Aoshima Robocop...disarmed

Discussion in 'The Toyark' started by Takeshi357, Jan 3, 2008.

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    Long story short: I was putting a DVD back onto my shelf, when I accidentally hit my 1/12 scale Aoshima Robocop with my arm, causing it to fall off the shelf, and his right arm to snap off. Irony of it was, the DVD happened to be "Robocop"...

    ...this was pretty long time ago, the figure had been stored in his box in the closet ever since, until now, when I finally felt like trying to fix it up. Okay, here was my plan (emphasis on was):

    1) Glue the arm back on. Nice idea, but would it work in practice? The shoulder was attached into a small plug with a cut joint, with the plug stuck into a hole on his shoulder, allowing the arm to rotate at shoulder as well as swivel outwards a little. Since the plug was kind of tight, I figured something sturdier was in order.

    2) Enhance the glued connection with two tiny metal rods. Namely, pieces of stapling pins which I intended to cut up with pliers; the idea was to make two tiny holes on both sides of the connection and stick the rods into them tightly, and put on some glue as well to improve the contact.

    So, I start by pushing holes into the shoulder plug with the pin...and manage to push the f***ing plug into the inside of the hollow torso. No WAY I'm gonna get that out. The waist joint is just a huge plug which comes off by just pulling it; I could drill a huge hole onto the inside of the peghole of the upper body, but I'm afraid my care-o-meter has just dropped significantly.

    Anyone wanna buy it and try to fix it themselves? :redface2: 
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    Oct 20, 2008
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    interested to buy broken aoshima robocop

    Don't know how long your post has been but if your aoshima robocop is the robocop 3 with flight or jet pack and gunarm then i would be interested to buy. please give pertinent information such as price and shipping details. i am a toy customizer and I am customizing my 9 inch mcfarlane robocop to include a 3rd act face (showing murphy's face), needle arm, gunarm (nearly finished) and his flight pack. The flight pack seems a bit formidable so if your aoshima robocop has the flight pack am willing to buy. Its the closest flight pack to the scale I am making. I live in the Philippines. Please give feedback.