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Arcadis - Beast Wars Neo

Discussion in 'TFW2005 Resources Database Submissions' started by SydneyY, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. SydneyY

    SydneyY @syd_tfw Veteran TFW2005 Supporter

    Mar 29, 2005
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    Name - Arcadis
    Japanese Name - アルカディス (Arcadis)
    Japanese Number - D-36/VS-36 (with Mach Kick)

    Tech Spec - Faction - Destron
    Tech Spec - Sub Group - N/A
    Tech Spec - Function - Air Superiority Fighter
    Tech Spec - Motto - N/A
    Tech Spec - Official Bio -
    Arcadis is snobbish and vain, and he worriedly counts how many feathers he loses during the offencive. He has plenty of sly ideas and talks very well. He is armed with a good variety of weapons. Wing-gun Dread are rapid firing laser cannons on his wings, Wing Bomb are dropped from under his wings, and he also has Foundershot on his right arm.

    Tech Spec - Strength - 7
    Tech Spec - Intelligence - 9
    Tech Spec - Speed - 9
    Tech Spec - Endurance - 7
    Tech Spec - Rank - 9
    Tech Spec - Courage - 6
    Tech Spec - Firepower - 8
    Tech Spec - Skill - 9

    Toy Info - Status (Released, Not Released, Cancelled, Delayed) - Released
    Toy Info - Release Date - Year - 1999
    Toy Info - Release Date - Month - May

    Toy Info - Wave
    Toy Info - Original Price - 1500yen (VS-36 - 2980yen)
    Toy Info - Size Class
    Toy Info - Suggested Age - 5+
    Toy Info - Assortment Number
    Toy Info - Product Number
    Toy Info - UPC/Barcode Number
    Toy Info - DPCI Numbers
    Toy Info - Per Case

    Toy Info - Reissues - Telemocha Reissue (TakaraTomy, March, 2007)
    Toy Info - Recolors/Reuses -
    Recolours - Beast Machines Dinobots Airraptor (Hasbro, 2000)

    Toy Info - Toy Variants
    Toy Info - Part Variants
    Toy Info - Package Variants - Sonokong (Korean) package

    Toy Info - Additional Info

    Cartoon / Movie - Overview -
    Arcadis is the last to join the Destron crew, though Magamtron is pleased to have Arcadis under his command. True to his reputation as a Machiavellian, he is quick to become Magmatron's favourite. But what motivates him is not a praise from the boss. He always has his own best interest on mind.

    Cartoon / Movie - Voice Actor - Ren Tamura
    Cartoon / Movie - Appearances
    Cartoon / Movie - Sounds

    Episodes - Beast Wars Neo Appearances -
    15. Mach Kick Enlists!?
    16. Planet of the Ultimate Weapon
    17. Troubled DNAVI
    18. Headlong Randy
    19. Physicist Bump
    20. Hardhead is Hardheaded
    21. Duel in the Deep Sea!!
    22. The Stolen Gung-Ho
    23. Drill Sergent Survive
    24. New Warriors, Assemble!
    25. The Mysterious Beast Warrior!?
    26. Plundered Capsules
    27. Pursue the Blentrons!
    28. Furious Magmatron
    29. Illusion? Lio Convoy
    30. Unicron Returns!?
    31. Unicron's Ambition
    32. Fight! Cybertron
    33. The End of Cybertrons!?
    34. The Final Battle
    35. Graduation!!

    Comics - IDW Overview
    Comics - IDW Appearances
    Comics - Kodansha Comic Bom Bom (by Shoji Imaki)

    Review - Review
    Review - Authors Name
    Review - Overall Score

    Parts - Figure Type - Archaeopteryx
    Parts - Primary Figure Color - Brown, Green, Blue

    Parts - Gun -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color) - Gun (Black, Brown)
    Parts - Other -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color) - 2 Wing Bombs (Green)

    Parts - Additional Info

    Other - (Any other info on the toy or character) -
    Wing-gun Dread - The tips of Arcadis' wings slide open to reveal the powerful, rapid firing laser cannons. His favoured style is to descend fast uopn the enemy, blast several shots, then ascend just as fast. He though worries over how many feathers he loses when he slides open his wings.

    Note (bit off topic) -
    On his first appearance on Beast wars Neo (episode 15) and in Comic Bom Bom manga, he speaks in somewhat exaggerated feminie manner. This manner of speech is known as "Onee-kotoba" (CGS Online (e): Onee kotoba and Japanese Gender Discourse) and is often used in anime to distinct some characters. In other Transformers series, Starscream (BW II), Guskunk (Car Robot) and occasionaly Thrust (Micron Legend) speak in this manner. Although Arcadis drops onee-kotoba after this first apperance and speaks normally in later episodes.

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