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    BC:Welcome to ask Bonecrusher!
    Grim: with grimlock.
    BC:Shut up.
    BC:Our questions today are

    To Bonecrusher:
    1) You MUST love rollerskates, or rollerblades, right? I mean, look at the way you run in the movie!
    No, i only have them becuse I couldnt think of any whear else to put them.

    2) What was hugging Optimus Prime like? Did you puke later on?
    I didn't hug him i tackeld him,also i couldnt puke becuse he cut me head off before i had the chance.
    To Grimlock:

    1) Who would you rather be stuck with on an island? Megatron, or Optimus Prime?
    Megatron becuse whean me smash he cant do anything whean we rescued. Prime would kick me out of autobots or sumthing.

    2) Which to munch? Rodimus Prime? Or Kup?
    Rodimus matrix should be mine. Kup tell good storys.

    BC:Questions provided by Sycia
    to ask a question pm GP.