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    May 24, 2005
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    Your PM box is full so I can't reply you.
    So let me reply you here.

    Most are still available EXCEPT Piranacon head and 1 Predaking right fist and Monstructor foot are either on hold or pending:

    Wreck-gar Axe
    Computron left fist
    Fortress Maximus large rifle
    TM Blurr shield
    Hardhead HM Duros, right arm glued in place
    *Siren hand gun
    *Nightbeat hand gun
    Tantrum foot
    Predaking head * 2
    predaking right fist * 1
    Weirdwolf gun
    Piranacon left foot, right foot, chest shield
    Snaptrap gun
    Bludgeon large gun
    Thunderwing inner robot $4

    if you are interested please reply at [email protected] as I process my trades there, and I wud be interested in Alt shockblast and can you give me a list of parts that you have that is on my want list?