Batfan 007's Sentient Alien Robot Pile of Super Sweet Cool Toys [a.k.a Transformers]

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    May 19, 2016
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    Okay, my 'lil collection is a the best bits of fun that I can stuff into one tiny room (my computer room /desk PC hobbyspace) and so I a go after certain Ro-bits and pieces, and the aim is to collect my favourite characters and or toys form the various lines. So there is a point at which I will stop, and I am not aiming at having one of those giant house filling collections or anything like that.


    My space is limited, and I tend to rotate what stuff I have in this room here, and these pics are some of my favourite photos from my collection so far. I don't have pics of everything, and at any time some stuff is in tubs etc.


    I don't have any fancy disapay areas, just ordinary shelves (that were bought for and still are primarily for books) and the top of my closet thing. I may get something fancy-schmancy at some point, IF it fits in here, or I may not, it's really not important to me. More important is to have fun and be inspired by the toys and posters etc on the shelves and walls in here while I do my online hobbyist stuff.

    I hope you enjoy em!




    I'll be updating this thread over next few days with a bunch of pics.
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