Fan Art: Astoria Carlton-Ritz

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    I've found that there's a surprisingly large amount of fan art out there dedicated to Astoria, and her episode seems to be the one episode that a lot of G1 fans remember, judging by the comments.

    Anyway, here's a collection of Astoria fan art:

    Springer Show (Astoria, Moonracer, Springer)

    El Tango de Astoria (Astoria, Raul)

    Astoria Carlton-Ritz

    Anime Astoria Sketch

    Powerglide and Astoria

    Astoria Loves... (Astoria, Powerglide)

    "He's Mine" line art (Astoria, Moonracer, Powerglide)

    Three of a Kind (Astoria, Powerglide, others)

    Summer Fun (Astoria, Powerglide, Raul, Tracks)

    Powerglide gets a new paintjob

    Powerglide and Astoria

    Girls night out on Cybertron

    24-hour comic - page 13 (Astoria, Powerglide)

    Powerglide + Estoria [sic]

    The snob and the theif [sic] (Astoria, Raul)

    Falling for the first time

    Alejandro (Astoria, Raul)

    Some Humans (Astoria, others)