Ballad of the MDRs

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    My first TF fanfic. Please comment!

    Prowl's sleek black alternate mode shot down the narrow residential street, stirring browned leaves into the crisp autumn air. Swerving sharply, it shot down another street and flew past a football stadium packed with screaming parents and less than stellar cheerleaders. It suddenly stopped outside the abandoned high school, throwing gravel and dust in all directions. Inside, the area which should have held a radio retracted into the car, only to be replaced with a smooth black plasma screen. A comm link crackled into life, sending lines shooting across the glossy black screen.

    "Prowl here, Prime. I'm practically on top of the energy signal, but I don't see any 'Cons..."

    "Keep searching, old friend. They're there, rest assured, they're there..."

    The link faded away and Prowl did a few donuts before slowly coasting around the parking lot. He sat in the silence for a brief moment before a shrill mechanical scream pierced his audial receptors. He transformed just in time to see the small missile connect with his chest, knocking him to the ground.

    "Alright, ya lousy 'Con. Come on out an' show yourself!"

    He slowly did a 360, when, at the end of his rotation, he saw it. A small green rectangle morph into a small green robot. His pistol was out of its holster and firing rapidly at the Decepticon in a matter of nanoseconds. It rolled and dodged the barrage of laser fire before retorting with a salvo of small, soda can sized projectiles, which exploded around Prowl, although one connected with his right shoulder, sending him to his knees.

    "Hope you've made your peace..."

    The small green robot rasped. He stood over Prowl, and his arm morphed into a blaster (OOC-think like Bee's hand cannon in the WFC trailer) and placed it on Prowl's head. Prowl sighed resignedly before suddenly shooting his fist out and punching the small robot in the face, sending him flying. He slid across the gravel and opened fire with his arm, green bolts of energy flying through the air. Prowl dodged them expertly.

    "Heh, didn't even break a cyber-sweat..."

    The small green robot stood up and his hands again morphed into weaponry, this time dual grenade launchers. He fired a few at Prowl, who was quite harshly brought back to real life by the explosions around him. He sprinted off, transformed, and whizzed off into the adjacent neighborhood. After a few minutes of going as fast as possible, he stopped by a small park.

    "Prime, Prime! I found him, he's some freaky little green thin-"

    Another missile slammed into his side, tossing his alternate mode into a small sandbox. He transformed and looked up, only to see the small green robot flying towards him, his feet now replaced with small wheels. He fired rapidly at Prowl, his missile finally finding its mark. Prowl's head. The black and white robot swayed for a moment before collapsing, a smoking hunk of melted metal in place of a head sparking as it landed. The robot walked up and poked Prowl's limp, lifeless exoskeleton with its foot/wheel device.

    "Good and dead..."

    Dispensor chuckled as he walked off.