Bandai DX Chogokin Robot Spirits 1/100 Scale VB-6 Konig Monster Review

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    Bandai DX Chogokin Robot Spirits 1/100 Scale VB-6 Konig Monster Review - YouTube

    Video Description:

    An excellent figure whose size can sometimes make it a bit unwieldly. However, its size it also one of its most endearing traits, so it ends up being a plus.

    The only two flaws this figure has that cannot be excused as necessities for something greater are:

    1. The GERWALK shoulders are, while not loose, also not quite tight enough. They do their job, but can be frustrating from time to time. This is possibly just a QC issue since each shoulder on my figure is a little bit different.

    2. In GERWALK mode the hinge the legs are one only barely snaps into place and the weight of the diecast in the legs makes it swing down if you do not support it when holding it. Not a problem when on the ground and it is easy and natural to compensate for this, but it shouldn't be an issue in the first place.

    Please excuse my having to speed through several segments of the video. Just seeing what I'm doing is enough in those segments and I was babbling on about stuff that did not matter to fill in the time while transforming. Given that I took 30 minutes of video and had to cut out 15 minutes and my inexperience editing video, I think it came out fairly well.