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    Mike (LordGigaIce) and Jack (President Prime) rant and lament about the current state of video games and the video game industry. We cover everything from the internet killing off strategy guides, instruction booklets, and gamer magazines to current games being dumbed down for mainstream consumers. We talk about the current retro movement in video games where gamers are making their own retro-styled games to get away from the hyper realistic stylings current mainstream companies are obsessed over. We also talk about the cluttered mess that Batman vs Superman has become, and how adding Catwoman WON’T suddenly fix the movie. Zach Snyder is cursed for ruining LexCorp. and we laugh at how Marvel is sabotaging their own Ant-Man movie by firing a competent director, replacing him with a man with no previous attachment to the project, and demanding he make a movie in under a year. The Bad Movie Public Defender returns to defend The Last Airbender as Jack tries his best to convince Mike it isn’t another case of M. Night Shyamalan ruining everything. We conclude by talking about the conclusion of Azeroth Choppers. The Horde bike won the poll, but the Alliance still has indoor plumbing. So who REALLY wins?