Battle of the Omegas - Siege Omega Supreme VS Ultima Guard (w/ DX9 Gabriel thoughts)

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    For a long time, I have been waiting to do a side-by-side comparison of Siege Omega with Wei Jiang's Ultima Guard. Here in Canada it is a case of comparing apples to apples because they differ in price by only $5. Rare is it that third party and official product can be compared so closely. Originally, I was not going to include any thoughts about Gabriel or Terminus Giganticus. While I am still leaving out Terminus because of 2 reasons (his higher cost holds him at a higher standard and I see him more suited to an MP collection anyway), I am going to discuss Gabriel in comparison as his recent pre-orders have seen a price drop that puts him in line with the other 2. NOTE:, in the US, titan Omega did NOT get a price increase. In Canada, he did get a price jump, which, with tax, is what puts him in line with Ultima Guard. So, we have different figures, equal investment - we look at everything from accessories, to transformation, colors, detailing, articulation, base mode, tracks, tanks, rockets and gimmicks! Play along and keep your own score as we go through these big lads in great detail -