AOE: The Stuff You Want to Know (Spoilers)

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    Saw an early showing of the movie in IMAX 3D last night. I'll save this from being purely a review and try to keep it to the stuff you (coming from a transformers fan) would probably like to know. Massive, MASSIVE spoilers ahead. I separated it into two parts: the first are general things in the movie, the second part has things that could potentially ruin the experience for you. You have been warned!

    • Based on the traliers two surprising things happened with the Dinobots: 1) OMFG they transformed! And it was glorious. They were all modeled with a knights theme (indeed similar to the toys), it looks very cool. Second, there was just not enough of them in the movie. They were in beast form 90% of the time. Grimlock may have talked but it was very brief, limited. Which, you know....
    • The Autobot team's individual parts were a lot more fleshed out this go around. Looking back on the second and third movie, I realize now that it wasn't a lack of on screen t-time that made the characters feel flat, it was the fact that those movies felt like the Awesome Show with Primey and Bee. Hound is awesome and got plenty of screen time. Crosshairs was great too and got a little less screen time, but still enough to do him justice. Drift was the only character they let down. Hell, they didn't even mention he was formerly a con. Bee and Prime were still in the movie plenty, but the Autobot team didn't feel like it was made up of those two alone.
    • While Drift didn't get a lot of screen time, he is a triple changing and the movie makes use of it.
    • The human element is present, but is so much less annoying than the last outings. At the very least, it didn't detract from the movie and was a net neutral thing. That said, the bad guys in the movie are mostly humans and the bots dealing with their f'ups. Also, the "Merica, fuck ya!" vibe is completely gone which is more than welcome.
    • Lockdown is a total freakin badass, but Galvatron is pretty terrible.
    • Overall, the movie was a big step forward as a Transformers movie. Its long play time was definitely a big set back though. I feel like they could have shaved off 30 minutes from it.

    Ok, now the big un's. These guys could ruin the movie for you if haven't seen it yet.

    • Yes, Ratchet dies. And it's a horrible, agonizing scene to watch. I was greatly saddened by it. If the first movies had done his character justice and given him more screen time to become the fan favorite he should have been, I probably would have cried seeing him go, seriously. In the very short scene, more of his character shines through in this movie than the last three combined. I hated it, but for the right reasons. It was so emotionally charged, it made me hate the bad guys in the movie. It was put together well, and at least gave Ratchet a meaningful farewell.
    • Leadfoot dies too, which is ok I suppose. Wasn't really much to the character. It didn't happen in the events of the movie. They see footage of it happening. Lucas (TJ Miller) dies too. Most of you probably won't care, but after Silicon Valley, he's grown on me so it's a bummer to see him go.
    • Speaking of deaths, Lockdown dies too, which is a shame because he was a really cool villain. I would have loved to see him escape. Oh well :/
    • This is speculation, but I definitely felt it was heavily hinted that the Quintessons are entering the picture. We've all heard the "your creators want you back" line from the trailer. In the movie, they have a quick shot of this skeletal, mechanical hand laced with "goop" steering a spaceship. It could be wishful thinking, but it totally had a Quintesson vibe.
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    i think quintessons are a total possibility, and honestly i don't know about ratchet being "dead". lockdown extracted his spark. he could be rebuilt, depending on who captures that spark. who knows, maybe it means we can have tankor in a later movie and it turns into a whole internal struggle thing. i'm not convinced that he's as dead as leadfoot
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    -Ratchet dies by the hands of Lockdown, he looses a leg and gets his spark ripped out
    -Leadfoot dies
    -Brains is in 1 scene and is messed up, using his leg as a crutch
    -Drift has 3 forms
    -Hound is a badass
    -There is no Slash
    -The Dinobots don't talk and could possibly be the knights of Cybertron
    -Optimus speaks Cybertronian
    -Galvatron only had one good scene but is awesome especially at the end "I've been reborn!"
    -Optimus flys into space to find his creators while saying "I'm coming for you!"
    -Great cast
    -Stinger dies
    -Lockdown is sliced in half by Lockdown, well from chest up
    -Galvatron doesn't have a Spark which btw they call a soul that contains memories
    -The drones resemble various other Deceptions from the past 3 movies
    -No dance scene
    -Tessa's BF is so annoying
    -Lucas dies
    -Optimus could care less about humans anymore
    -Only 5 Autobots, 4 Dinobots, 2 dead Autobots, and Brains
    -Megatron and Sentinel's head are in the factory
    -Joshua wants Galvatron to look like Op but he keeps becoming Megatron
    -More swearing
    -Wolf sucks big time
    -Cad's gun is an ancient relic that is f-ing crazy
    -Op shield is also a gun
    -Cad kills one of the main guys (forgot his name) by hitting with a football then smashing him out a window
    -Joshua's assistant is kickass
    -The Autobots fight each other like children
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    Yeah, when Cade football-punches-pushes Savoy out the window, I remember thinking,

    "oh, so that football-throwing scene at the beginning was a setup for this payoff."
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    I was sad when I saw the Autobots die

    Was there a prequel comic what happened to sideswipe and Dino and other two wreckers
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    Wait, now that I think about it... they were in China, right?

    ...What's an American football doing there? :lol 
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    There are so many Vehicons, even BM Megatron wants them!

    But seriously, Has/Tak has a shitload of potential molds to create and sell from the movie. Like tons, even if they're "earth-ticons"