Autobot_lancer's TFCON for sale list

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    Hi guys so I will finally be making my way to TFCON for the first time and I'm bringing a suitcase full of goods to sell. I will be there for the show on Friday afternoon so if anyone wants anything from my for sale list or has something I need from my want list then please post here or PM me and I can give you my number and then we can meet up at the show.

    All figs are loose and have all there parts and mint condition unless specified.


    Mirage $20 some scratches on car mode - hold for Goaliebot
    Sideswipe $15 - on hold
    Optimus $20
    Grimlock $15 - on hold for Wervenom
    Ravage (jaguar car)$40 - hold for Zackmac
    Prowl $15 (missing nightstick and has broken mirror)
    Swindle $15
    Tracks $15
    Skids $15

    Deluxe Grimlock $20 - hold for The7thParallel
    Voyager Dirge target exclusive $15
    Devastator US Wal-Mart exclusive $40
    Deluxe GDO Springer Toys R Us exclusive $10

    Deluxe ROTF Nest Brawn $10 - on hold
    Armada Tidalwave (no minicon or missiles) $40 - hold for FEZaid
    Voyager Prime RID Bulkhead $15
    ROTF Dune runner $5


    Maketoys Green Giant
    Fans Toys MP Quakewave
    Botcon 2014 Scorponok
    MP Ratbat
    MP-10b Nemesis Prime
    Animated Voyager Blackout
    Dr. Wu TP-08 skybreaker
    Year of the snake omega supreme

    Willing to trade for anything on the want list. All prices are not set in stone so I'm open to offers