At Botcon 09 w/All 3 FP Commanders & Uni. SE Exclusives

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    Jan 27, 2007
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    What I have for sale or trade:

    I'll pick up my Botcon 2009 Exclusives tomorrow but I brought a few items to Botcon:

    MISB TRU Exclusive Titanium Grimlock

    MISB City Commander (Collectors grade)

    Loose Classic Ultra Magnus (Mint)

    MISB TFCon Powered Commander

    Loose Classic Optimus Prime(Mint)

    MISB Shadow Commander (Collectors grade)

    Loose Universe 2.0 (Classic 2.0) SDCC Nemesis Prime (Mint)

    2 x SDCC 2008 Exclusive MISB Universe 2.0 Nemesis Prime

    Hasbro Toy Store Exclusives (all MISB)

    Universe 2.0 Special Edition Megatron
    Universe 2.0 Special Edition Overkill
    Universe 2.0 Special Edition Dragstrip
    Universe 2.0 Special Edition Optimus Prime

    MOSC Universe Cyclonus
    MOSC Animated Samurai Prowl

    I’m looking for:

    Galaxy Force EX-02 Sonic Convoy
    TRU Magna Convoy Gift set
    TRU Super "god" Fire Convoy Gift set
    Armada Crystal Convoy

    RM Black Lio Convoy
    RM Black Victory Saber
    RM Metallic Lio Convoy
    RM Lio Convoy
    Transformers Universe 1.0 Nemesis Prime (Big Convoy Repaint)

    Items must be complete and in excellent condition. All accessories must be included!

    Item can be loose or boxed.

    Check out my feedback!

    PM me with trade offers/price, pictures and a link to your feedback thread or equivalent.