2D Artwork: [B&W art] TFA Windcharger, Rook, and Sky-Byte

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    First Rook and Windcharger.


    For Windcharger, I made the wheels end up flat as the feet, The little screen on his chest and his head chevrons would have been colored red and blue like a magnet, as would both his hands.

    Rook I made sure to give a Cronkite-esque mustache, and the device on his chest is a camera.


    Sky-Byte here is based off the design seen on one of the Maccadam's menus in the second allspark almanac. Bill Forster told me his body type was Lugnut's, so I took the headshot and made it connected to a body based on Lugnut's Cybertronian mode... with some flourishes to make him more Sky-Byte rather than a brute with a big fish head.

    Thoughts? :D 

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