Basic Transmetals and Mega/Ultra Fuzors

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    Bit of a throwback topic here....
    So wayyyy back in the magical year of 1997 Hasbro split the Beast Wars line between the Fuzor and Transmetal gimmicks.

    The Fuzors got 6 Basics and 4 Deluxes
    The Transmetals got 7 Deluxes, 3 Megas, 2 Ultras and a Super

    Its always bugged me that the Fuzors never got anything bigger than deluxe and the TMs not getting any basics.

    So I ask you lot, what would you have liked to see, if each sub-line had gotten the size class(es) they missed out on?
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    One thing you have to consider is that the Transmetals consisted of the show characters (with the addition of Depth Charge and Rampage who were introduced to the show later on) so the show was first and foremost in the minds of the designers in regards to the Transmetals. Fuzors were given the task of introducing new characters (though a case can be made that a lot of them are just two of the original series toys merged together [Ignuanus + Jetstorm = Sky Shadow] but that's a discussion for another time).

    The obvious Transmetals needed were Tigatron, Blackarachnia, Scorponok and Dinobot, but none of them should be Basics.

    The vehicle-modes of Transmetals were simple extensions of the beast-modes. Including a third mode on a Basic figure would have been even more simplistic. As for who, I can only put forward names from the original series of toys.