Apple Watch Sport with 5 bands: $469 shipped!

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    Hello! I'm here to sell my 38MM Apple Watch Sport, in silver. The device is in amazing condition, with little to no signs of use. There is a ZAGG screen protector installed on the screen, and includes an X-Doria metal case in silver. As for accessories, the Watch includes its original charger, adapter, and box. For bands, it will include one official OEM white sport band, a Moko (copy) silicone sport band in green, blue, and pink, as well as a NON-OEM Brown Leather Loop. There is nothing wrong with the watch, I have just decided that it isn't for me. I'm asking $469 with free shipping for the following: • Apple Watch Sport silver, 38MM • Authentic white sport band • Moko Green Sport Band • Moko Blue Sport Band • Moko Pink Sport Band • NON-OEM Brown Leather Loop • Box, charger, and adapter • X-Doria Metal Defense Case • ZAGG screen protector

    Thanks for reading.