By Generation: Battle Blade Bumblebee - Creating Ball Jointed Wrists

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    I finished the same modification to Battle Blade Bumblebee, the one savio-prime did. I took the same approach as I did with Starscream, drilling shallow holes to put in my ball joints. Like savio-prime, I shaved away at the corner of the hands opposite the thumb so they could turn. I also had to shave away some at the thin piece sticking out from the arm (I suppose that could be completely cut off if someone wanted to.). Again I used my dremel to cut out the pin. It's only one pin so it could have been pretty easy to remove, but I wanted to leave the portion of the pin for the thumb.

    I still have trouble with them popping off and being floppy. That's probably due to the ball joint I used. savio-prime got his from Legends Ravage (fitting that I got the SS ball joints from deluxe Ravage). I got mine from a Gundam model (A good source of ball joints may be the Mega Block toys, like the Halo and Marvel Hero figures. I picked a couple up and haven't used them yet, but they have five ball joints each and are pretty cheap). It's still better than no wrist. I'll just keep applying clear nail polish to take care of the floppiness and keep shaving away at that thin arm piece so it has more room to turn without popping off:



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