By Generation: Articulating G1 Shrapnel

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    Hey there, fellow Radicons! Rumble619 here. I've gotten numerous requests for tutorials on how to build the Insecticons. So here it is. I'm going to break it down for each figure so this will a three part tutorial. The first is obviously Shrapnel. Shrapnel is actually the easiest of the three as far as mods go.

    Before we get started, I must explain that I did not create nor do I take credit for creating these figures; the original artist was Ptitvite. You can view his Insecticons over in the customs gallery. Without his set and encouragement, I would never have built my set. He is the originator of these Insecticons, and I would like to thank him for all he's done to help me.

    With that being said, let's get started.

    The tools you'll need:

    1.) Dremel with a grinding attachment and cut-off wheel attachment
    2.) Small philips and flat-head screwdirvers
    3.) Drill and various size drill bits
    4.) Pliers for holding small pieces
    5.) A pair of wire cutters for cutting small screws
    6.) A thin blade cutting tool.I use a cooping saw but a jewelers saw or anything with a thin blade will do.
    7.) Apoxie Sculpt fixit
    8.) Super glue
    9.) Small screws

    Figures needed:

    1.) G1 Shrapnel
    2.) Energon Skyblast
    3.) Cybertron Scrapmetal


    You'll be using the arms from Scrapmetal and the legs from Skyblast.


    Since the legs are the hardest part on this, let's start with these. Once you get the legs off, you'll need to open Skyblast up to get the leg pegs out. You'll have to unscrew the screws, then pry him open very carefully.


    Once you do, this is the treasure with which you will be awarded:


    Now, take Shrapnel totally apart and grab his waist. Using your cutting tool, cut of the leg pegs even with the waist like so:





    Once that's done, take the leg pegs from Skyblast and cut them like so:


    (Be sure to get as close to the base as possible when cutting)

    Take Shrapnels waist and drill a hole into what's left of the leg pegs. Make sure to drill the hole slightly smaller than the pegs from Skyblast. You want a nice tight fit. Once the hole is drilled, test fit the pegs.

    When you get the hole the size you need, you can go ahead and glue them into place. There's a few ways to do this. What I do is find some tiny screws that are about the same width as the waist, cut the head off the screw then drill holes one size smaller, then the screw in the end of each peg.Screw onto one peg, put some Apoxie Scuplt fixit in the hole, push the peg in then screw the other peg into it's hole. It's a super strong joint!

    The second way is if you made the hole nice and tight like it should be, put a little super glue in the hole, then insert the pegs. Let it sit overnight, and that's it. That's the way that I did on my set, and I've had no problems. I use the first method for my commissions.

    Either way you do it, it should look like this:


    Now we need to make the arms fit inside the legs. I suggest you remove the feet and thruster from the leg. I learned the hard way. Also remove the drill bits off the arms:


    Take your Dremel and grinding attachment, then start grinding the inside. Take your time and test the fit often. You don't want to take to much off, but you want to be able to put the arm in and slide it back and forth from one side to the other without any rubbing issues.


    Now that's done we'll move the arms. If you like the little bumps on the arm then you can skip this step; if not then go ahead and grind them off.

    Left=normal right=ground down


    Either way that's it for the arms. Now we need to work on the shoulders.

    Take Scrapmetal and cut off the arm ball joints like so (WARNING: DO NOT CUT JUST THE JOINT. ONLY CUT THE WHOLE PIECE AS SHOWN):


    The reason we cut it so big is because you have to grind down the piece until it fits inside of the shoulder area on Shrapnel. Do a little at a time. You want a nice tight fit. Do not round off the edges. If you do the ball joint will just spin inside. This is what you're going for:


    It should fit super tight when you screw the halves together.


    That's it. Just sand/grind down any rub spots, and you're ready for paint:


    I hope this has been helpful to you guys. Till then . . . .

    . . . . keep bashin'!

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