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    Shipping is determined as exactly as possible. Shipping methods are USPS First Class Mail. Priority Mail, and Parcel Post. All prices are pre shipping.

    Accy Trading Post:
    These are TRADE ONLY items.

    Reissue missiles:
    Ultra Magnus x2
    Smokescreen/Silverstreak/Prowl x3
    Ricochet(stepper) x2
    Tracks x1
    G1 Scorponok Elevator piece(bottom platform piece)
    G1 Trypticon: purple ramp
    G1 Trypticon: Purple tower. missing battery cover
    G1 Trypticon: Brunt front left tread
    G1 Bruticus: Chest Shield
    G1 Blades: vehicle gun set
    G2 Superion: Ramp
    G2 Jazz gun: lots of chrome wear
    Obliterator Pyro missile x3
    Micromaster Countdown Base Rocket
    Micromaster Countdown Base Red double cannon
    G1 Sixshot gun
    G2 Jazz Green Missile
    G1 Powermaster Dreadwind R gun
    G1 Powermaster Darkwing R gun

    for sale or trade:

    Ransack complete in packaging. card was opened to display figure, figure returned to card and stapled closed. toy is complete w/ all accys, no wear, sealed instructions: $5

    Stalker: includes missile, good condition: $10
    Euro turbomasters Thunderclash: cab and trailer core, no missiles or guns, and Rotorstorm: missing 1 skid, no prop, guns, or missiles: $5
    Overlord tank: missing orange canopy and cannon barrel, good shape, forms Overlord's legs, very slight yellowing: $5
    Hot Rod: No guns, some wear, metal toes: $5
    Turbomaster Rotorstorm: missing skids, rotor, guns/missiles: $0.50
    Predator Stalker: No missile or gun/missiles, some chewing, wear, and other markings(pen, appears to be): $0.25
    Targetmaster Needlenose: tailfin mount broken/tailfin missing. otherwise good shape:$0.50
    Cyberjet Strafe: missing missiles, yellow clear face plastic. otherwise good shape:$0.50
    Terrorcon Sinnertwin: dragon head broken off, included, connection for head super glued:$0.25
    Inferno: missing one silver stand on the side, and the plastic over one siren light: $1
    G2 Beachcomber: missing 1 tire rubber:$1
    G2 Seaspray: good shape: $1
    Omnibot Camshaft: no accys, missing head, rear windshield broken off: $0.50
    Omnibot Downshft: no trunk piece, no accys, decent shape: $1
    G2 Skram: no gun, good shape x2:$1
    G2 Windbreaker: No gun, no head, otherwise good shape: $0.50
    G2 Rapido: pink windshield(euro version), missing hood and gun. x2:$0.25 ea
    Multiforce Waver: no accys, Good shape. original not reissue:$3
    Powerdasher Jet Dasher: good shape, some chrome wear: $1

    sports car patrol: SOLD
    Individual MMs: $1 each
    Combiner Astro Squad Moonrock/Missile master: missing missile/arm
    Battle Patrol Sunrunner- has a slightly rusty screw
    Battle Patrol Sidetrack x2
    Battle Patrol Flak x2
    Offroad Patrol Tote on hold
    Sports Car Patrol Blackjack
    Sports Car Patrol Hyperdrive
    Sports Car Patrol Detour on hold
    Race Car Patrol Roadhandler
    Hot Rod Patrol Big Daddy on hold
    Air Strike Patrol complete: $5
    Air Strike Patrol Tailwind
    Air Strike Patrol Nightflight
    Hot House Micromaster

    Construction patrol: Neutro, Slow Poke, Crumble: $3 each
    Groundpounder no shovel: $1
    Military Patrol Growl: no gun: $2

    Micromaster Transports
    Erector Complete: $5 on hold
    Flattop base w/ KO Flattop Micromaster, no guns: $4

    RiD:Pic 1
    Megatron Complete: $8 Includes 1.5 extra weapons(one complete sword, and one sword "hilt").
    Obsidian: $2
    Scavenger: $2
    Mirage GT : $2
    Cryotek: loose and missing missiles: $15

    Armada Dinobots: complete figures
    Grimlock: $4
    Slapper: $4
    Armada Cheetor/Cliffjumper: $3

    BW/BM: loose and complete unless otherwise noted
    TM2 Dinobot complete: $3
    Supreme Cheetor: missing tail and missiles: $3
    Silverbolt: no missiles: $2
    TM Primal: missing gun and clubs: $2
    Fox Kids TM Rhinox: missing horn: $2
    BM Buzzsaw: $3 on hold
    BM Primal: no weapon: $2
    BW Jetstorm: Missing missiles: $2
    Optimal Optimus: missing shields. gun, and missiles: $3
    Mcdonalds toys: BW rhinox, red beetle, scorponok, TM dinobot, TM tarantulus, BM rattrap, BM Tank Drone, BM cycle drone, BM Primal, BM Megatron, BM Dark scream, BW black cheetah: $0.10 each

    Oversize sixwing: one leg peg broken off into bot, complete set: $1
    Saber(of Star Saber): one tailwing broken off, included, just needs glue, has the brainmaster: $3
    Mini Bruticus: loose, complete, $3
    Mini Superion: loose, complete, $3
    Mini Defensor: loose, complete, $3
    Oversized Superion: freakin huge. complete: $3
    regular sized superion: complete, $1
    Mini Sky Garry: complete: $3
    Oversized Powermaster Darkwing complete: $2
    KO gestalt limbs: Afterburner, Nosecone, Breakdown, Drag Strip,Groove, STreetwise, First Aid, Brawl, Swindle(w/ large gun), Blast off: $0.25 each. good for kitbashing/customizing, or sacrificing to elder gods.
    Galaxy Defender(Happy Well) mini Granbird: $2
    Oversized Machtackle(Multiforce Mach and Tackle) x2: $0.50 per set
    KO Blitzwing: $1 no accys
    KO Broadside: $1 no accys
    mini Fire Dagwon KO: $1
    Mini Enryu KO: $1
    Police Car KO: $0.25 same line as above 2 kos.
    Cybertjet KOs: 1 of each mold, $2 each. no missiles.
    oversized cassettes: $1 each, robot, rhino, lion, hawk, panther
    Targetmaster Sureshot: has rubber rear tires, includes targetmaster, smaller than original: $3

    I will gladly trade anything on here for Machine Robo/Gobots or Convertors figures, or offbrands w/ real or at least realistic alt modes. sort through your non TF junk and make a trade offer.

    G2 Optimus Prime: Right Fist, Voicebox, Voicebox guns
    Micromaster Combiner HQ: 1 large missile
    Micromaster Groundshaker: Yellow platform
    G1 Kup: Gun
    G1 Blurr: Shield.
    Obliterator Clench: 3 missiles
    Predator or Turbomaster missiles
    Various targetmasters, just email me your haves
    Jetfire armor: all pieces except boosters and booster mount.
    Jetfire gun
    G1 Ironhide/Ratchet: missile x3, gun . repros are acceptable
    G1 Wheeljack: launcher repros are acceptable
    Red Alert/Sideswipe: Launcher, Gun
    G1 Hound: Gas Can, Gun, machine gun, launcher w/ 1 missile, spare tire, junker w/ both mirrors intact. Or Reissue Hound complete.
    G1 Mirage Gun

    G2 Sideswipe
    G1 Sunstreaker w/ spoiler intact interested.
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    PM'ed ya
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    updated. added a turbomaster rotorostorm to the turbomaster lot(now includes thunderclash and rotorstorm). dropped a couple prices, updated accys haves and updated the want list a little bit.
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    added various KOs and Cybertron RAnsack complete w/ packaging.