobot's return now, right!?


    Oh hai Megatron. JUst some Maximals coming to fuck shit up.

    Oh god, it's a suicide run.

    Or not, how the hell? Was that all glass?

    Great, I get to watch Dinobot die again. Fuck this show.

    What about Waspinator? Did he get cooked with Inferno and Quickstrike? He had a plan! The tiny human was just fucking him up while he tried to explain it.

    lol Megs is stuck on the roof.

    Seriously, where the fuck is Waspinator?

    Oh my god.


    Best ending ever.


    I approve of this.

    I love that and have no issues with it at all. Waspinator deserves a vacation! xD

    That's it for Beast Wars, thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to starting Beast Machines with you soon!
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    CaptainSlayer "Soundwave just sent out Randal"

    Jul 29, 2014
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    |Beast Machines - Season One|

    Episode 1 - "The Reformatting" - 1/18/16​

    This menu music is bumpin'.

    Woah, the bots look fucking awesome.

    Seriously, this music is my jam.

    Rat Trap was that dude. Awesome look to him.

    Well, there's a giant flower.

    Primal hauling ass up to it.

    What the fuck is that?

    Well, the awesome music is back.

    It's so dark.

    Nevermind they fixed that.

    Woah, that planet in the skybox is beautiful.

    This is off to a kicking start isn't it?

    Is this the same voice actor for Optimus? He sounds a little different.

    Wait, I just realized he's a regular monkey again.

    Ape, I should say.

    Gorilla, even.

    Also, they're on Cybertron I think.


    Rat Trap!

    Why are they back in their regular forms!?

    They don't remember what happened but they remember each other?

    So where's Cheetor?

    I'm glad Rattimus still has his sense of humor.

    What the fuck is going on with ol' boys eyes?

    <3 Rat Trappppp

    There's my boothang.

    Now we're just looking for Rhinox for the OG's.

    This music is fantastic.

    My wife just said she thinks the orb is leading Optimus to the rest of the maximals. I did -not- think of that.

    The orbs taking them down the giant hole?

    Correction: The -DEEP- Giant Hole.

    A web, huh? Black Arachnia?

    Ayeeeee, my girl. <3

    Where the hell is Rhinox?

    Also, it looks like my wife's theory was right.

    Rat Trap, you just missed your chance to say it... "We're all gonna' die."

    I don't see why everyone was saying they're so ugly. I really like the way they look. I'm also confused about how they got back to their original modes.

    Well, the wife was right.

    Rattimus is adorable climbing down that rope like a people.

    This is the second time they've fallen down a deep dark hole in three or four minutes.

    So... he threw a brick? Big whoop?

    Oooooh. OK.

    They're in hell now.

    I guess this is how they get their new bodies?

    This is some trippy shit for the first episode of a kids show man.

    Super fucking pretty though.

    This is some religious mumbo jumbo.

    Ayeee, that's one big fucking monkey.

    Dude he looks awesome!

    Why the fuck do people not like that!?

    Cheetor has rad eyes.


    God damn that's a tall spider.

    Seriously, what's so ugly about this? They look great to me...

    Optimus' head is a little low. But that's the only bad thing I see.

    Hey, vehicle transformers.

    Vehicons I'm guessing.

    lol. I guess that's all they got.

    No more robot modes?

    Those bike bots are pretty awesome. They remind me of the sisters from Revenge of the Fallen.

    Well, that one dun' fucked up.

    OK, the more I look at Optimus Primal, the uglier he gets with his low ass head. The others look awesome to me though.

    The sound effects for the bikes are fantastic.

    Woah, Cheetor's doin' some dirty shit right now.

    My boy just bit a spinning tire...

    Why do they shoot Harry Potter scars?

    Optimus learned to transform pretty damn quick, didn't he?

    Oh what the fuck.

    So they just transformer into 'more' robotic things now?

    This fool just dropped a spirit bomb on those dudes.

    Well that was fast.

    Megatron survived?

    This sounds like him at least.

    That's one big son of a bitch...

    That's it?

    Where the fuck is Rhinox?


    Well, the music is awesome, everyone exaggerated their ugliness, the animation looks fantastic, the sound effects are great and RHINOX IS FUCKING MISSING.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 2 - "Master Of The House" - 1/19/16​

    Well we got Buddah teaching a bunch of bots how to transform.

    So, they aren't robots anymore.

    You're robanimals, Cheetor.

    Super religion all up in this show.

    Cheetor was the first to get it after Optimus, way to go little buddy. God damn you got some big legs.

    Of course, Rattimus will be the last to get it.

    That's a scary fucking face you got there Black Arachnia.


    Well, that's a breakthrough for sure.

    The other two were turned back into their beast modes through the shock?

    What the fuck? Why did Cheetor hit puberty so quick?

    Why would he contest going with BA? Didn't he have a crush on her? Or is this some amnesia bullshit?

    Cybertropolis? Well then.

    I don't see 10 million Transformers. Actually, I don't even see 1.

    Here's that ballin' ass music again.

    Vehicon Seekers just smacked them the hell down.

    The graphics here look like a blend of cell shading and traditional CGI.

    Why does Optimus get to get the hang of shit so quickly?

    Poor Rat Trap.

    This is really fucking weird man.

    I don't know how I feel about this.

    Well that was seizure inducing.

    How would he know he's quicker in his robot mode?

    lol this entire sequence is fucking silly.

    Poor Rattimus =\

    So a zombie apocalypse basically?


    I like how these bikes use each other as ramps. They did it in the last episode too.

    Oh shit, Optimus must be going to find Aethon because that is one hell of a jumping puzzle.

    Nevermind, he's cheating.

    Uh, is Megatron a bunch of tendrils now?

    OK, Megatron just looks fucking weird. I don't know if I can get behind this one.

    So the Vehicons are pretty much zombies but are being controlled by TronCon.

    Zerg. Buzz Lightyear's nemesis. That's who Megatron looks like.

    So, no dragon Megs then, huh? Lame.

    Alright? Alright what? Are you flying or falling?

    Kylo Ren up in here...

    Bye Felicia.

    My wife just said Megatron is about to transform. Let's see if she called it again.

    He's doing something.

    Well shit. She's right.

    Dragon Megatron lives!

    OK, I take it back. This Megatron looks fucking awesome. It's like if Fallout had a dragon.

    That's a lot of bikes.

    Uh, BA has some crazy powers now.

    Hey look, Optimus is falling for the fourth time in like five minutes.

    He can fly fool.

    Where the fuck is Rat Trap?

    I expected Rat to transform there.

    Optimus is being an idiot.

    Well, there they go.

    It's all your fault Optimus. Yup. Go cut yourself.

    That's it? Well then, that's uh, an episode. A lot of religion, running and an awesome Dragon.

    Where is Rhinox? (I need a link to the poster...)

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 3 - "Fires Of The Past" - 1/20/16​

    Tanks for days.

    Eyes for days.

    Is that a statue of Optimus Prime?

    Why yes it is.

    Or was.

    Egads! Says BA.


    Optimus has had about enough of your shit Tankcons.

    Now he's break dancing back into ape mode while cursing zerg.

    I hope that isn't true, I like dragoncon.

    No one is obeying Optimus' orders which usually leads to something shitty.

    Apparently it leads to lucid dreams of a forest for Black Arachnia.

    Silverbolt? Er, I mean, Sourball?

    So much for all the organic bits being gone, huh?

    Good bye Doctorbot.

    Or, not? DocBot has some pretty awesome defenses.

    Free will is a hell of a drug.





    Also, it's worth noting my wife said sparks before I could type it so she's three for three.

    Taskmaster? Like Marvel's task master?

    Optimus is being a real cunt.

    I'm guessing those three are Predacons and not just drones.


    I'm a little disappointed that they're still the generic drones but the more important question is who are they?




    So they're new characters and not OG's, hmph.

    TANKOR DESTROY! I'm assuming that's his name and not Burncore.

    He's like the Hulk, I like him already.

    Well, he can apparently dig himself out of rubble pretty quick.

    It totally sounded like he said "Where fuckin' mouse go!?"

    Yes, I know what he really said.

    I like that the three villains are working together, that's already better than their ancestors.

    Is that the ARK again?

    I like Jetstorm too, he seems nuts.

    I see six maximal signatures. Rhinox and Sourball.

    I really like Jetstorm's alt, even though it is generic.

    He kind of looks like a Star Fox ship, I can't remember the name off the top of my head.

    Rat Trap is making some really cute rat noises right now.

    Black Arachnia has some really cool moves in this show.

    They still say slagged. Good.

    Rattimus' transformation coming up soon?

    They can't detect them in beast modes.


    Yeah, that's the ARK.

    Vehicons, not predacons.




    She's going all Kylo Ren on it.

    It looks like it worked.

    You over loaded the fuel core by smacking a computer?

    I wonder how Cheetor and Optimus went about finding them.

    He goes Optimus dropping Ki Blasts again.

    Maybe Optimus should calm the fuck down for once.

    Ol' buddy is on a power trip man.

    That was an odd ending...

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 4 - "Mercenary Pursuits" - 1/21/16​

    Megatron is playing god.

    Megnificence. I like it.

    A vengeful god.

    Nothing my ass, in other words.

    More evil cons that don't get along? Who would have seen that coming.

    Tankor seems to be the only one intent on doing his job.

    I like Thrust. He's pretty awesome.



    Why is Rat Trap upset about trying to find friends?

    That's a complicated lock.

    I wonder if that's Wheeljack's old lab.

    How can Cheetor believe that? Well, I guess he did lose all of his memories of the old Rat Trap.

    All holy Optimus! LEAD THE WAY MY MESSIAH!


    Next Question. Lol.

    I'm not sure how Tankor's mouth is also his eyes but, uh, alright.

    HOT WHEELS! BEAT THAT! Ol' Meerkat looking ass.

    You know, I said that the DVD case and menu had spoiled Rat Trap's bot mode but really it didn't.. All I had seen was a silhouette and there's wayyy more to it then that.

    Two headed, Rat Trap? Nice!

    That shits going to drive Tankor nuts. :p 


    These two idiots are still too busy fighting each other to help Tankor.

    How does he know that Tankor can only target at long range?

    lol @ Cheetor's running animation. It looked like the 60's batman.

    That's one sturdy tank when even Optimus can't bring him down.

    It's ironic that Rat Trap isn't having issues staying in Beast Mode now that they decided to fight.

    Why are the dumb ones almost the most loyal to Megatron?

    Oh, his back legs are still wheels.

    Tankor is quite literally a god damn tank. He just took that explosion like a damn champion.

    Rat Traps ignorance will both get them screwed and unscrewed in the same episode.



    Optimus can deflect tank missiles with his forearm, if that isn't bad ass I don't know what is.

    Are they going to make Tankor a good guy?

    God damn hippy monkey bot.

    This is about to be like the sixth time Optimus Primal has fallen in this room.

    Do it Tankor, fuck Megatron up.

    There's a lot of Jedi Mind tricks and Sith Lightning being used in this evil chamber of Megatronian doom.

    lol @ rat traps scream. I love it.

    Dragoncon time.

    Please tell me Tankor made it.


    Man... fuck you, Megatron.

    I really wanted Tankor to be a good guy.

    Well... shit. He just messed himself up something awful.

    FUCKING LOL. You knew it was going to happen the moment you saw them but it didn't make it any less awesome.

    God dammit. Tankor is Rhinox. Guarenteed.

    Fucking Megatron. Using those fucking sparks. To fucking make him. FUCKING FUCK FUCK.

    See you all tomorrow.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 5 - "Forbidden Fruit" - 1/22/16​

    Five days, Five episodes. Let's get it rollin'. Also, thank you to JetBolt for looking out for me<3

    The opening title actually said "Beast Machines" this time, that's a first.

    Well, the sky is all green.

    It looks like they're in the turtle lair training and Optimus is totally splinter.

    No sign of Rattimus so far.

    Who the hell is that?

    Well, it kind of looked like a dragon head so Megs maybe? But why would he leave his super computer thing?

    That thing looks like an evil gremlin.

    BA is Cyrax confirmed.

    I'm with Cheetor on this one. Follow your instrincts.

    The wife said the shadow looks like a bat. I agree.

    Ouch... That was deep.

    That's definitely a bat.

    That is one awesome looking bat.

    Aw, he scared it off.

    Why would you need to catch it? I feel like that thing is on your side considering it's a beast.

    I'm fairly certain this is the first time Optimus has been shown as a silverback.

    Leave it to the cat to catch the pest.

    I'm with Black Arachnia, I didn't know Cybertron had animals.

    Why would he tell the ape to get his hands off of him if Cheetor is holding him? Also, nice Planet of the Apes reference.

    This bat seems like the 'kid' character of the show since our Cheetor is all grown up.

    Cheetor is going all out with the sword deflections.

    I just realized he is still in robot mode which is what probably got them found in the first place.

    I find it hard to believe that some animals can out run jets.

    The bat's banshee screech is pretty awesome.

    The wife just said that the little tracker thing figured out what tunnel they were down even though they were in beast mode. What's up with that?

    Cybertron used to be super colorful apparently.

    The animation on the old bots look so much different than the others.

    His entire body looks smaller when he's flying.

    I shall call it, the tree of life.

    If they've never eaten food before, please inform me why Rat Trap is obsessed with cheese.

    Cheetor, calm the fuck down fool. He's a god damn bat, not a drone.

    What's wrong with them? Does it bring out your beast mode more?

    I'm pretty sure it makes you more feral.

    Oh don't tell me the bat is actually bad... He's pretty cool.

    I believe him. I think he's a good guy.

    I like Feral Prime.

    How did Jet Storm find them this time? I mean, he's at the tree of life and everything.

    lol the other maximals are just trying to snack.

    Wow... You killed the tree of life that fast. :( 

    Poor bat guy :( 

    They're going to take him to the oracle, right?

    I guess Optimus is able to do it now.

    Optimus is pretty fucking freaky looking right now. He's mad doggin' the shit out of the camera.

    Alright, the bat kid looks way fucking better now.

    I want to see his bot form.

    I just realized he's the first flight maximal since Silverbolt vanished.

    He looks like a fucking emo kid.

    That's pretty shitty that bats gets it first try without any training, even if he did watch the others.

    My god he is a freaky looking fucker.

    Wait, he's putting Cheetor in charge?

    Hell yeah Cheetor!

    Rat Traps superiority complex must be going bananas.

    Nightscream. I can dig it.

    A stretcher of webs, hell yeah.

    Also, I told you that trusting your instincts was the way to go.

    None of that explains how the hell a organic tree is on cybertron.

    Regardless, excellent episode.

    Annnnd - I have a surprise for you lot.

    Tomorrow, The Weak Component will be viewed and posted making it a surprise Saturday episode!

    Even bigger surprise than that?

    My wife is going to be the one blogging it. Yes, we've been trying to get her to do that since the second season of the first blog - and now it's happening.

    See you all then!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 6 - "The Weak Component" - 1/23/16​

    (I swear to god if Ratty doesn't transform...)

    Uh oh no ones transforming

    That's a big ratttt

    This is a dream

    I knew it.

    I really like the good spider

    I really don't like Bat boy's robot mode. Looks too emo for me.

    Look at that hair swoop.

    I love Rattrap's cheese references.


    Look at him and his wheels.

    Oh good job, Rattrap.

    Thats a lot of tanks.

    Megatron angryyy

    Did Rattrap just short out Megatron?

    Geez they're all ganging up on Ratty.

    What the heck? Hes like connected to Megatron now.

    Lol. Slagging.

    Oh shut up, Bat. You don't even know Rattrap.

    What are you doing Ratty?

    This is dirty, even for you.

    I don't like this Megatron, hes lacking the "yessss" factor.

    Oh Rattrap, I really wish you wouldn't had done that.

    So he just gave him a mechsuit.

    bum bum bummm Maximals coming to save the day.

    Oh my word he took out the Bat.

    There goes Cheetor just deflecting shots.

    OH there it is. Oh yessssss.

    Please dont listen to him Rattrap.

    Oh hey Optimus.

    Wow Megatron kept his word. Thats surprising. Yesss.

    Walking off into the sunrise like bosses.

    Sorry its probably not as good as what Tyler does, I'm used to just watching the episodes. I don't know how he does both at the same time.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 7 - "Revelations, Part I: Discovery" - 1/26/16​

    Let's get some revealed revelations up in here, huh?

    Light cycles right out of the gate.

    Or maybe not? I don't know what that light was.

    Oh. They're shooting at them.

    Rattimus is so awesome looking in his bot mode.

    I didn't realize Optimus was shorter than Cheetor in bot mode until right now.

    Did Optimus just take one of Cheetor's swords?

    Yes, he did.

    That was an awful pun and not a request at all.

    Well, Rat Trap is just left to drown. That's cool I guess.

    He's shorted out back to beast mode.

    Why didn't BA just do that in the first place?

    Huh, I guess it wouldn't have helped anyway.

    Screech saved the day and you guys said you didn't like him. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

    None of them seem to care for Screech either.

    It's a pile of Transformer corpses. That's nice.


    Silverbolt<3 M'Maximal<3

    How did they find them if they were in beast mode?

    Hell yeah, Optimus. It's time to fuck some shit up ol' buddy.


    Did he just call her babicakes?

    I want to see Black Arachnia ride one of the bike bots.

    Screech, use your uh, screech? Knock all the fliers offline.

    How the hell does she know what a restraining order is? Please tell me Transformers didn't have a need for those...

    One of the motorcycles pushed Black Arachnia out of the way. The wife is saying that it's Silverbolt.


    Boomerang I bet.

    Or not.

    Why is everyone blaming Optimus? C'mon man, he's doing his job.

    Well, it looks like she's 4 for 4 or 5 for 5 now.

    That means Tankor -is- Rhinox, right?

    I mean, c'mon. Where the hell is Rhinox.

    What in the name of Gouda?

    Do it Cheetor. Scream his name. Give into your inner Shia LaBeouf.

    He just said it wouldn't happen again but it happened again.

    Old school Black Arachnia's.

    How would he remember her if she's all reformatted? Even if he did get his memory I mean.

    This is the factory where they ripped their sparks out. Maybe this means Silverbolt is going to get a real body back or killed either one.

    I imagine having your soul sucked out of you is pretty fucking painful and that machine doesn't look too kind either way.

    Oh wow it just kinda seeps the hell out of there.

    He could have just shot it this whole damn time?

    What the actual fuck man?

    I love her little ground lightning attack that she's grown so fond of using.

    Is she going to collect his spark?

    Rat Trap returned the debt to Screech already.

    That whole fucking attack is just so god damn weird.

    I get it, he's a vampire bat.

    Why would Optimus just stand there ready to take the hit making Cheetor save him?

    Oh, *UGH* he's p-pain t-aal-king... *UGH*

    Pokemon reference. +100 points to Skywarp's house.

    Megatron is Shang Tsung confirmed.

    Soundwave looking bot in the trash right there.

    Cheetor just ordered Optimus out. My boy is growing up quick.

    Well... fuck... That's a big ass explosion.

    And I thought MIchael Bay's explosions were big. :p 

    Wouldn't it have been beneficial for Rat Trap to stay in the form with wheels while running?

    God damn.

    This is a pretty dark and fucked up episode, man.

    Wait, so was Silverbolt the main bike vehicon?

    Also, I get that Tankor is Rhinox, who the fuck is Skywarp?

    Well shit, spoilers galore on this outro. Did I just see Earth?

    Fuuuuuck. Well, that was a mistake in watching!


    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 8 - "Revelations, Part II: Descent" - 1/27/16​

    Recap of Cheetor being a man.

    Uh, a deer?

    A spark farm?

    What the fuck is this.

    A dream sequence. Big surprise.

    Does a Silverback really swing around in trees like that?

    That's one big ass spark.

    Poison Ivy makes a rare appearance.

    Welcome to Megatron's Cybertron monkey boy. Population none.

    The monkey said fuck your feelings and get the hell off of me.

    Yeah, blame it on your team you dick head.

    Maybe Cheetor is the better leader in here.

    You're being a real Rodimus right now Optimus...

    Ew his walking animation from behind is gross.

    Really, Rat? You're going to question Primal's leadership? After all you guys have been through, huh?

    Rhinox - Where fort art thou?

    Tankor > Thurst.

    Hell yeah Cheetor, get in on'em son.

    Screech seems to be doing the least amount of bitching this episode.

    Super green ground lightning attack force five assemble!

    Did those dumb asses really just light up their own property and then suicide bomb it?

    Hey look it's SKYWARP. (dicks)

    Tankor has all the makings of a real leader.


    Why would you want him firing at you? Why not just catch him off guard when you were behind him?

    DUN DUN DUN! (She called his name)

    Ironic that Silverbolt is the one attacking BA in this show instead of vice versa back on Earth.

    I feel like Thrust is actually the one we've seen the least of out of the three generals until these past two episodes.

    Fucking lol, Cheetor. "As sure as I AM TRANSFORMED" - So cheesy.

    Of course Tankor is stupid enough to blast all of his generals.

    If he is Rhinox, how the hell is he so stupid now?

    ...Unless maybe he's a predacon spark.

    Nah, all the preds but Wasp died, right?

    Bye Felicia.

    Spots has gotten pretty good at this whole leadership thing.

    Alright Screech let's see something impressive buddy.

    I said impressive not turning into an emo kid.

    OK that was kind of impressive.

    That stupid pun was not.

    Why does the earth scene look so shitty? Like a really old VHS tape?

    RHINOX! :D 

    I forgot about tier 3 Cheetor.

    Jetstorm barely made it out of that one.

    Rat Trap is all about his little R2-D2 cable.

    So that's his special thing I guess.

    God dammit. He is Rhinox. You fucks.

    He see's all the other maximals.

    Wait, what? No, how's that possible? That doesn't make sense.

    There's Silverbolt.


    NO! Don't stop the feed... I need to understand what's going on you bums.



    That can't be Rhinox, he's too damn small.

    That explains how they got back to their tier 1 forms.

    This is super ironic. Didn't tron do the same thing to BA and Silverbolt wanting her to remove his spark?

    There's Rat Trap.

    So, he is Rhinox then?

    Wait, how was Rat Trap there and at the last one?



    (I knew it)

    Still doesn't make sense as to why he was so damn small.

    I guess that gas couldn't devolve him when he was with Optimus and Cheetor though since he was always tier 1.

    Well, there goes BA.

    Except this is the moment where Thrust takes down doucher mccoy.

    Alright, so that was a fucking roller coaster from start to finish...

    Here's my question. Who the fuck is Skywarp? Jetstorm? Starscream? Hydrothunderhurricane? One of those. He couldn't be Tigatron, right? He died?

    Ugh. See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 9 - "Revelations, Part III: Apocalypse" - 1/28/16​

    Alright. Recap time before the end of this three part monster.

    Well, we're picking up literally right where we left off so that's nice.

    What the fuck?

    Jetstorm just spoke all country bumpkin. Was that his inner Quickstrike? ;P

    Hey, Cheetor has literally the same thought process as me.

    His back looks so fucked when walking.

    That's a little unsettling.

    This is a pretty fucked up sequence, yeah?

    Tankor isn't shooting, that's a good sign.

    That big dummy is trying to spit it out and it's adorable.


    Nope, Tankor's back.

    Bullshit you can't hurt him, you better get to it little buddy.

    Did he just say "I'll take that as a big nein"?

    It amazes me that a rat can run as fast as a cheetah.

    It's also pretty crazy that both of them can run up a pole that's nearly a 90 degree angle.

    I sense a domino effect.

    Nope, he actually went the other way with it.

    lol - Good point, Rattimus.

    Actually, it immediately went to Jetstorm after he said that so maybe Jetstorm actually is Quickstrike.

    Why do people dislike Screech again?

    That was one of the more clever one offs in Transformers.

    So is Thrust straight con again already?

    If you look closely we have the opening sequence from Kingdom Hearts.

    This is some religious mumbo jumbo.

    I still don't know how I feel about that shit. Like, I don't hate it as much as I hate headmasters but I'm still not a fan.

    Now Optimus has Jedi powers?

    Seriously, why do people dislike Screech? He's a good dude and his beast mode looks awesome.

    There's the domino effect I was talking about. :) 

    Optimus is in a crop circle because of Rhinox.

    This show is fucking weird, man.

    Rhinox is over here looking like a zombie.

    Well shit, this is giving me flashbacks of Cortana.

    There goes my hopes of having Rhinox back.

    Why would you wait to tell her that until she's on his shoulder?

    He actually sounded like Rhinox...

    Fuck this is some goofy shit.

    My like for this show just dropped like three hundred percent.

    Rhinox going rouge like that is gross and I disapprove.

    He was one of the strongest characters in Beast Wars and had an iron will, I don't believe this crap.

    Listen to the cheetah, rat.

    I don't like this.

    I get where you're coming from Optimus, I really do. I can't say I disagree with you.


    So is Tankor just gone now? Like did Rhinox get to the front of his mind now?

    I agree Cheetor. He was the best of you.

    You couldn't do that in normal earth?

    Tankor's body showing up in the stars like that was straight out of Optimus Prime's death episode in G1.

    I still feel like there's going to be earth at some point in this series. How else would you bring nature?

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 10 - "Survivor" - 1/29/16​

    I've grown numb to the theme song.

    Dragoncon <3

    So, Megatron can fly with a ton of holes in his wings but when Screech gets one he's suddenly immobilized.

    Well there's a little bit of hesitation from Rhinox. Maybe hope lives on.

    It's nice knowing Rattrap remembers the Beast Wars now.

    Of course he's going to walk off on his own, it makes him easier to catch.

    I just realized Optimus paints his nails like a goth kid.

    I guess he didn't decide to walk off on his own. I'm sure he will though.

    I'm pretty sure that ear shattering noise will attract a few vehicons.


    Serious Power Ranger's flashbacks with all of them yelling out about transforming at once.

    Optimus is proving to be pretty useless in this show.

    Silverbolt is still the white knight of the crew.

    Go get'em Zubat.

    Wow, they're actually fighting him. Can't say I suspected that.

    I thought Cheetor's shadow was blood when he was picking himself up.

    They captured Screech.

    I feel like Tankor/Rhinox shouldn't be able to get away from them that fast.

    Hell yeah, Screech.

    Eat his ass.

    I like how Sceech flies in robot mode like a hoverboard.

    Why did Rhinox cover him back up?

    Rhinox didn't jump them?


    Well, I guess this covers my question about Rhinox being Tankor or vice versa.

    So Rhinox is going to become the main villain of the show?

    This dumb ass just wrecked himself.


    Awful puns are awful.

    It might be about time to let Silverbolt go hun.

    I feel pretty bad for this drone.

    I also just realized that he's kind of like the Teletraan of the show.

    That's a big ass bat.

    Screech is a little pissed off.

    lol @ Optimus.

    I don't see how Cybertron used to support natural life... This isn't Earth again, is it?

    Emo bat is emo.

    I mean, you ain't even gonna' bury the seed? You just gonna' throw it in the dirt? ...aight.

    Huh, I expected the episode to end there.

    Megatron wants to stay a dragon. Big whoop. Who wouldn't?

    Oh. Well then.

    Well, fuck.

    I don't like Rhinox being a bad guy at all. It's actually bringing down my enjoyment of the show...

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 11 - "The Key" - 2/1/16​

    So, I decided against a twelve hour shift so the episode starts now. :D 

    We're recapping an unnumbered episode?

    Goth nail Primal.

    Villain Rhinox - Yuck.

    I like this drone.

    At least they mentioned Megatron might be confused about their absence.

    Tankox should always roll around. He looks silly walking.

    That's a big negative. No rhino's allowed.

    I was hoping Rhinox would be nicer to Mr. Drone man.

    Vector Sigma? That sounds familiar but I don't have any idea why.

    The noise it's making from his little brain wave crap is burning my ears.

    Bat skull!

    Screech, I love you. Ignore all the haters.

    A hand controlled drill? That job would -seriously- suck.

    Why are they using Rattrap as a middle man? Are they refusing to talk to each other?


    Is that Monster Blood?

    Never mind, it's that stuff chia pets use.

    This transforming sequence reminds me of the Power Ranger's one.

    Well that was short lived.

    Waaaaaait. I know this.

    Megatron used that shit, right? Or Gavaltron? One or the other used it back in the day.

    Screech sacrifices himself and you guys hate him? The boy cries you a sweater of tears and you kill him.

    lol @ Rattrap.

    Back on the key thingy, I'm pretty sure it was used in a plot to turn Cybertron into earth. So we're seeing a vice versa plot now. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's what I remember.

    So the bat is diseased?

    How the hell can you guys hate him so much to not feel anything during this bit?

    Ayeeee, lookin' good bat boy.

    Or not.

    Rattrap has to pick between the two 'leaders'.

    I'd rather Rhinox be dead than a villain.

    I genuinely hope he's dead for good. I know it's doubtful but I can hope dammit.

    Mole? Moles? What?

    Ayeeee, bikes.

    They just conveniently have a whole squad of them watching that exact spot.

    They needed to transform just for that?

    Cybertropolis? Is that like the new... uh, fuck... What was his name... The T-Rex Con. Opposite of Metroplex. His name escapes me.

    TRIPTICON TRIYPTICON... Something like that.

    Optimus said fuck yo' glass son.

    They could capture one of those drones to be their new drill.

    He's batshit crazy.

    Get it? Bat shit.

    Oh fuck. Ol' girl got infected.

    I guess Ratty will have to listen to Optimus now.

    Make shift riot shield for the win.

    OK, that was pretty awesome. They did with the bike Vehicon's do.

    Cybertron's moon looks pretty fucking awesome there.

    lol @ Cheetor's scream.

    FACT: That moon is some of hte best skybox work in Transformers history.

    So the drill is a baddy then?

    Optimus takin' shots on Cheetor's leadership already.

    Hell yeah, Primal.


    Hey, they hit the goop motherload.

    Cheetor's going to go start his own team, I bet.

    Or maybe not. Maybe he's just gonna' leave or something. Then who's the angsty teen?

    He trusted some hologram with the key to Vector Sigma?

    Also, gross. Just die Tankor.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 12 - "The Catalyst" - 2/2/16​

    I guess we're just recapping every episode now. Forget the numbered bits.

    Why did he have to cut the arm off of a hologram anyway?

    Green goop farm ftw.

    Right around all these gross old skeletons.

    Wouldn't it be a fantastic plot twist if this was actually earth and someone managed to cyberform it with the key before this?

    That actually wouldn't surprise me with all the out of this world shit this show does.

    lol @ Jetstorm.

    Can I have his tank drones?

    I hope the drone repeats all of that.



    Didn't he just show Megatron some of the plant life just a second ago in his little video feed of Tankor fighting them?

    Wow, didn't expect Rattimus to give in so easily.

    Ooooooooo, K.

    I'm actually rooting for Zerg in this one, I hope he crushes Rhinox.

    Poor Rattrap is running on that AOL 56kbps.

    Why didn't he think of that sooner? It's literally what his bot form is made for.

    Didn't anybody ever tell ya' not to bite the hand that what? Water's ya?

    He's transforming the organic stuffs nature by using mechanical bits? >.>

    Why would she fucking scream like that? Doesn't that completely give away the element of surprise? Not that she really had it since they had already seen her but you get what I mean.

    This Cheetor and Optimus Primal arguing all the time is getting really old.

    lol he put Cheetor in charge - AGAIN. Mistake #2.

    They both suck ass as leaders man.

    I'm beginning to think fucking Rodimus may have been a better leader than both of them and that dude didn't do shit after the movie.

    How is she outrunning a bike on foot?

    Thrust's speed is seriously ignored at almost all times.




    I love Waspinator.

    This show is OK now.

    (Fuck evil Rhinox though.)

    This is a fantastic explanation on how he got home. Literally catapulted by a tree.

    Hardly ever get blown up lololol.

    Fuck you BA, Waspinator is a hero.

    Fuck you BA. Seriously. Fuck you.

    Go steady with Waspinator.

    lol Waspinator's girlfriend.



    Why the fuck did she see Silverbolt in Waspinator then?

    I'm super confused.

    Regardless. YAY! WASPINATOR! :D DDDD

    Episode of the year.

    I love my Waspinator.

    Oh, glitch...

    I'm still super confused about how or why Waspinator managed to show some of Silverbolt's shit and what not... That's a mind fuck that isn't making any sense.

    Really? He's gone again already.


    Nope. Not episode of the year anymore.

    Episode of five minutes ago.

    Damn, is that tree going fucking light speed or something?


    Rattimus on the front of this is fantastic.


    Good bye fantastic green jumanji plant. :( 

    Since when can Cheetor fly again?

    lol @ Optimus's face.

    OK maybe his leadership skills fucking suck but at least he knows how to do what has to be done right then.

    Also, that technomatter was slow as fuck right at the end.



    I'm sure Megatron is going to pick up on that before hand.

    Why would that drone give a fuck about who has the key?

    Well, this was a fun episode that had me super hype and then took a steaming shit on my fucking chest.

    Fuck Rhinox.

    Long Live Waspinator.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 13 - "End Of The Line" - 2/3/16​

    What's that boy? Season One Beast Machines Finale? You wanna' hear my predictions, boy? Well, golly gee willikers, I guess we can do that.

    My predictions for "End of the Line": Rhinox/Tankor dies, Megatron uses the key or some other super duper weapon of doom to gain the upperhand and leave us all in suspense like season 1 of Beast Wars and Waspinator becomes the King of all Kings.

    Let's goooooo!

    Why did it just show some of the names during the opening sequence?

    What the hell has it always done that? If so, I really don't remember.


    Supreme Leader Zerg VS King Kong COMMENCE!

    ALright, big spiral crap and we're zooming in on a kitty cat.

    How the fuck are you on his central computer?

    Uh-oh Spaghetti-o's. Tank drones for days.

    Twenty bucks on Rattrap just finding out Tankor is the head of all this horse shit that's been going down.


    Ayyy, seed nades.


    Well, that's a lot more tanks and they have that girl from that teenage robot show on the front of htem.

    Well, well, well. Look who it is. Garbage ass Tanox.


    Beautiful. <3

    Throw a temper tantrum you Kylo Ren ass bitch.

    Actually, that's an insult to our great and powerful knight Kylo Ren...

    Why is Oprah Winfrey talking some heavy shit to Optimus Primal right now?


    Hell yeah. Great dreams of victory.

    Someone remind me, what the hell is wrong with Cybertron being mechanical? It seemed to be doing a damn fine job in the 80's... excluding, uh, the whole decepticon control thing.

    That vision was a fake?


    How the hell did they not get spotted by all the other drones being out in public in their robot modes like that?








    Wait, those things are called moles? That makes way more sense than me thinking they meant like they were selling shit out or something.


    What the fuck Optimus... You want to destroy Cybertron's mechanical bits?

    You're just as much of a villain as these other fucks. You monkey fuck.








    God damn right, Cheetor. Whoop his fuckin' ass son.

    Or... maybe not.

    That's actually a pretty good plan.

    Ayyyyy, good lookin' out Optimus.

    I bet tank fuck will be bummed that didn't work.

    I guess not.

    I guess he left that shit hanging.

    Uh, he was about to cross that line boo boo.

    Smart ass drone is a smart ass.

    How is Megatron not super lonely.

    Lol... "Destroy Cybertron" *shows beautiful green planet*

    Are we going to get to see some epic fights or nah?

    Jetstorm <3

    What the hell you mean for Cybertron, Optimus? You were just about to turn it into Dantooine fool.

    I feel like the real Optimus is rolling over in his grave right now.

    ... His epic hacking skills are CTRL+ALT+DELETE?

    ... If Rattrap just died I will not watch Season 2 of this show.

    ... OK, maybe I still would. BUT I WOULDN'T LIKE IT!

    Why doesn't she always use her six eyes? I feel like that would be a great advantage.

    I thought she was about to bite his head off. Not scream and shake him?


    ... Rattimus :( 

    Megatron, you have to see through this by now dude. You're a fucking prick but god damn you're often smart.

    Here we go.

    Hell yeah. Megatron, you're my booboo.


    Pretty sure you just got denied Rhinodick.

    My heart is breaking in half right now man. You better save that mother fucker.

    You better go Dragoncon butthole.

    OH hell no, I thought that was about to be the end. That would have been mega disappointing.

    Why was Optimus on his back on fade in?

    I totally forgot Optimus could fly. He really hasn't used that a lot.

    Uh-oh. Dragon head.


    BA :( 

    Man... feels.

    Cheetor... that color actually looks good on you but still :( 

    His eyes are gonna' go all glowy. I guarantee it.

    I thought they would when he first opened his eyes.

    Primal sounds like Rhinox right now. Like his actual voice.

    Way too prove his point, Zerg.



    That fire breath would be a huge advantage if he could aim it.

    Wait, what the fuck. He's reformatting him.

    Woaaaah. Plot twist.

    I didn't see that coming.

    I didn't see that tank asshole coming either.


    I knew TronCon wouldn't be that stupid.

    Aww, I thought we were going to get to see onesie troncon again.

    ... Oh no.

    Wait a fucking minute.

    I keep saying that we're going to see Earth in this show.

    What if it isn't Earth..

    What if it's Cybertron as Earth...

    Fucking uh, like... a fucking... Terratron?


    Oh god. They're activating both weapons at once.

    This is some heavy shit right now my boy.

    Oh fuck.









    ...*eagerly awaits tomorrow*
  6. CaptainSlayer

    CaptainSlayer "Soundwave just sent out Randal"

    Jul 29, 2014
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    |Beast Machines - Season Two|

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 14 - "Fallout" - 2/4/16​

    Season two of Beast Machines is a go.

    Same opening as Season one.

    Good, a recap for the wife.

    We're icking up right where we left off.

    Except now Optimus is an astronaut.

    It looks like they're dancing, not fighting.

    Adios Cybertron.

    What the hell's going on? Is he beating himself up for being a religious nut?

    Hey, all of Rattrap's forms.

    All of Cheetor's forms.

    Nightscream's 2 forms.

    All of BA's forms.

    No Rhinox, Silverbolt, Tigatron or Airrazor blaming him I notice.


    Rhinox? Is he a good guy again yet?

    Why isn't he all blue and what not?

    Bug eyes. That's nice.

    Hey, he's curing the blue.

    So my boy has had the ability to do all of this all along?

    Dud he just combine both of the thingys?

    Are we going to get a hybrid Cybertron now?

    All the drones are dead.

    or deactivated, whichever you'd prefer.



    Nope but just as good.

    ... Troncon is dead?

    Rhikor is dead.

    Damn, Optimus fucking disintegrated.

    That's a metal way to go.

    Cheetor said fuck you Screech.

    Wrong time to say shit like that.

    He's shaking, lol.

    He cheated. he didn't say "I am Transformed".


    Thrustinator <3

    It's nice to see those two with some balls.

    I'm not going to lie, I want to see Waspinator keep his word of leaving the Predacons and join the Maximals.

    That was dramatic going in for an abrupt stop.

    Yeah but those visions were fake Mr. Tor.


    The interior is going to be organic while the top is mechanical?

    I dunno, I'm guessing at this point.

    That's one big ass monkey and he's making some funny noises.

    Cheetor is a great listener.

    Yeah but that's when he was still a good leader Cheetahguy.

    I always thought Rattrap or Rhinox would end up being the proper leaders if Optimus passed.

    Cheetor works too I guess, so long as he isn't a Rodimus about it.

    What form of acid were the animators and writers using during the creation of this show?

    Well, it looks like I'm about to be right.

    A balanced world.

    So... Earth?

    Just on a better degree?

    Hell yeah, Optimus.

    Fuck that shit, get out there and woop some ass.

    Another new form?

    Nope. Just looked skinny in the light.


    Who the hell are these guys going to be fighting now?


    New enemy?

    I guess if Optimus can live so can Megatron, right?

    Is that a giant head?

    Serious Unicron flashbacks with that big ass thing.

    Well that was a fucking odd way to start a season.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 15 - "Savage Noble" - 2/5/16​

    He's stuck in orbit.

    That's super creepy with that giant set of eyes just staring at you.

    Bye BA.

    A parachute... made of webs?

    Why is the spider growling?

    That's seriously creepy... Majora's Mask creepy.

    That water is animated all goofy and keeps changing shape drastically.

    So there is a new enemy then...

    I've never seen Jetstorm be so hype.

    Rattrap said Silverbolt was his friend. I don't really remember them being buddy buddy.


    Ayyyyy, we got ol' boys fighting with the maximals then.

    Was that Dragoncon? It just looked pure Dragon.

    Maybe it's like the episode in G1 where they go to that fantasy world.

    That's too fat to be Dragatron.

    I guess that's something from the primitive Cybertron.

    It's the old Megatron from Beast Wars. :) 

    This trippy stuff makes no sense to me.

    That wasn't a sentient mind? What does that mean?

    They're calling him savage like he's a puppy.

    His aim isn't that bad apparently.

    Is Cheetor's roar just like a mountain lion or something? I don't really know what Cheetah's actually sound like.

    Why is Black Arachnia so easily scared? She's usually the one that's above all of that fear nonsense.

    New Maximal?


    That is one awesome looking dude.

    It's odd that he's cowering. That dude looks amazing and buff.

    Is that Screech's buddy from before?

    Savage Noble. That's the title name. It's Savage and Noble.

    I guess Noble might become our new white knight?

    Is he the beast? Like a were...wolf...dragon? I doubt it but still.

    You don't even want a briefing before you take off?

    Well, alright then. That seems a little foolish.

    That fat ass thing can fly?

    Also, is that dragon using the baby t-rex roar from The Lost World?

    How do you know Noble is a maximal?

    Good reassuring non-dictator Optimus Primal seems to be back. Good.

    I love that Rattrap sounds like a dirt bike now.

    fucking lol @ rattrap's scream.

    It's going to lick him.

    Or not. Maybe it will just waddle away.

    Why are they trying to corral that thing?

    Didn't he say don't hit it, BA?

    Maybe that thing's a maximal too. :p 


    Stop speaking in such sharp tones, dummy.

    0.0 :O :O 0.0

    What do you mean we're friends, remember?

    Oh my fucking god, I was right.

    You gotta be kidding me.

    He really is a weredragonwolf.

    He's pure organic.

    Beast to Beast. That's a first.

    God he is such a fucking awesome looking character man.

    He reminds me of Sabrewulf.

    Well, that was awesome as shit and he's an amazing looking character.

    BUT - That creepy stare up to the sky makes me think he worships Megacron 2.0.

    Have a good weekend everybody!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 16 - "Prometheus Unbound" - 2/8/16​

    Ladies and gentleman, I've never claimed to be the biggest football fan in the world but as time moves forward I do find myself enjoying the game a good bit more than I did in my youth and there are two teams I really enjoy watching play...

    The Seattle Seahawks...

    ... and The Carolina Panthers.

    I would like to inform you all that I've only watched 3 Superbowl games in my entire life...

    The 2003 game of Carolina VS The Patriots...

    The 2015 game of The Seahawks VS The Patriots...

    ... and the 2016 game of Carolina VS The Broncos.

    In other news, local South Carolina man may be an omen for the NFL.

    Coming up, Beast Machines Episode 16 "Prometheus Unbound"!

    Savage Noble recap.

    Unicron 2.

    Creepy Cybertron moon.

    Sabrewulf howling at the moon.

    That's kind of fucked up that they're trying to hold him prisoner.

    Damn Screech got deep quick.

    He goes feral in his wolf state? I thought he would just have to turn into the dragon.

    So he's like the Hulk more than a werewolf.

    That makes sense considering he turned when the vehicons attacked him.

    I thought they tamed him in this mode last episode though. It doesn't really make sense for him to still be struggling to know who they are this way.

    Once again, how can you guys dislike Screech when he clearly cares about Noble more than anyone else on the team?

    Hell, Noble even saved his ass.

    Now he's in a cocoon of doom doing the baby t-rex roar.

    He's doing that goofy evil smile again.

    Rattrap is being a dick head.

    ... A tribute to Unicron, huh?

    Somethign tells me they're going to find a spark to bring Unicron 2.0 online.

    Waiiiiiit a minute.

    What is Noble is fucking a double agent for Unicron 2.0/Troncon/Who the fuck ever?

    How does Rattrap know who Unicron is again? History books back in the day I guess?

    ... Something's happening with Noble.

    I'm going to be disappointed if he's a baddy.

    Maybe his savage side is the evil side?

    Rattrap is losing a lot of respect points this episode. Where's the compassionate Ratty that let BA take off to find Sourball?

    This is a sketchy episode.

    I'm actually hoping Screech breaks Rattrap's fucking jaw right now.

    Optimus was smart enough to bring Screech with him to find Noble. Smart man.

    I'm seriously confused about what the fuck is going on. Is he a maximal or isn't he?

    God damn he's fast.

    Oh what the fuck? Play on those camera angles.

    So something is following each team?

    Wait... One Savage, One Noble?

    It's shown both of them.

    It's still showing both of them.

    What the hell is going on.

    Maybe it was a bad call on Optimus' behalf to let Screech join him. His emotions are getting in the way again.

    tfw Noble is Megatron.

    Or wait... maybe Savage is Megatron and he fused with Noble?

    That would explain the dragon form.

    I'm so fucking confused right now.

    The Taken King Raid time.

    Transformers: The Platforming Game of the Year.


    He's in Megatron's exo suit thingy.

    His PC sounds like dubstep.


    Noble is Unicron 2?

    Noble is fucking... Megatron 3?

    Noble is... Randal? That would be my favorite.

    lol @ the past experience remark.

    Now Scorpion from Mortal Kombat is shooting his spears out of the walls to rip out some sparks.

    Finally some real action again.

    Ayeeeee, baby girl is using that sick ground attack again.

    Screech's screech got better sound effects.

    That actually reminded me of Blaster... I miss him.

    They're going to extract Noble's spark?

    Never mind, he wrecked them.


    ... My boy is going to extract his own fucking spark?

    ... He just said "yeesssssss"

    Noble is Megatron confirmed.

    That sounds like a Megatron scream.





    (accidentally submitted so some people might see this point early. )

    So Noble was a fake.

    This sucks ass.

    He used Screech and now Rattrap seems like less of a dick.

    That's some horrifying shit.

    Well UnicronTronConMan confirmed.

    Now I'm just left to wonder hwo long before Thrust and Jetstorm show up to fight for their old leader again...

    Rattrap looks absolutely bored right now.

    So the Maximal's are forced under ground once again. This is some DeJeVu or however the hell you spell it.

    This is so fucking lame dude, Noble was an amazing character design.

    There's the compassionate Rattrap I was looking for. <3






    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 17 - "In Darkest Knight" - 2/9/16​

    Time to see if Noble decides not to suck when Tron's spark is gone. Wife missed yesterday but is here today.

    Ironically the one fucking time they don't do a recap.

    Screech still hasn't given up on Savage noble. How "Noble" of him. :D 



    When the hell are these two going to get turned back into their previous forms?

    Actually. This episode is called the Darkest Knight. Sourball is a white knight. Hmmm.... >.>

    ... DNA Scanner.

    ... Spark extractor.

    This is the episode it's going to happen in, huh?

    What is with everyone in this show just being absolute dicks to one another?

    Aww, Optimus hugged that poor little con.

    How does Cheetor fly again exactly? I actually remember him saying something about wishing he had his thrust jets a few episodes back.


    Good thinkin' dumb ass. Now you're heading up too.

    She's going to test this thing out on Waspinator. I swear to god if she hurts him I'll kill her.

    Savage Noble is still a good guy confirmed.

    Except now he's going to eat Screech.

    Wait. No. Dammit. I was thinking Thrust was Sourball again. I had them mixed up.

    I guess a few episodes without them and opposing personalities will do that.




    Wow, he has Airrazor's face.

    Holy shit.

    He looks goofy man.

    Awesome but goofy.

    This guy is so god damn dramatic.

    You aren't going to greet Cheetor too? Da rude, Sandstorm.

    Is Noble actually savage now?

    So he's like Screech's pet then.

    He attacked Black Arachnia. That's way different from his Beast War's self.

    Omfg. She just called him Cheater. Haven't heard that bullshit in a while.

    Sourball's a fucking punk bitch now.

    What is it with this show and ruining rad characters? (Looking at you Rhinox)

    Oh now he wants to do dope shit.

    Sourball has some big ass bug eyes.

    Mechanical apples?

    Sourball is Depthcharge now apparently.

    Super angsty asshole concerned only with himself.

    A ninja star made out of glowing green spider webs? Dope.


    What did he just refer to them as? I completely missed that.

    I really hope he doesn't listen to this fool.


    Alright, BotBolt looks pretty rad.

    He also has an unlimited number of feather shuriken.

    I guess Optimus was awake for all of this? How else would he know that's Silverbolt?

    Waspinator. <3

    Please get turned back to bot form.

    ... And we're back to Waspinator getting smashed.



    Damn, cold shoulder on his friends.

    So much drama in this show dude.

    For once can we just have one fucking bot come back and be happy to be a bot again?

    That's pretty twisted there ol' Sourball.

    This is another one of those role reversal bullshits.

    Well, this was an eventful episode but if that's the end of Thrustinator... I quit.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 18 - "A Wolf In The Fold" - 2/10/16​

    Second episode without a recap. Did we grow out of them or something?

    There's no Rhinox, Cheetor.

    What is up with Optimus Primal's eyes changing colors so quickly?

    We're suddenly playing Missile Command?

    Nope, Tentacles from Megatron's head.

    We aren't going to lose Silverbolt again so quickly are we?

    Uh, Cheetor too, I guess?

    It's the Bayverse Shockwave, Optimus :D 

    Rattrap too. That's three for three.

    Screech. Four for four.

    Black Arachnia. Five for five.

    So the monkey's the only one who hasn't been infected yet?

    It's some angry virus thing. They're going to beat the hell out of each other.

    Waspinator lives! :D 

    So Thrust is the only general Megatron has left. I guess with all the other Predacon's dead it only makes sense.

    I'm pretty sure I've asked this before but can a Cheetah actually out run a crotch rocket?

    So they're still working as a team and helping each other out but they're insane?

    Silverbolt just leaps at the chance to make everything about him, huh?

    How can you have harmony among disagreeing minds? I can agree with you Megatron.

    Troncon's just going to let him leave like that?

    So much shouting in this episode.

    Let me guess the beast mode isn't affected by the virus, huh?

    Wouldn't be the first time the beast mode is a bail out.

    I just noticed Thrust is painted differently than his drones. Was he always like that or is it a new addition?

    lol @ Cheetor's hands getting smashed.

    Poor Waspinator. :( 

    Uh-oh. Boss Monkey got infected.

    Here comes Silverbolt.

    Man, we didn't even get to see Optimus go ape shit.

    How are they all able to relax right now?

    Shouldn't the virus still have them all bitching?

    Huh... I doubt they're going to be stuck with it.

    I also assumed this episode title meant we'd be seeing Noble.

    BA is always super quick on the Spider-Man saves.

    Well, there goes the rest of them.

    Did Optimus just cure himself that quick?

    With his Buzz Lightyear lookin' ass...

    I don't get it, how did he just cure them all that easily?

    Literally... every. freakin'. chance.

    I agree that Megatron has a strong point there but I don't expect the team to follow up on that.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 19 - "Home Soil" - 2/11/16​

    Where's Megatron's big ass head on this planet wide shot?

    Alien ship.

    That's going to get shot the fuck up by automated turrets.

    Or blow right through them, that works too.

    Sourball doesn't seem too hype about that.

    That's a little negative primal.

    Poor Thrust. He tried to quit Megatron's forces in Beast Wars and now he's his only servant.

    These dudes are hauling ass.

    Then when it showed them from the front they were going wayyy slower.

    This is the first time we've seen Sourball fighting in his bot form, I believe. It may have shown a glimpse last episode.

    I'm still a big fan of Screech's uh, screeching.

    Who is Typhoid Mary?

    Why did Black Arachnia look so upset about that?

    How the fuck do they know what Monopoly is? Parker Brothers ain't that damn big.

    I guess that's why she's upset about it. She's stupid jelly.

    A mole! (I think that's what they were called)

    Rattrap is super punny in this episode.

    Why are they going back up if they were ordered underground?

    Tankor drones :D 

    Thrust just flipped them off.

    There goes Screech's dentures again.

    Energon? That's a word I've not heard in a long time.

    That'll work, Thrust. Keep it up.

    So that's why they went up, a plot point. :p 

    The ship looks organic itself.

    ... Why do I have the feeling that the entire ship is going to be a transformer?

    Like Skylynx.

    What the fuck was that?

    Or maybe it's just all evil and planty.

    Jumanji flashbacks.

    I wonder if Optimus will ask Megatron for help in destroying the ship in order to contain it. Kind of like how the Covenant and UNSC worked together to contain the flood. (and the short time the flood helped in Halo 3).

    What Cheetor just said made me think this show's going to do something really stupid and make the maximals the villain's by the end of it. That'd be the second largest slap in the face since Optimus Prime's death... (and second death).

    It's mechanical?

    Well there goes my Skylynx theory :( 


    So we have a Dryad maximal now. Dope.

    Sourball just referred to himself as a maximal. That feels good.

    So she's the only one that survived. :( 

    It's so odd hearing a plant talking about rebooting and Operating Systems.

    Wait so what's her beast mode? Or Plant mode... Botany mode?

    I bet she's going to play a big hand in helping to keep all the trees and stuff alive.

    What the fuck?

    So which one is her alt mode?

    This is some plants vs zombies shit.

    She's stupid powerful.

    R.I.P Tankor Drones.

    How did she know his name?

    Optimus Primal's I mean.

    Sourball's already picking up on Screech's traits.

    What the hell did she do?

    Botanica. Fitting name.

    There's TronCon's slow ass.

    Oh what the fuck?

    He can transform into a ship xD

    That's fantastic.

    Adios plant ship :( 

    Megatron's going to bring in new generals isn't he? Why else would Thrust bitch about being outnumbered?

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 20 - "Sparkwar Part I: The Strike" - 2/15/16​

    How is the accuracy of all of those bots so god awful?

    They're literally right behind him.

    Screech shoots sonic blasts from the back of his hump back now?

    She's going to do the ground attack.

    Nope, Silverbolt.

    Who used a pretty rad transformation.

    Why would they just let him leave like that? Why can't they just turn him back to Waspinator already.

    They used the junk of the old cyclebots to make a cart. Creative.

    Black Arachnia and Silerbolt are fighting again already. That's not surprising.

    Botanica. I'd forgotten about her over the weekend.

    Uh, hate to break it to you sister but Starscream was a scientist too.

    That's why there's going to be more than one pretty soon.

    I wish you would, Thrust. I wish you would.

    At least he has a good reason to be a jerk.

    New sparks. I wonder who they are.

    Well, the flying one looks awesome.

    Are these Transmetals?

    Rocksteady and bebop up in the house.

    The flying one actually reminds me of Rhett from Rampage.

    Well they broke Thrust and then jumped on the Maximals.

    Do these guys not have voices or something?

    I hope them beating on Thrust gets Waspinator to come back.

    I guess they do have voices.

    Are their names Terminate and Obliterate or are they just saying what they're designed too do?

    They also remind me of the Monstars.

    I feel like she proved her worth in battle when she wiped an army of drones last episode but alrighty then, leave her at base.

    I'm having some serious Star Wars flashbacks from this bit. It reminded me of Anakin diving into that speeder.

    I want to know what sparks he used.

    How do you know she's a maximal Cheetor?

    The only Maximal she could be is Air Razor.

    Which would likely mean the other is Tigatron.

    But those two were fused together and neither were stupid.

    Then again, neither was Rhinox.

    Did she just electrocute herself to death?

    All of the sparks are calling out to her.

    Maybe they're combiners.

    That would be a nice change of pace.

    We did get Ravage in Beast Wars, give us Devastator in Beast Machines.

    They sound very intelligent now.

    Maybe they are Tigatron and Air Razor.

    When did Optimus get the ability to summon bubble shields?

    Master strategists... I can't think of any Transformers who fit that bill.

    Is Megatron trying to corrupt her?

    That wouldn't be any good.

    The animation on Cybertron pre-virus looks pretty cheapo.

    Maybe it's something trying to get her to turn the world into all organic like Optimus did.

    I guess it's good she stayed behind.

    Obsidian and Striker.

    I've never heard of either of them.

    They seem way more dangerous than the previous generals.

    It would have been cool if they were Kup and Elita-1.

    Here comes baby girl, ready to clear some mobs again.

    Was that supposed to be an intimidating phrase? It sounded pretty stupid.

    They don't have enough information on her to properly plan against her.

    Why didn't they just revert to Beast Mode early to avoid them?

    Well, Thrustinator is back to getting beat up every episode I guess.

    Botanica is playing real life Dig Dug to clear paths for the plants or something I guess.

    I'm with you Rattrap.

    I hope there's some big war at the end of all this with a ton of Maximals and Autobots (and maybe Decepticons) going hamskis in the yamskis on Megatron.

    See you all tomorrow.

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 21 - "Sparkwar Part II: The Search" - 2/16/16​

    Why would they include that flat joke in the recap?

    Well Cybertron sure looks busy again.

    Vision time.

    A million sparks playing ring around the rosie.

    Megatron said yes but there wasn't much emotion behind it.

    So they put a nicotine patch on their arm and can stay in robot mode without being detected. How nifty.

    I guess that answers which of Botanica's modes is which.

    Optimus picked Screech. That's surprising.

    Why is Rattrap being mean to booboo bear?

    Cheetor's about to fuck you up ol' bird boy.

    I will admit that I like Sourball more now than back on Earth. He's not as unbearable and is actually pretty cool.

    Shit, I completely forgot about Noble my boy.


    IT'S A ROCK!

    The mother of who and what now?

    Is that where he was keeping the sparks?

    I guess so. Rattrap can also stop being a dick now.

    She's got Anubis' super from SMITE.

    lol @ Rattimus' arms while he's sprinting away.

    I think that was a bad idea BA, I'm pretty sure those devices were working fine and Megatron just knew where you guys were going to be.

    "The Great Upgrade" - Uh, alright. If you say so.

    Yooooo, Optimus boo<3

    Pleasure chips? Well then.

    I don't, I missed what you said Ratty.

    Woah, that's beautiful.

    How the fuck does Rattrap not hear that?

    Oh, that shit's like beaming into his brain or something.

    That's kind of creepy.

    Which one, Screech?

    Poor Thrust, still stuck with his same ol' body while the other two generals are just smacking down in turbo suits.

    Good plan, Cheetor.

    Better plan, Cheetor.

    I have a feeling this episode is going to be a cliffhanger.

    I thought he was about to say the Oracle lies to him, not within him.

    How does any of that make sense?

    Fucking Megatron...

    This isn't very good.

    Rattrap is about to send her to dream land.

    I agree, Strika. The animation on it is awesome too.

    Botanica and Ratty are going to fall in love. I can already tell.


    Too late, Obsidian.

    Hey, ol Decepticon bodies.

    They are so damn massive compared to the Maximals.

    Optimus had a cocky smile at the end of that. Maybe he knew what was going on?

    Screech got scared.

    Woah, I was expecting Optimus not Noble.

    lol he actually scared the vehicons away.


    Maybe Optimus used the whole brain syncing thing or whatever the hell Unitron used to get the location of the sparks.

    Ayy, I guessed it.


    They're inside his big ass Unicron head, I guess?

    Well, I guess that's that. See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 22 - "Sparkwar Part III: The Siege" - 2/18/16​

    Missed yesterday's episode so I'm doing it and Spark of Darkness today. Beast Machines will wrap up over the weekend with one episode Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    I hope Noble gets inside of UniTron's head and melts his brain with fire.

    It seems kind of dangerous to be flying so close to all of TronCon's stuff there.

    How convenient that junk was so close to where they were at that exact moment while the rest of the ground is spotless.


    He's blowing your cover fool.

    Denture attack, GO!

    Cheetor's getting a bit cocky with those swords.

    Ayyy, ground lightning ftw.

    Noble <3

    Well, at least he tried to bring him with him.

    Stopped by an evil manhole cover!

    Cheetor's being an asshole.

    Trojan horse reference.

    Optimus' eyes are creepy when they glow like that.

    That whining is irresistible.


    All this time trying to catch him and then he shoo's him off? That's pretty fucked up.

    He's absorbing the sparks to become a god or something?

    He's pretty much Shang Tsung or Ermac depending on how you look at it.

    You have to admire their willingness to fire without question. That's loyalty to their job.

    I thought those little chips gave off Maximal signatures? I guess they can hide them or emit them?

    Thrusticons. At least Megatron trusted him enough to keep him as his personal guard (although I'm sure he thought the other two were more than enough to keep the Maximals far, far away from him).

    It always sounds like Thrust and Rattrap are going way faster than they actually are.

    So there's all the sparks. In an aquarium no less.

    Optimus can shoot chest blasts now. His powers continue to evolve I guess.

    I have a feeling Noble is going to have something to do with saving the Maximals.

    I think I'm ready to say that Beast Wars/Beast Machines Megatron is was more fucked up that G1 Megatron. All that dude wanted was some energon to get drunk off of.

    Noble has no spark. He has to be the one to stop them, right?

    The entire horizon is open while Screech is running away.

    I knew it, here comes Noble.

    I hope he fights these guys in wolf form.

    Wish granted.

    Fuck them up Sabrewulf.

    He just man handled those generals with ease.

    That fat ass dragon can fly?

    He doesn't have a spark, how did that hurt him?

    Also, is he dead?

    Screech is about to go Super Saiyan.

    That seemed a little too easy, did it not?

    You guys still hate Screech even though he fucked up UniTron's spark single handedly?

    lol @ abandon head.

    How the hell do the guys on the ground know that isn't Megatron anymore?

    R.I.P Noble.

    Coolest Beast Machines character fucked up for nothing.

    I guess that's going to be the darkest spark for this next episode.


    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 23 - "Spark Of Darkness" - 2/18/16​

    Odd that there's no recap for this episode.

    They're all super hype despite Noble being dead?

    Never mind, there's poor Screech.

    Silverbolt is the smartest of them all right now.

    I wouldn't trust Optimus about that spark thing.

    Now Botanica can just straight up sense evil? Jedi style?

    Why would you keep the giant Megatron head around... I mean, sure it's useful but it's a sign of tyranny.

    That was a pretty cool transition.

    lol, "What did you do in the war, Daddy?"

    She made it sound pretty perverted. Him putting his tail in computer holes.

    I'm telling you, these two are going to fall in love.

    Hah, I knew it.

    What the hell is that?

    He looks like the red guy from Power Rangers. What was his name? Zed?

    I'd be pretty impressed if those generals actually turn to help the Maximals.

    My wife said this new creature looks like Dinobot in the face. I can see it in the eyes.

    Maybe Rampage's spark finally caught up with the rest of them.

    How would they still be talking about it if they deleted it?

    I'm not going to lie this ZombieCon is pretty awesome.

    ZombieSpark I should say.

    Thrust is a little pushy considering he left Megatron's team in Beast Wars and THEN kept showing signs of wanting to change when Black Arachnia thought he was Silverbolt.

    Are the generals going to decide to serve that spooky orb thingy?

    Maybe not.

    Both factions? That thing didn't attack the generals...

    Optimus, shut the fuck up about the Oracle. You've never been right about that thing you bastard.

    The spark is going to take over the big ass head I was just asking about them keeping around?

    I like how Strika is basically rollerblading.


    ... It took over that tiny ass orb, wow.

    Did it just take over the spark extractors?

    RIP Botanica.

    Of course, what?

    Nope, it took over Rhinox's old body.

    Or one of the drones at least.

    Of course what, by the way?

    I hate how they always get this shit well before I do.

    This is some horror movieesque lighting going on right now.

    Oh, he's going to use one of the extractor thingies to stop it.





    So it is just Megatron's spark?

    That's pretty lame but good thinking Megatron.

    You've got to be fucking kidding me. There's no way they're about to be outdone by a god damn servant drone.

    Optimus is about to go ape shit.

    He's had enough of this Megatron shit.

    Or maybe not.

    This is all moving really fast.

    C'mon man... You guys can't switch sides again already...

    Fuck both of those general's man.

    I hate this show and it's constant bullshit.

    It's time for Thrust to take charge. Hell yeah.


    You've got to be kidding me man. Thrust doesn't even get time in the spot light?

    Gross. Def. my least favorite episode of the series excluding the Rhinox ones. 0/10 stars.

    See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 24 - "Endgame Part I: The Downward Spiral" - 2/19/16​

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 25 - "Endgame Part II: When Legends Fall" - 2/20/16​

    I wonder when they started calling him "Lord Megatron". I guess it's meant to bring the royalty thing from Inferno back into play but I thought these guys were just defending Cybertron, not Megatron.

    Botanica. I called her showing up to help them yesterday but I thought it was going to be her messing up some drones.

    Trouble with a capitol V?

    Oh, vehicons.

    I guess Sourball is finally getting all touchy feely with BA again? I get the idea that they're going to go the way of Tigatron and Airazor.

    The tension between those two is painful.

    Here goes Optimus on another religion quest.

    Uh, is he about to absorb the sparks or something?

    He picked up a damage boost.

    I don't get it. What did he/they just do?

    At least Megatron offered them a quick death.

    Couldn't they just fire on that frequency again?

    There they go.

    Optimus is dropping Kamhamaha's again.

    I forgot about the mole things and they're just harvesting up the trees all of the sudden.

    I'm sure Botanica can feel that right?


    Huh, no argument or anything from Optimus. Good show.

    So who dies in this episode, I wonder? Knowing the writers for this show they're probably going to bring back Rhinox and make him nuke Cybertron all together or something ridiculous.

    This is the most fighting that has been in an episode of Beast Machines, I believe.

    I guess we finally get to see Troncon's new body in this episode.

    What the hell was that? Some odd stop motion shit from Optimus.

    I still don't understand what happened to give them these abilities.

    I'm also a fan of how a lot of the battle scenes only have the music playing, it's a nice effect.

    Was he just back in his old body?

    Oh, I thought he was going to have like an actual new body.

    Unless he was just like in the spirit realm or whatever the hell that stuff is.

    Shit's getting real for the Maximals.

    Megatron is stealing their juice.

    Is it weird that I would be OK with Thrust dying but not Waspinator?

    That is now my favorite line from Cheetor.

    Probably his most bad as moment as well.

    That is my least favorite line from Cheetor and his worst moment. xD

    He did however shoot those fuckers into orbit.

    I'm glad Thrust was the only one smart enough to get the hell off the pedestal.

    So, it is just his old body? I'm so damn confused.


    Is he going to get Waspinator out?

    Duddddeee, this would be the bee's knee's.

    Oh shit, he stole Optimus Primal's old body.

    RIP Maximals.

    Damn, he killed all of those fools.

    Or stole their souls at least.

    Well, that's quite the cliffhanger. See you all tomorrow!

    |- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -|

    Episode 26 - "Endgame Part III: Seeds of the Future" - 2/21/16​

    Well, this is it. The last episode of Beast Machines and the last episode meant for this blog. Tomorrow, I'll be giving it the review treatment the G1 blog got including top 5 favorites and so forth and then we will be starting Bayformer Fan Watches Animated in April, so until then - Let's finish what we started. :D 

    Well, it's just Megatron and Optimus again.

    There's only three of the sparks, who is missing then?

    That's a big ass laser sight.

    Holy shit, he hits like a tank in that body.

    Why would he chase him outside instead of getting the sparks first?

    Here we go touching on Optimus Primal's defeats again.

    The monkey is getting man handled.

    I imagine when the inhabitants of Cybertron return they're going to be pretty pissed off to find almost all of their buildings blown wide open with holes from this war.

    Lame line is lame.

    Megatron looks pretty awesome coming out of that fire though.

    They're really going to be pissed about that one... That's some Cloverfield level shit.

    So Megatron just basically gave him an exit.

    The orchard maybe?



    Dead bodies are sad.

    So there's a ton of sparks flying around like insects and uh, what's the next step here?

    Aw, that man made himself a new throne.

    Religious mumbo jumbo.

    But I can understand it at least.

    Cheetor's spark.

    Is Optimus about to start stealing those sparks?

    Like absorbing themselves?

    The seeds of the future lie buried in the past. Are we actually going to go back in time or something? If there's another time tornado I'm going to be sick.

    This is some heavy duty shit.

    Darth Sidious shit going hamskis.

    That seemed entirely too simply for him to just shock Optimus and sever his connection to the oracle.

    You keep talking big Optimus but you haven't done anything useful so far.

    RIP Organic Cybertron.

    Optimus can turn things organic now.

    He's going to plunge him into the organic bit?

    He's going to bury both of them I bet.

    I thought Megatron was about to eat him for a second.

    I thought all of that was turned into mechanical shit just now? Oh, it only got the outsides.

    Someone launched a nuke apparently.

    Yooo, Cybertron became Teletubbie land.

    AYYYYY The maximals live on :D 

    Where are all of the others?

    That's adorable.

    lol @ tree hugger.

    Botanica is like a god tier Transformer on this planet now.

    Ayeeee it's all the other bots now.

    They all look the same.

    How the hell are they not pissed about the planet looking so different?

    Optimus is a star... again.

    Adios Optimus Primal.





    Well, that was quite the ending and not at all what I was expecting. They should have given Waspinator his real face and it would have been a 10/10.

    Also, I find it odd that Megatron played a role in actually bringing Cybertron to be organic.

    Lastly, I assume this is non-canon since Cybertron is mechanical in other shows right?

    Thank you everyone who read through this blog with me and to those of you who have been around since the G1 entries! As I said earlier, Animated is coming in April and will be the end of my blogging days as I 'transform' from a Bayfromers fan to a Transformers fan.

    I hope to see you all there!

    Oh, and check back tomorrow for the final words on Beast Wars/Machines!

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    agile house
    Interested. :I
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    I watched Beast Wars for the first time 2 years ago. Haven't watched it since, so I might follow along with you. I didn't finish the 2nd season and I don't have Beast Machines either.
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    It begins...
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    I watched it for the first time about 4 years ago. It was fantastic. I've since watched the whole series 3 more times. I never thought the series I couldn't stomach as a kid would be my favorite TF show.
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    Yeah, I tuned out during its original airings but I've heard so much about how great it eventually became that I've really been looking forward to checking out BW/BM start-to-finish someday.

    But till then I'll definitely be following this blog!


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    In the beginning there came the beasts, and all that creeps, crawls and flies. But Nature lies, they're Robots In Disguise!


    Can't wait for this to start! :) 
  13. Metroplex79

    Metroplex79 Hey mouse, say cheese!

    Feb 28, 2003
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    I'm in.

    Just as pretty much every TV series, the first few eps generally suck compared to the best stuff later in the series.

    My spoiler to you:
    This ain't like G1 AT ALL!!!

    Season 1 is long, nothing "really" happens in the first 10 or so eps, it's mostly for you to understand the environment, a wee tiny bit of the plot, the setting, the characters and their personalities.

    Once they get you comfortable with what you're seeing, their story will really begin.
  14. glinthos

    glinthos doomed hometown

    Apr 11, 2015
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    Here we go. I watched BW when it first came out, as that was about the time I discovered the online fandom (a.t.t. in those days) and got back into Transformers.
  15. Bass X0

    Bass X0 Captain Commando

    Dec 12, 2003
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    And its not like the Bayformers movies either.
  16. Reask

    Reask Predacon

    Aug 12, 2013
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    Cannot wait, I loved Beast Wars as a kid, just randomly flicking through channels, finding this stupid ass shit, then got attached to the characters and animation, being invested in all that happens after the mid point in season 1, crying a lot after one certain thing in season 2, being blown away from season 2 altogether, and enjoying season 3 just as much, Beast Wars is a great series, still my favourite of the lot. I like Beast Machines too, it's deep, a bit too deep for kids but still was great.

    You know, we've had a lot of these blogs lately and I enjoy reading them, but I think I should do one of Transformers Energon soon, if I want to suffer a bit. :D 
  17. Zook

    Zook Evil Incarnate

    Aug 18, 2014
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    Maricopa, AZ
    Don't be put off by the writing in Season 1. It's geared towards kids for the first 20 or so episodes. Then shit starts going down and the real story begins. Not to say the show sucks for the first 20 episodes, you just might find a few or even just a certain character *cough*Cheetor*cough* annoying as hell. The writing is very clever, but againk it started as a kids show, and then itself grew up.
  18. CaptainSlayer

    CaptainSlayer "Soundwave just sent out Randal"

    Jul 29, 2014
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    Episode One, "Beast Wars, Part One" has been added.
  19. LegionMaximus

    LegionMaximus Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2009
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    Season 1 gets panned a lot, but I like it just fine to be honest. It's not bad, just different than later seasons. (More episodic.)

    Cheetor (or Cheater) is definitely the kid-friendly character, but even he isn't thaaat bad, in my opinion. I think I find him tolerable because people are willing to straight up tell him how stupid he's being. Intra-faction squabbling is my lifeblood. <3

    Reminder to fellow BW fans that it's more fun when the person watching doesn't get spoilers or even hints. ;) 
  20. Metroplex79

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    Episode 1 - "Beast Wars, Part 1"

    Are you sure?

    Well, one does not try to repeat the "bad" from another series to put in the current one.


    No HJ from him...

    They explained it in the beginning....Energon levels are off the scale, and affects their robot modes negatively. Thus they needed something to negate that effect, thus the organic beast alt modes.


    Yep...lots of clever dialog like that throughout the series.

    G1 started in 1984, using the then-current animation style
    BW started in 1996, using the then best CGI.

    Like G1, the distinct voices makes it wonderful for the kids.