Autobots and Decepticons in TF1.

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    The thing is, even though they were hardly in it, The Transformers were really good in it, particularly Megatron and The Decepticons. They were a serious force to be reckoned with. I love the scene where Frenzy hacks air force one, when The Decepticons mobilise with the "All Hail Megatron" subtitle, Ironhide crying out "It's Starscream!!" when they thought he was an ally until he wouldn't respond to their radio. The battle was more interesting too, despite being on a much smaller scale. Ironhide with plenty of commando rolls, Autobots teaming up to take down Brawl/Devastator... who still just wouldn't seem to die. AOE delivered some of these good elements from the first, but the drone army ruined a little. If Stinger, Junkheap twins or trio and the Dreads that supposed to be in the movie were like the first cons in 2007, then it would be a force to be reckon with. And for the dinobots coming to the rescue: Stinger, Junkheap and the Dreads could used the transformium tech to mold themselves to a bigger robot. Sounds good? :D 
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    they didn't truly think starscream was bad until he blew bumblebees legs off.

    also.. i REALLY don't find the fight more interesting..

    i mean.. blackout flies down just to chop up a car and push it in sams way?.. why not grab him?.. or cut him up?..

    sam is running to the building with ironhide and ratchet.. they fight starscream.. then where are they?.. just waiting around for megatron to get ahead of them?

    and while prime and megatron are fighting.. blackout figures there's nothing else to do.. so it looks like he clearly wants to fight, so... he walks really slowly rather than just flying all the way towards prime and megatron?

    the fighting was decent in the first movie.. but i think it was better in all of the other movies.. i mean, the forest battle alone was much better than the end of the first movie.