B/S/T: SDCC Bruticus/MP TC/CHUG and more!

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    Feb 8, 2011
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    Holiday season is really kicking in now with the swarm of good items to buy, and I need to load up my wallet with as much green ammo as I can, which only means one thing..


    So, some guidlines that are obvious, or that people don't read:
    +Paypal only
    +No International Shipping (I only do this rarely)
    +Prices do not include Shipping

    ~FOR SALE~

    Masterpiece TRU Thundercracker $70 shipped

    SDCC Bruticus (missing shoulder spikes. Comes with box+instructions) $200 shipped

    10th Anniversary Megatron (Ultra Class) Complete

    Alternators Sideswipe

    G1 Sixshot (no blasters)
    G1 Sludge (no accessories)
    G1 Snarl (no accessories)

    (Will sell the lot minus vehicles for $40 shipped)

    PRID Cyberverse Dreadwing
    PRID Cyberverse Bulkhead
    PRID Cyberverse Ratchet
    PRID Cyberverse Cliffjumper
    PRID Cyberverse Wheeljack w/ Skyhammer (Will split up)
    PRID Cyberverse Knockout w/ Driller (will split up)
    PRID Cyberverse Cliffjumper
    PRID Cyberverse Bumblebee
    PRID Cyberverse Vehicon
    PRID Cyberverse Breakdown

    CHUG Dirge MOSC
    CHUG Wheeljack x2 MOSC
    CHUG Warpath MOSC
    CHUG Thundercracker MOSC
    CHUG Special Ops Jazz x2
    CHUG RTS Optimus MOSC
    CHUG GDO G2 Megatron

    TFA Skywarp MIB
    TFA Wreck-Gar MIB
    TFA Blitzwing MIB
    TFA Ultra Magnus MIB
    TFA Lockdown MOSC
    TFA Rodimus MOSC
    TFA Leader Megatron (missing missle)

    Movie Mindwipe
    Movie Leader Sentinel Prime MIB
    Movie Leader 2007 Optimus Prime
    Movie Leader Battle Hook Optimus Prime
    Movie Leader Ironhide
    Movie Leader Jetfire (Custom with black paint job. Pics on request)
    Movie Leader Deep Desert Brawl (missing turrets, claws, and tank barrel)
    Movie Leader Starscream
    Movie HA Leadfoot
    Movie HA Roadbuster

    Zoids Zaber Fang
    Zoids Moonbay's Gustav
    Zoids Berserk Fuhrer

    Wild Force Zords
    -Shark (damaged tail)
    -Bears (Polar/Black)
    -Rhino w/ Armadillo (small chip in ear)

    Power Rangers Samurai Gigazord (Megazord/Clawzord/Bullzord/ Swordfish/ Tiger/ Beetle/ Octo)


    -CHUG Blades
    -CHUG Treadbolt
    -CHUG Countdown
    -Takara PRID Swerve
    -Action Master Shockwave
  2. Grimlockimus

    Grimlockimus Wot?

    Feb 8, 2011
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    Bump ^^"

    Hoping to sell the Thundercrackers I have so I can afford MP Sideswipe.

    Willing to take offers on them as well